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International Conference on Lasers, Applications, and Technologies 2007: Environmental Monitoring and Ecological Applications; Optical Sensors in Biological, Chemical, and Engineering Technologies; and Femtosecond Laser Pulse Filamentation
Editor(s): Gennadii G. Matvienko; Arkadii P. Ivanov; Vladislav Panchenko; Vladimir S. Golubev; Petr Nikitin; Eugene Voropay; Mikhail A. Khodasevich
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Volume Number: 6733
Date Published: 14 August 2007
Softcover: 44 papers (426) pages
ISBN: 9780819468918

Table of Contents
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Remote detection and recognition of bio-aerosols by laser-induced fluorescense lidar: practical implementation and field tests
Author(s): Anatoly Boreysho; Andrey Savin; Alexey Morozov; Maxim Konyaev; Konstantin Konovalov
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Calibration-free laser-induced plasma spectrometry for direct analysis of solid and liquid materials
Author(s): Michail V. Belkov; Victor S. Burakov; Vasilii V. Kiris; Sergei N. Raikov
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Aerosol source areas identification based on lidar sounding data and back trajectories statistics
Author(s): A. Chaikovsky; V. Kabashnikov; V. Kuzmin; A. Pietruczuk; P. Sobolewski
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Aerosol model development for environmental monitoring in the coastal atmosphere surface layer
Author(s): Gennady A. Kaloshin; Gennady G. Matvienko
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Analysis of a multiple scattering lidar return from droplet clouds
Author(s): A. A. Tikhomirov; A. I. Abramochkin; I. I. Razenkov
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Research of revelation of ions hydration in water Raman scattering spectra as scientific basis of laser monitoring of inorganic salts in natural waters
Author(s): S. A. Burikov; T. A. Dolenko; V. V. Fadeev
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The long-term variations of ozone, UV-radiation and temperature in tropostratosphere and their connection with solar variability
Author(s): K. A. Karimov
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Differential turbulence and wind velocity meters
Author(s): V. P. Lukin; V. V. Lavrinov; N. N. Botugina; O. N. Emaleev; V. V. Nosov
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Optical and microphysical characteristics of aerosol structures in Central Asia
Author(s): B. Chen; L. Sverdlik
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Salvaging of nuclear waste by nuclear-optical converters
Author(s): A. V. Karelin; R. V. Shirokov
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Ecological and hydrological applications of the fluorescence of the humic substances in the natural waters
Author(s): I. V. Fadeeva; V. A. Kravtsov; V. V. Fadeev
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New perspectives in protein-based biosensors: the glucokinase from B. stearothermophilus and the odorant-binding protein from C. familiaris as probes for non-consuming analyte sensors
Author(s): Irina M. Kuznetsova; Olga Povarova; Olesya Stepanenko; Konstantin K. Turoverov; Roberta Crescenzo; Antonio Varriale; Maria Staiano; Sabato D'Auria
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Luminescence-based optical sensor systems for monitoring water parameters
Author(s): Aleksandra Lobnik; Matejka Turel; Špela Mojca Korent
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Non-linear fluorimetry of fluorescent proteins
Author(s): A. A. Banishev; E. A. Shirshin; V. V. Fadeev
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Monitoring of indotricarbocyanine dye fluorescence during photochemotherapy
Author(s): D. G. Melnikov; K. N. Kaplevsky; E. S. Voropay
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The miniaturized photoacoustic cell as a facility for detection of gas leak
Author(s): A. L. Palanetski; V. S. Starovoitov
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Fiber probes based optical techniques for biomedical diagnosis
Author(s): José L. Arce-Diego; Félix Fanjul-Vélez
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Eat-by-light fiber-optic and micro-optic devices for food quality and safety assessment
Author(s): A. G. Mignani; L. Ciaccheri; C. Cucci; A. A. Mencaglia; A. Cimato; C. Attilio; H. Thienpont; H. Ottevaere; R. Paolesse; M. Mastroianni; D. Monti; G. Buonocore; A. Del Nobile; A. Mentana; M. F. Grimaldi; C. Dall'Asta; A. Faccini; G. Galaverna; A. Dossena
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Analytical system based on liquid-crystalline DNA particles immobilized in content of polymeric hydrogel and a portable dichrometer
Author(s): O. N. Kompanets; S. G. Skuridin; V. M. Gusev; S. F. Kolyakov; M. A. Pavlov; Yu. M. Yevdokimov
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Optical picoscopes: new opportunities for biosensing and for molecular technologies
Author(s): P. I. Nikitin; I. E. Svetoch; M. P. Nikitin; T. I. Ksenevich; B. G. Gorshkov; V. I. Konov; V. I. Aksinin
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ThT as an instrument for testing and investigation of amyloid and amyloid-like fibrils
Author(s): Irina M. Kuznetsova; Alexander A. Maskevich; Vitaly I. Stepuro; Valery A. Kuzmitsky; Vladimir N. Uversky
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Comparing the performance of multiple imaging systems with Fabry-Perot interferometers, concentric ring masks, and diffractive multifocal lenses
Author(s): Andrey G. Sedukhin
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Detection of explosives traces on documents by attenuated total reflection method
Author(s): A. S. Boreysho; E. V. Bertseva; V. S. Korepanov; A. V. Morosov; A. V. Savin; S. Yu. Strakhov
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Molecular thermometer for cryogenic range based on Pd-porphin phosphorescence
Author(s): A. Starukhin
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Fiber optic intrusion sensing based on coherent optical time domain reflectometry
Author(s): V. S. Vdovenko
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Applications to spore detection of analytic Sh-matrix solution of light scattering from capsule and bi-sphere particles
Author(s): Gorden Videen; Yuriy Shkuratov; Maryna Kaydash
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Holographic volume gratings in glassy polymeric material as coupling elements of planar lightguides
Author(s): U. V. Mahilny; D. N. Marmysh; A. L. Tolstik; V. Matusevich; R. Kowarschik
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Light-induced changes in the spectrum of optical absorption in Bi12TiO20:Cd crystal
Author(s): A. Akrestina; S. Shandarov; A. Vishnev; R. Kiselyov; A. Surtsev; V. Kljajm; Yu. Kargin; A. Tolstik
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Singlet oxygen generation by optical biosensor based on polymethine dyes
Author(s): E. S. Voropay; M. P. Samtsov
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Laser-induced absorption in Bi12TiO20 crystals and its application
Author(s): A. Matusevich; T. Dovzhenko; A. Tolstik; M. Kisteneva; S. Shandarov; V. Matusevich; A. Kießling; R. Kowarschik
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Filamentation nonlinear optics: a new frontier
Author(s): S. L. Chin; F. Théberge; H. Xu; W. Liu; J.-F. Daigle; Q. Luo; S. M. Sharifi; Y. Chen; N. Aközbek; A. Becker; C. Marceau; P. Tremblay-Simard; Y. Kamali; A. Azarm; J. Bernhardt; P. Mathieu; G. Roy; J.-R. Simard
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Femtosecond filamentation and supercontinuum generation in media with controllable nonlinear optical properties
Author(s): Zhizhan Xu; Ya Cheng; Jiansheng Liu; Ruxin Li
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Filamentation in laser microprocessing and microwelding
Author(s): Wataru Watanabe; Takayuki Tamaki; Kazuyoshi Itoh
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Cumulative refractive index modification and waveguide formation by femtosecond filaments
Author(s): E. Gaižauskas; V. Kudriašov; V. Sirutkaitis
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Femtosecond laser surface ablation of transparent solids: understanding the bulk filamentation damage
Author(s): Sergey I. Kudryashov; A. Joglekar; G. Mourou; A. A. Ionin; V. D. Zvorykin; A. J. Hunt
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Improved reproducibility of conical emission from glass under axicon focusing of femtosecond laser pulse
Author(s): S. V. Chekalin; O. G. Kosareva; A. V. Grigor'evskii; V. P. Kandidov
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TW lasers in air: ultra-high powers and optimal control strategies
Author(s): L. Bonacina; P. Béjot; J. Extermann; M. Moret; R. Ackermann; N. Lascoux; E. Salmon; J. Kasparian; R. Salamé; Ph. Rohwetter; K. Stelmaszczyk; S. Li; A. Lindinger; L. Wöste; S. Champeaux; L. Bergé; C. Guet; N. Blanchot; O. Bonville; A. Boscheron; P. Canal; M. Castaldi; O. Hartmann; C. Lepage; L. Marmande; E. Mazataud; G. Mennerat; L. Patissou; D. Raffestin; J.-P. Wolf
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Propagation of femtosecond filaments in atmospheric conditions
Author(s): Noëlle Lascoux; R. Ackermann; Guillaume Méjean; Estelle Salmon; Jérôme Kasparian; Jin Yu; Steffen Frey; R. Salamé; Jean-Pierre Wolf
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Spatio-temporal control of femtosecond laser pulse filamentation in the atmosphere
Author(s): Svyatoslav A. Shlenov; Valerii P. Kandidov; Olga G. Kosareva; Alexei E. Bezborodov; Vladimir Yu. Fedorov
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Laser filament induced microwave waveguide in air
Author(s): A. E. Dormidonov; V. V. Valuev; V. L. Dmitriev; S. A. Shlenov; V. P. Kandidov
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Femtosecond pulse collapse in a quadratic nonlinear medium
Author(s): Jian Wu; Han Xu; Kun Wu; Heping Zeng
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Propagation effects on attosecond pulse generation
Author(s): E. Lorin; S. Chelkowski; A. Bandrauk
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Supercontinuum from a few-cycle filament in argon: characterization and UV spectroscopic application
Author(s): S. A. Trushin; K. Kosma; W. Fuß; W. E. Schmid
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Fluctuations of the filament onset of high-power laser radiation in a turbulent atmosphere
Author(s): S. Bakhramov; A. Kasimov; Sh. Payziyev
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