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Geoinformatics 2007: Cartographic Theory and Models
Editor(s): Manchun Li; Jiechen Wang
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Volume Number: 6751
Date Published: 16 July 2007
Softcover: 52 papers (552) pages
ISBN: 9780819469113

Table of Contents
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Front Matter: Volume 6751
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Efficient implementation of adaptive view-dependent mesh simplification
Author(s): Yongbo Wang; Yehua Sheng; Ka Zhang; Peng Tian; Guonian Lu
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Research on automatic generalization methods of geographical spatial data
Author(s): Yongqi Huang; Zhui Zhao
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Color on emergency mapping
Author(s): Lili Jiang; Qingwen Qi; An Zhang
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Cell-based representation and analysis of social-economic data in grid-city construction
Author(s): Xiangnan Liu; Fang Huang; Ping Wang
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Theories, methods, and practice on the National Atlases of China
Author(s): Qingwen Qi
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3D triangulation of terrestrial laser scanning data based on spherical projection
Author(s): Xiao Wang; Xianfeng Huang; Fulin Bian; Jun Sun
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Generalized linear models for mapping land cover using satellite measurement and digital terrain data
Author(s): Xiong Rao; Jinping Zhang; Brian M. Steele; Roland L. Redmond
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Establishing a neurocognition-based taxonomy of graphical variables for attention-guiding geovisualisation
Author(s): O. Swienty; M. Zhang; T. Reichenbacher; L. Meng
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Schematic road network map progressive generalization based on spatial cognition
Author(s): Weihua Dong; Qingsheng Guo; Jiping Liu
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A new compound algorithm study for Delaunay triangulation construction
Author(s): Yikang Rui; Jiechen Wang; Chenhui Qian; Jie Liu; Xinliang Li
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The research of object selection method based on rough set in map generalization
Author(s): Wenjing Li; Yi Long; Zhiyong Lin
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An algorithm for matching multiscale linear objects based on Hausdorff distance
Author(s): Liping Zhang; Qingsheng Guo; Yan Sun
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A progressive approach to the generalization of an urban street network
Author(s): Jing Tian; Qingsheng Guo
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Research of the digital map symbolization control based on knowledge
Author(s): Zhao Zhou; Qun Sun; Haiyan Liu; Shaomei Li; Qing Xu
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Generalizing drainages with density differences based on river length and the amount of tributaries
Author(s): Q. Zhang; M. Tang
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The solutions to two technical problems in digital land use mapping
Author(s): Xingshu Hu; Guangjun Niu; Weiguo An
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Research on self-organizing clustering of spatial points
Author(s): Limin Jiao; Yaolin Liu
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Integrative model of urban pipeline-road-stratum and its spatial distance analysis
Author(s): Changhong Wang; Hehua Zhu; Xiaojun Li
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A discriminant space-based framework for scalable area-class mapping
Author(s): Jingxiong Zhang; Michael F. Goodchild; Brian M. Steele; Roland Redmond
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Research on fine resolution representation of digital terrain information
Author(s): Weidong Zhao; Guoan Tang
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The research about the quick algorithm of subtracting the DTM
Author(s): Tao Chian; Yan Li; Juan Geng
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An automated framework of digital cartography system
Author(s): Xiaolin Ji; Haiyan Liu; Shaomei Li
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An adaptive method to record the track of a vehicle using map-matching result and quantitative fuzzy description
Author(s): Xiaoguo Zhang; Xin Guan; Linxiang Zhang
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Cartographic symbol library considering symbol relations based on anti-aliasing graphic library
Author(s): Yang Mei; Lin Li
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The digital section system of digital mapping techniques
Author(s): Kexin Zhang; Ze Sun; Chaoling Li; Qingwen Yu; Yunhai Zhu; Zhiyong Zhang; Xiaohu Kou
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A raster-based method to forecast the distribution of the planned settlements
Author(s): Jiangfeng She; Jingsha Ju; Hans-Georg Schwarz-von Raumer; Xuezhi Feng; Peter Treuner; Bo Liu; Pengfeng Xiao
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Analog/digital map conversion and cartographic information content changes
Author(s): Haiyan Liu; Xin Wang; Jihua Xiao; Shaomei Li
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Chinese chart publishing data updating technique and application
Author(s): G. H. Liu; R. C. Peng; Y. Chen; W. J. Gao; L. X. Guo; Y. D. Zheng
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A spatial data generalization method for online vector data 3D visualization
Author(s): Min Sun; Zhipeng Wang; Dan Yin; Huan Wu
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Extracting the information of coastline shape and its multiple representations
Author(s): Ying Liu; Shujun Li; Zhen Tian; Huirong Chen
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Cartographic generalization of cultivated land in hilly areas based on skeleton algorithm
Author(s): Mo Su; Manchun Li; Songhui Wang; Mei Zhang
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An automatic method to determine the size of sliding window for metafractal dimension curve and its application
Author(s): Liqin Wang; Yi Long; Tong Zhou; Shilin Cui
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Polarization transformation as an algorithm for automatic generalization and quality assessment
Author(s): Haizhong Qian; Liqiu Meng
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Automatic cartographic generalization for urban buildings based on least squares adjustment
Author(s): Ce Yuan; Jin Zhang; Zuqiang Xiong; Yonghe Liu
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An area balance method for the cartographic generalization of the land utilization status quo database
Author(s): Yating Fan; Dehai Zhu; Xiaodong Zhang; Jianlin Li
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Constraints of displacement and their satisfaction with finite element method
Author(s): Jianhua Mao; Ting He; Xianhua Li; Xuefeng Liu; Qihong Zeng
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Resolution of spatial conflict between road networks based on the improved snake model
Author(s): Xiaofang Wu; Lei Miao; Yueming Hu; Qingyun Du; Zhiyong Xu
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Automatic recognition of point symbols on topographic maps
Author(s): Fei Chen; Peng Hu; Xiufang Wang; Qingsong Fan
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The design of a map database
Author(s): Jihua Xiao; Haiyan Liu; Xiaoyan Luan; Zhao Zhou
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COM-based expert system for map projection selection
Author(s): Hu Zhao; Haihong Zhu; Lin Li; Yong Xing
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Vector map geo-location using GPS tracks
Author(s): Yuanlu Bao; Hao Xu; Zhenan Liu
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Quantitative measurement of electric map information based on visual perception
Author(s): Fenli Jia; Xiong You
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The research on automatically created contour's algorithm based on DEM
Author(s): Aijun Xu; Qingquan Li
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The application of GDI+ in electronic map visualization
Author(s): Sen Che; Shaomei Li; Haiyan Liu; Qing Xu
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Cognitive distortions based on MDS configuration and sketch mapping: a case study in Beijing
Author(s): Si Shen; Lulu Xue; Lun Wu; Yu Liu
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Handling the relationship between features in automatic mapping
Author(s): Hong Wang; Lin Li; Xiaotong Zhang; Xinyan Zheng
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Research on thematic mapping intellectualized design model based on geosciences and cartographic mapping knowledge
Author(s): Dongmei Yu; Rentao Huang; Yan Guan
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Landform classification based on adjacency index of feature lines
Author(s): Mingliang Luo; Guoan Tang; Jieyu Zhou
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Building extraction using local surface normal angle transformation
Author(s): Y. Li; T. Qian
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Automatic placement of annotation in area feature by map spatial geometry information measurement
Author(s): Lianying Li; Bijun Li; Zhongheng Wu; Dequan Gao; Mu Xia
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Compiling of thematic map in historical geography studies for Jiankang in the period of the Six Dynasties (220~589 A.D.)
Author(s): Gang Chen; Manchun Li; Dong Chen
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An extended arc data structure and its applications
Author(s): Jiechen Wang; Yongquan Li; Chenhui Qian
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