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Chemical and Biological Sensors for Industrial and Environmental Monitoring III
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Volume Number: 6756
Date Published: 25 September 2007

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Front Matter: Volume 6756
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
An alternative approach to wavelength modulation spectroscopy for absolute measurements of gas parameters in industrial processes
Author(s): Walter Johnstone; Kevin Duffin; Andrew McGettrick; George Stewart
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IV-VI semiconductor lasers for gas phase biomarker detection
Author(s): Patrick McCann; Khosrow Namjou; Chad Roller; Gina McMillen D.V.M.; Pratyuma Kamat
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On the relative utility of infrared (IR) versus terahertz (THz) for optical sensors
Author(s): T. J. Johnson; N. B. Valentine; P. L. Gassman; D. A. Atkinson; S. W. Sharpe; Steven D. Williams
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Design of a portable fluoroquinolone analyzer based on terbium-sensitized luminescence
Author(s): Guoying Chen
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Simultaneous temperature and salinity monitoring with a fiber optic sensor
Author(s): Qiying Chen; Ping Lu; Liqiu Men
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Cavity ring-down spectroscopy for trace species detection
Author(s): Yu Chen; Wen-Bin Yan
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Spectrally resolved laser-induced fluorescence for bioaerosols standoff detection
Author(s): Sylvie Buteau; Laurie Stadnyk; Susan Rowsell; Jean-Robert Simard; Jim Ho; Bernard Déry; John McFee
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Imaging open-path Fourier transform infrared spectrometer for 3D cloud profiling
Author(s): Julia R. Dupuis; David J. Mansur; James R. Engel; Robert Vaillancourt; Lori Todd; Kathleen Mottus
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Toward precision measurements of methane with interband cascade lasers
Author(s): Chris Hovde; Daniel B. Oh; Mark A. Zondlo; Chul Soo Kim; Mijin Kim; William Bewley; Chadwick L. Canedy; Igor Vurgaftman; Jerry R. Meyer; S. Gregory Jones; Titania A. R. Schmidt; Kenneth M. Suzuki
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Simulated annealing and greedy modular eigenspaces band selection approach for hyperspectral imagery
Author(s): Yang-Lang Chang; Jyh-Perng Fang; Hsuan Ren; Wen-Yew Liang; Wei-Lieh Hsu; Jen-Chieh Yang
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Estimation of multiple-aerosol concentration and backscatter using multi-wavelength range-resolved lidar
Author(s): Russell E. Warren; Richard G. Vanderbeek
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Nonparametric weighted feature extraction for noise whitening least squares
Author(s): Hsuan Ren; Wan-Wei Chi; Yen-Nan Pan
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Greedy modular subspace segment principle component analysis
Author(s): Hsin-Ting Chen; Hsuan Ren; Yang-Lang Chang
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Ab initio calculation of Raman vibrational signatures of 2,4-dinitrotoluene, 2,6-dinitrotoluene and 2,4,6-trinitrotoluene
Author(s): Jairo Castillo-Chara; César Manrique-Bastidas; Nairmen Mina; Miguel E. Castro; Samuel P. Hernández-Rivera
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Numerical simulation for differential absorption lidar system
Author(s): Wei-Ran Wang; Shi-Rong Yin
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