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Optomechatronic Micro/Nano Devices and Components III
Editor(s): Lixin Dong; Yoshitada Katagiri; Eiji Higurashi; Hiroshi Toshiyoshi; Yves-Alain Peter
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Volume Number: 6717
Date Published: 8 October 2007
Softcover: 29 papers (274) pages
ISBN: 9780819468659

Table of Contents
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Front Matter: Volume 6717
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Improved performance of thin film broadband antireflective coatings
Author(s): Matthew Mishrikey; Arya Fallahi; Christian Hafner; Rüdiger Vahldieck
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Quantum information processing using nanoscale objects embedded in photonic crystals
Author(s): Hiroyuki Nihei; Atsushi Okamoto
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Thermo-optical delay line for optical coherence tomography
Author(s): Eduardo Margallo-Balbás; Gregory Pandraud; Patrick J. French
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MEMS tunable silicon Fabry-Perot cavity
Author(s): Jonathan Masson; Fatou Binetou Koné; Yves-Alain Peter
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Soft lithographic fabrication of microresonators
Author(s): Andrea M. Armani; Kerry J. Vahala
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Spectral boundary integral equation method for the characterization of novel photonic nanomaterials
Author(s): L. Illyashenko-Raguin
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Re-Ir coating effect of molding core (WC) surface for aspheric glass lens
Author(s): Sang-Suk Kim; Hyun-Uk Kim; Hye-Jeong Kim; Jeong-Ho Kim
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Study on pressing conditions in the molding of aspheric glass lenses for phone camera module using design of experiments
Author(s): Hye-Jeong Kim; Du-Hwan Cha; Sang-Suk Kim; Jeong-Ho Kim
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Investigation of optical amplification in Si-Nanocrystal-Er doped optical fibers
Author(s): A. Rostami; A. Salmanogli; F. Janabi Sharifi
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A proposal for high performance infrared photodetectors: effects of defect on optical absorption properties in GaN/AlGaN spherical potential
Author(s): A. Rostami; H. Rasooli; F. Janabi-Sharifi
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Mechanically tunable photonic crystal
Author(s): Steven Schrader; Steven Truxal; Sheeba Gandhi; Katsuo Kurabayashi
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Label-free detection of chemical messenger proteins
Author(s): Andrea M. Armani; Scott E. Fraser; Kerry J. Vahala
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Optical performance of F-Theta lens for laser scanning unit
Author(s): Dong-Kil Lee; Jun-Hyung Ahn; Sang-Suk Kim; Hye-Jeong Kim; Jeong-Ho Kim
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A miniaturized EDM device suitable to fixing on a robot
Author(s): Yongjun Tang; Zhongning Guo; Yongjun Zhang
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Mechanical instabilities and piezoresistivity of SiGe/Si microtubes
Author(s): Li Zhang; Lixin Dong; Bradley J. Nelson
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InGaAs/GaAs helical nanobelts as building blocks for nanoscale optoelectronic devices
Author(s): Gilgueng Hwang; Cedric Dockendorf; Dominik J. Bell; Lixin Dong; Hideki Hashimoto; Dimos Poulikakos; Bradley J. Nelson
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Improved design of large 3D micromirrors for microassembly into an optical MEMS cross-connect
Author(s): Mohamed A. Basha; Nikolai Dechev; Safieddin Safavi-Naeini; Sujeet K. Chaudhuri
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NanoHand: micro/nano system for automatic handling of nano-objects
Author(s): S. Fatikow; V. Eichhorn; A. Steinecker; C. Meyer; L. Occhupinti; S. Fahlbusch; I. Utke; P. Bøggild; J.-M. Breguet; R. Kaufmann; M. Zadrazil; W. Barth
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Micro-electro-fluidic module to control magnetotactic bacteria for micromanipulation tasks under an optical microscope
Author(s): Walder André; Zhao Lu; Bechara Moufarrej; Sylvain Martel
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Room temperature GaN-GaAs direct bonding by argon-beam surface activation
Author(s): Eiji Higurashi; Yuichiro Tokuda; Masatake Akaike; Tadatomo Suga
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Optimization of metallic bi-periodic photonic crystals application to compact directive antennas
Author(s): Nicolas Guérin; Christian Hafner; Rüdiger Vahldieck
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Analysis and optimization of frequency selective surfaces with inhomogeneous periodic substrates
Author(s): Matthew Mishrikey; Christian Hafner; Rüdiger Vahldieck
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Study of metallic nanoshelled structures with rigorous electromagnetic analysis
Author(s): Xudong Cui; Daniel Erni; Christian Hafner; Kakhaber Tavzarashvili; Ruediger Vahldieck
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Plasmonic nanostructures made from aluminum fabricated by EUV interference lithography
Author(s): Y. Ekinci; H. H. Solak; C. David; J. F. Löffler
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On the role of the losses in metamaterials
Author(s): Nicolas Guérin; Christian Hafner; Rüdiger Vahldieck
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Engineering gold nano-antennae to enhance the emission of quantum emitters
Author(s): Mario Agio; Giorgio Mori; Franziska Kaminski; Lavinia Rogobete; Sergei Kühn; Victor Callegari; Philipp M. Nellen; Franck Robin; Yasin Ekinci; Urs Sennhauser; Heinz Jäckel; Harun H. Solak; Vahid Sandoghdar
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Effects of substrate treatments on silver ink-jet printing
Author(s): Sang-Ho Lee; Kwon-Yong Shin; Jun Young Hwang; Kyungtae Kang; Heuiseok Kang; Young June Cho
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A study on driving waveform of a piezoelectric inkjet print head
Author(s): Jun Y. Hwang; Myong Ki Kim; Sang Ho Lee; Kyungtae Kang; Heuiseok Kang; Young June Cho
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A new SPR sensing technique using a chip with a fabricated microstructure
Author(s): Hiroki Okuno; Fumikazu Oohira; Nobumitsu Miyanishi; Seiko Shimamoto; Maho Hosogi
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