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Terahertz Physics, Devices, and Systems II
Editor(s): Mehdi Anwar; Anthony J. DeMaria; Michael S. Shur
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Volume Number: 6772
Date Published: 26 September 2007
Softcover: 20 papers (180) pages
ISBN: 9780819469328

Table of Contents
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Front Matter Volume 6772
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
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Terahertz wave parametric generation and applications
Author(s): Kodo Kawase; Shin'ichiro Hayashi
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Photomodulation of metamaterial: an integrated approach
Author(s): Logeeswaran Veerayah Jayaraman; M. Saif Islam; Sagi Mathai; Mike R. Tan; Shih-Yuan Wang; R. Stanley Williams
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Terahertz metamaterial devices
Author(s): R. D. Averitt; W. J. Padilla; H. T. Chen; J. F. O'Hara; A. J. Taylor; C. Highstrete; M. Lee; J. M. O. Zide; S. R. Bank; A. C. Gossard
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10-Gbit/s wireless communications technology using sub-terahertz waves
Author(s): Akihiko Hirata; Tadao Nagatsuma; Toshihiko Kosugi; Hiroyuki Takahashi; Ryoichi Yamaguchi; Naofumi Shimizu; Naoya Kukutsu; Koichi Murata; Yuichi Kado; Hidehiko Ikegawa; Hiroshi Nishikawa; Toshihiro Nakayama
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Dielectric characterization of glasses at millimeter wavelength and terahertz frequencies
Author(s): Shu Chen; Mohammed N. Afsar
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Characterization of photonic crystal fibers for terahertz frequencies
Author(s): B. M. Azizur Rahman; N. Kejalakshmy; Tanvir Huda; Kenneth T. V. Grattan
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Active THz imaging for standoff detection
Author(s): M. Breit; T. Buck
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Low-loss terahertz waveguides exploiting surface-plasmon modes
Author(s): B. M. Azizur Rahman; Christos Themistos; Tanvir Huda; Kenneth T. V. Grattan
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High-resolution absorption coefficient and refractive index spectra of common pollutant gases at millimeter and THz wavelengths
Author(s): Nawaf N. Almoayed; Baris C. Piyade; Mohammed Nurul Afsar
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Terahertz dielectric measurements of household powders
Author(s): Usman A. Khan; Mohammed N. Afsar
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T-ray profile synthesis using photoconductive emitter array
Author(s): Toshiaki Hattori; Masayoshi Masuda; Masaya Sakamoto; Kazuhiro Egawa; Taro Itatani; Akihiko Ohi
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Room temperature terahertz emission from plasmon-resonant high-electron mobility transistors stimulated by optical signals
Author(s): Taiichi Otsuji; Yahya M. Meziani; Mitsuhiro Hanabe; Takuya Nishimura; Eiichi Sano
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Terahertz emission from narrow band gap semiconductors
Author(s): Ingrid Wilke
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Terahertz imaging for styrofoam inspection
Author(s): B. Pradarutti; S. Riehemann; G. Notni; A. Tünnermann
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Superconducting microbolometers for time-resolved terahertz spectroscopy
Author(s): Daniel F. Santavicca; Anthony J. Annunziata; Matthew O. Reese; Luigi Frunzio; Daniel E. Prober
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Development of components for cost effective terahertz measurement system: terahertz quantum cascade laser and terahertz quantum well infrared photo-detector
Author(s): Iwao Hosako; Norihiko Sekine; Mikhail Patrashin; Hiroaki Yasuda
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Low-terahertz spectroscopy of liquid water
Author(s): T. Globus; A. Bykhovski; T. Khromova; B. Gelmont; L. K. Tamm; L. C. Salay
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Impacts of terahertz scattering on the reflection spectrum for explosive detection
Author(s): Zhen Zhou; Antao Chen; John X. Zhang; Lisa M. Zurk; Brian Orlowski; Eric I. Thorsos; Dale P. Winebrenner; Larry R. Dalton
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Physics and capabilities of terahertz spectroscopy to study the water-biomolecule interaction
Author(s): G. C. Vezzoli
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THz radiation from a DARC source via a laser-produced relativistic ionization front
Author(s): Nobuo Ohata; Kenta Yaegashi; Kun Li; Takeshi Higashiguchi; Noboru Yugami
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