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Lidar Technologies, Techniques, and Measurements for Atmospheric Remote Sensing III
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Volume Number: 6750
Date Published: 3 October 2007
Softcover: 39 papers (410) pages
ISBN: 9780819469083

Table of Contents
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Front Matter: Volume 6750
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
A fluorescence imaging lidar for the control of cultural heritage
Author(s): Lorenzo Palombi; Giovanna Cecchi; David Lognoli; Valentina Raimondi; Leonardo Masotti
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Sea floor classification from airborne lidar data
Author(s): H. Michael Tulldahl; Claes Vahlberg; Andreas Axelsson; Henrik Karlsson; Peter Jonsson
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A novel UV laser for lidar applications
Author(s): Brian M. Walsh; Norman P. Barnes
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Efficient 1.9 μm Tm3+/Yb3+-doped tellurite fibre laser
Author(s): Billy D. O. Richards; Yuen H. Tsang; David J. Binks; Joris Lousteau; Animesh Jha
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Fiber lasers: new effective sources for coherent lidars
Author(s): Jean-Pierre Cariou; Matthieu Valla; Guillaume Canat
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Development of a short-range 355-nm Rayleigh-Mie lidar using a Michelson interferometer for wind speed measurements
Author(s): Nicolas Cezard; Agnes Dolfi-Bouteyre; Jean-Pierre Huignard; Pierre Flamant
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Automated polarization-discrimination technique to minimize lidar-detected skylight background noise
Author(s): Yasser Y. Hassebo; Samir Ahmed
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Locating the mixing layer: algorithms to identify the mixing layer height using lidar signals
Author(s): Jan Mehnert; Markus Pesch
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New concept design of differential absorption lidar: fusion of DIAL and TDLS methods
Author(s): Alexandre Lytkine; Brian Lau; Alan Lim; Wolfgang Jaeger; John Tulip
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Volumetric gas monitoring through a DSA laser network for the estimation of the gas emission flux by surface sources: methods and simulation results
Author(s): Fabrizio Cuccoli; Luca Facheris; Roberto Lupo; Tommaso Berna
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Tunable infrared radiation for atmospheric profiling
Author(s): John Burris; Dale Richter
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Optimization of lidar data processing: a goal of the EARLINET-ASOS project
Author(s): Aldo Amodeo; Ina Mattis; Christine Böckmann; Giuseppe D'Amico; Detlef Müller; Lukas Osterloh; Anatoly Chaikovsky; Gelsomina Pappalardo; Albert Ansmann; Arnoud Apituley; Lucas Alados-Arboledas; Dimitris Balis; Adolfo Comeron; Volker Freudenthaler; Valentin Mitev; Doina Nicolae; Alexandros Papayannis; Maria Rita Perrone; Aleksander Pietruczuk; Manuel Pujadas; Jean-Philippe Putaud; Francois Ravetta; Vincenzo Rizi; Valentin Simeonov; Nicola Spinelli; Kersten Stebel; Dimitar Stoyanov; Thomas Trickl; Matthias Wiegner
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Characterization of atmospheric aerosols with multiwavelength Raman lidar
Author(s): D. Müller; I. Mattis; A. Kolgotin; A. Ansmann; U. Wandinger; D. Althausen
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Combining OPAC and lidar
Author(s): Doina Nicolae; Camelia Talianu; Cristian Radu; Sabina Stefan
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AGLITE: multiwavelength lidar for characterizing atmospheric emissions from animal feeding operations using simultaneous optical and point measurements
Author(s): Thomas D. Wilkerson; Gail E. Bingham; Vladimir V. Zavyalov; Christian C. Marchant; Jan M. Anderson; Luke P. Andrew
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Characterization of the atmospheric aerosol by combination of lidar and sun-photometry
Author(s): Lucas Alados-Arboledas; Juan Luis Guerrero Rascado; Hassan Lyamani; Francisco Navas-Guzman; Francisco José Olmo Reyes
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Calibrating a ground-based backscatter lidar for continuous measurements of PM2.5
Author(s): Markus Pesch; Daniel Oderbolz
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An automatic, low-cost telemetric lidar for the continuous monitoring of urban aerosols in the surface layer
Author(s): M. Del Guasta; F. Castagnoli; M. Baldi; V. Venturi
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Standoff determination of bioaerosol size based on double scattering measurement with MFOV lidar: concept and experimental validation
Author(s): Gilles Roy; Nathalie Roy
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Water vapour and wind profiles from collocated airborne lidars during COPS 2007
Author(s): Christoph Kiemle; Martin Wirth; Andreas Schäfler; Andreas Fix; Stephan Rahm; Andreas Dörnbrack; Gerhard Ehret
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GPS calibrated multiwavelength water vapor Raman lidar measurements to assess urban aerosol hygroscopicity
Author(s): Daniela Viviana Vladutescu; Barry Gross; Yonghua Wu; Alex Gilerson; Fred Moshary; Samir Ahmed
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Systematic distortions in water vapor mixing ratio and aerosol scattering ratio from a Raman lidar
Author(s): Mariana Adam; Demetrius D. Venable
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A laser sounder for measuring atmospheric trace gases from space
Author(s): Haris Riris; James Abshire; Graham Allan; John Burris; Jeffrey Chen; Stephen Kawa; Jian-Ping Mao; Michael Krainak; Mark Stephen; Xiaoli Sun; Emily Wilson
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Measurement of carbon dioxide column via space-borne laser absorption
Author(s): William S. Heaps
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Deployable, lightweight, and large aperture spaceborne telescope for lidar-based earth observations
Author(s): P. Mazzinghi; V. Bratina; D. Ferruzzi; L. Gambicorti; F. Simonetti; A. Zuccaro Marchi; P. Salinari; F. Lisi; M. Olivier; A. Bursi; D. Gallieni; R. Biasi; J Pereira
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Lightweight active controlled primary mirror technology demonstrator
Author(s): P. Mazzinghi; V. Bratina; D. Ferruzzi; L. Gambicorti; F. Simonetti; A. Zuccaro Marchi; P. Salinari; F. Lisi; M. Olivier; A. Bursi; D. Gallieni; R. Biasi; J. Pereira
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EARLINET correlative measurements for CALIPSO
Author(s): Ina Mattis; Lucia Mona; Detlef Müller; Gelsomina Pappalardo; Lucas Alados-Arboledas; Giuseppe D'Amico; Aldo Amodeo; Arnoud Apituley; José Maria Baldasano; Christine Böckmann; Jens Bösenberg; Anatoli Chaikovsky; Adolfo Comeron; Elina Giannakaki; Ivan Grigorov; Juan Luis Guerrero Rascado; Ove Gustafsson; Marco Iarlori; Holger Linne; Valentin Mitev; Francisco Molero Menendez; Doina Nicolae; Alexandros Papayannis; Carlos Perez Garcia-Pando; Maria Rita Perrone; Aleksander Pietruczuk; Jean-Philippe Putaud; Francois Ravetta; Alejandro Rodríguez; Patric Seifert; Michaël Sicard; Valentin Simeonov; Piotr Sobolewski; Nicola Spinelli; Kerstin Stebel; Andreas Stohl; Matthias Tesche; Thomas Trickl; Xuan Wang; Matthias Wiegner
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First comparisons between CNR-IMAA multi-wavelength Raman lidar measurements and CALIPSO measurements
Author(s): Lucia Mona; Aldo Amodeo; Giuseppe D'Amico; Gelsomina Pappalardo
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CALIPSO correlative measurements at Napoli EARLINET station
Author(s): Xuan Wang; Mario Armenante; Grazia Frontoso; Gianluca Pisani; N. Spinelli
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ALADIN doppler wind lidar: recent advances
Author(s): Didier Morancais; Frédéric Fabre; Martin Endemann; Alain Culoma
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The ESA EarthCARE mission: results of the ATLID instrument pre-developments
Author(s): Y. Durand; A. Hélière; J.-L. Bézy; R. Meynart
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NASA laser remote sensing technology needs for earth science in the next decade and beyond
Author(s): David M. Tratt; Jon M. Neff; Azita Valinia
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SIRTA, a multi-sensor platform for clouds and aerosols characterization in the atmosphere: infrastructure, objective and prospective
Author(s): Christophe Pietras; Christophe Boitel; Jean-Charles Dupont; Martial Haeffelin; Florian Lapouge; Yohann Morille; Vincent Noel; Bernard Romand
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Improved methodology for the retrieval of the particulate extinction coefficient and the lidar ratio from the lidar multiangle measurement
Author(s): Vladimir Kovalev; Cyle Wold; Wei Min Hao; Bryce Nordgren
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Saharan dust event over Bucharest observed by an elastic backscatter lidar
Author(s): Camelia Talianu; Doina Nicolae; Anca Nemuc; Livio Belegante; Emil Carstea
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Selection of an averaging technique by simulation study of a DIAL system for toxic agents monitoring
Author(s): Jai Paul Dudeja; Mukesh Kumar Jindal; S. Veerabuthiran
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Sounding of the environment by means of the un-impulse of the low-power continuous source
Author(s): Yury Polkanov
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MicrodsPIC-based design for a lidar flexible unit
Author(s): Aime Lay-Ekuakille; Giuseppe Vendramin; Amerigo Trotta
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CNR-IMAA integrated measurements for the atmospheric profiling
Author(s): Fabio Madonna; Aldo Amodeo; Antonella Boselli; Carmela Cornacchia; Vincenzo Cuomo; Giuseppe D'Amico; Aldo Giunta; Lucia Mona; Gelsomina Pappalardo
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