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Atmospheric Optics: Models, Measurements, and Target-in-the-Loop Propagation
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Volume Number: 6708
Date Published: 25 September 2007
Softcover: 29 papers (312) pages
ISBN: 9780819468567

Table of Contents
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Front Matter: Volume 6708
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Analysis of free-space laser signal intensity over a 2.33 km optical path
Author(s): Arnold Tunick
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Free space optical system performance for laser beam propagation through non Kolmogorov turbulence for uplink and downlink paths
Author(s): Italo Toselli; Larry C. Andrews; Ronald L. Phillips; Valter Ferrero
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Turbulence effects on laser propagation in a marine environment
Author(s): Steve Hammel
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The Levy fractional Brownian motion family as a new paradigm in the modeling of turbulent wave-front phase
Author(s): Darío G. Pérez; Luciano Zunino; Mario Garavaglia
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Improving bulk Cn2 models for over-ocean applications through new determinations of the dimensionless temperature structure parameter
Author(s): Paul A. Frederickson; Stephen Hammel; Dimitri Tsintikidis
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Coherent illumination for wavefront sensing and imaging through turbulence
Author(s): M.-T. Velluet; V. Michau; T. Fusco; J.-M. Conan
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Turbulence analysis of maritime horizontal laser propagation: experimental analysis and wave-optics simulation
Author(s): Boris P. Venet
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Turbulence effect mitigation using adaptive optics post-processing of holographically recorded short-exposure images
Author(s): Mikhail A. Vorontsov; Mathieu Aubailly; Rensheng Dou
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Integrated multi-dithering controller for adaptive optics
Author(s): Dimitrios N. Loizos; Ling Liu; Paul P. Sotiriadis; Gert Cauwenberghs; Mikhail A. Vorontsov
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Adaptive compensation over a 2.33 km propagation path with retro reflectors under strong scintillation conditions
Author(s): Ernst Polnau; Mikhail A. Vorontsov; Gary Carhart; Thomas Weyrauch; Leonid A. Beresnev
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Coherent combining of multiple beams with multi-dithering technique: 100KHz closed-loop compensation demonstration
Author(s): Ling Liu; Dimitrios N. Loizos; Mikhail A. Vorontsov; Paul P. Sotiriadis; Gert Cauwenberghs
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Anisoplanatic imaging through atmospheric turbulence: brightness function approach
Author(s): Svetlana L. Lachinova; Mikhail A. Vorontsov; Vadim V. Dudorov; Valeriy V. Kolosov; Michael T. Valley
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Uncooperative target-in-the-loop performance with backscattered speckle-field effects
Author(s): Jan E. Kansky; Daniel V. Murphy
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The BEFWM system for detection and phase conjugation of a weak laser beam
Author(s): Anatoliy Khizhnyak; Vladimir Markov
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TIL system with nonlinear phase conjugation
Author(s): Anatoliy Khizhnyak; Vladimir Markov
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Laboratory demonstration of wavefront-based stochastic parallel gradient descent adaptive optics system
Author(s): Mikhail S. Belen'kii; Jeff Barchers; Eric Berg; Don Bruns; Deborah Fung; Richard Gallant; Clay Kirk; Hope Runyeon; Vincent Rye; Josh Voass
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Application of stereo laser tracking methods for quantifying flight dynamics
Author(s): Hubert W. Schreier; Timothy J. Miller; Michael T. Valley; Timothy L. Brown
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Adaptive phase-locked fiber array with wavefront phase tip-tilt compensation using piezoelectric fiber positioners
Author(s): Ling Liu; Mikhail A. Vorontsov; Ernst Polnau; Thomas Weyrauch; Leonid A. Beresnev
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The use of multi-band transmission data collected at Scripps pier in November 2006 for the investigation of aerosol characteristics
Author(s): Arie N. de Jong; Alexander M. J. van Eijk; Peter J. Fritz; Leo H. Cohen; Marcel M. Moerman
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Sea spray aerosol and wave energy dissipation in the surf zone
Author(s): M. J. Francius; J. Piazolla; P. Forget; O. Le Calve; J. Kusmierczyk-Michulec
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Can we predict aerosol extinction in a coastal environment?
Author(s): Dimitri Tsintikidis; Dan Kichura; Steve Hammel
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Ångström coefficient as a tracer of the continental aerosols
Author(s): Jolanta Kusmierczyk-Michulec; Alexander M. J. Van Eijk
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Satellite retrieved aerosol properties for battlespace characterization and sensor performance
Author(s): Robin M. Schoemaker
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Adaptive optical antennas: design and evaluation
Author(s): Thomas Weyrauch; Mikhail A. Vorontsov; Gary W. Carhart; Galina V. Simonova; Leonid A. Beresnev; Ernst E. Polnau
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Wavefront correctors based on semi-passive bimorph elements for adaptive optics applications: new designs
Author(s): L. A. Beresnev
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Finding the range to a distant object near the sea surface
Author(s): Marianne A. C. Degache; Stephen Hammel
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Optical beam tracking based on nonlinear lens mechanism
Author(s): Alexander S. Koujelev; Alexander E. Dudelzak
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Intensity and polarization characteristics of the light scattered by the ice crystals of cirrus clouds with preferred orientations
Author(s): A. V. Burnashov; A. Feldshtein; E. Sibiryakova; D. Dzhurmii
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Picosecond eye-safe Raman laser for advanced ranging and tracking
Author(s): O. V. Kulagin; N. F. Andreev; A. M. Sergeev; M. Valley
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