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Optomechatronic Computer-Vision Systems II
Editor(s): Jonathan Kofman; Yuri Lopez de Meneses; Shun'ichi Kaneko; Claudio A. Perez; Didier Coquin
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Volume Number: 6718
Date Published: 8 October 2007
: 15 papers (148) pages
ISBN: 9780819468666

Table of Contents
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Front Matter: Volume 6718
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Matching-based focusing by orientation code matching and depth reconstruction
Author(s): Yuan Li; Hidenori Takauji; Shun'ichi Kaneko; Takayuki Tanaka; Isao Ohmura
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Flexible depth of field extension and its application to multiple micro objects recognition
Author(s): Deokhwa Hong; Kangmin Park; Hyungsuck Cho
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Distortion and scale estimation for robust tag registration
Author(s): Io Nakayama; Hidenori Takauji; Shun'ichi Kaneko; Takayuki Tanaka
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Measurement of partially specular objects by controlling imaging range
Author(s): Joongki Jeong; Deokhwa Hong; Hyungsuck Cho
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Multiple-line full-field laser-camera range sensor
Author(s): Jonathan Kofman; Jeffrey T. Wu; Kiatchai Borribanbunpotkat
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Self-localization of a mobile robot using a single vision sensor
Author(s): Jaehong Shim
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3D image analysis for evaluating internal deformation/fracture characteristics of materials
Author(s): Mitsuru Nakazawa; Yoshimitsu Aoki; Hiroyuki Toda; Masakazu Kobayashi; Yuji Kawai
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Virtual reality for microassembly
Author(s): Martin Probst; Christoph Hürzeler; Ruedi Borer; Bradley J. Nelson
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A classification and verification of real pattern defects with dust filtering in tape substrate inspection
Author(s): Young Jun Roh; Cheol Woo Kim; Jung Yeol Yeom; Chang Ook Jung; Dae Hwa Jeong
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Classification of remote sensing images from urban areas using Laplacian image and Bayesian theory
Author(s): B. Yousefi; S. M. Mirhassani; H. Marvi
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Motion tracking and analysis system for magnetotactic bacteria
Author(s): Martin Mankiewicz; Sylvain Martel
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3D measurement of human upper body for gesture recognition
Author(s): Khairunizam Wan; Hideyuki Sawada
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Event detection for car park entries by video-surveillance
Author(s): Didier Coquin; Johan Tailland; Michel Cintract
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Digital scorebook: football logging and visualization using image processing support
Author(s): Hidehiro Ohki; Seiki Inoue; Yoneharu Fujita; Naomichi Sueda
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Detection method of skin region by single band pass filter
Author(s): Taito Watanabe; Kazuhiko Yamamoto; Kunihito Kato; Shinichi Kojima; Satoru Nakanishi
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