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Advances in X-Ray/EUV Optics and Components II
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Volume Number: 6705
Date Published: 20 September 2007
Softcover: 28 papers (252) pages
ISBN: 9780819468536

Table of Contents
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Front Matter: Volume 6705
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Active microstructured arrays for x-ray optics
Author(s): Alan Michette; Tim Button; Camelia Dunare; Charlotte Feldman; Melvyn Folkard; David Hart; Chris McFaul; Graeme R. Morrison; William Parkes; Sławka Pfauntsch; A. Keith Powell; Daniel Rodriguez-Sanmartin; Shahin Sahraei; Tom Stevenson; Boris Vojnovic; Richard Willingale; Dou Zhang
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The new ESRF multilayer deposition facility
Author(s): Ch. Morawe; Ch. Borel; J.-Ch. Peffen
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Multilayer growth in the APS rotary deposition system
Author(s): Ray Conley; Chian Liu; Cameron M. Kewish; Albert T. Macrander; Christian Morawe
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Silicon planar lenses for high-energy x-ray nanofocusing
Author(s): A. A. Snigirev; I. Snigireva; M. Grigoriev; V. Yunkin; M. Di Michiel; S. Kuznetsov; G. Vaughan
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Development of refractive x-ray focusing optics at Diamond Light Source
Author(s): L. Alianelli; K. J. S. Sawhney; I. M. Loader; D. W. K. Jenkins; R. Stevens; A. Snigirev; I. Snigireva
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Nanopositioning of the silicon planar lenses used for 2D high energy x-ray nanofocusing
Author(s): P. Van Vaerenbergh; A. Snigirev; M. A. Nicola; I. Snigireva; M. Grigoriev; V. Yunkin; G. Vaughan; L. Claustre; H-P. Van Der Kleij; J-Y. Massonnat
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Projection-type x-ray microscope based on a spherical compound refractive x-ray lens
Author(s): Yu. I. Dudchik; C. K. Gary; H. Park; R. H. Pantell; M. A. Piestrup
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Deposition and analysis of small d-spacing depth graded multilayer structures
Author(s): David M. Broadway; Yuriy Y. Platonov; Roberto Mancini; Riccardo Tommasini
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XUV optics for attosecond applications
Author(s): J. Gautier; A. S. Morlens; P. Zeitoun; G. Rey; C. Valentin; E. Papalarazou; J. P. Goddet; S. Sebban; F. Delmotte; M. F. Ravet; F. Bridou
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Metrology of micromirrors with replicated multilayers
Author(s): L. Sveda; A. Inneman; V. Semencova; L. Pina; R. Hudec; R. Havlikova
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Development of an ultrahigh-resolution diffraction grating for soft x-rays
Author(s): Dmitriy L. Voronov; Rossana Cambie; Ruslan M. Feshchenko; Eric M. Gullikson; Howard A. Padmore; Alexander V. Vinogradov; Valeriy V. Yashchuk
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Zone plate efficiency measurements with a laser-plasma source
Author(s): Michael C. Bertilson; Per A. C. Takman; Anders Holmberg; Ulrich Vogt; Hans M. Hertz
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Hard x-ray focusing by stacked Fresnel zone plates
Author(s): Irina Snigireva; Anatoly Snigirev; Viktor Kohn; Vyacheslav Yunkin; Maxim Grigoriev; Serguei Kuznetsov; Gavin Vaughan; Marco Di Michiel
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Characterization of beryllium and CVD diamond for synchrotron radiation beamline windows and x-ray beam monitor
Author(s): S. Goto; S. Takahashi; T. Kudo; M. Yabashi; K. Tamasaku; Y. Nishino; T. Ishikawa
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Simulation of partially coherent image formation in x-ray microscopy
Author(s): O. von Hofsten; M. C. Bertilson; U. Vogt
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Analysis and modification of x-ray mutual coherence with perfect-crystal diffraction
Author(s): Hiroshi Yamazaki; Tetsuya Ishikawa
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Diamonds for x-ray optical applications at 3rd and 4th generation x-ray sources
Author(s): R. C. Burns; A. Chumakov; G. Carbone; S. H. Connell; D. Dube; H. P. Godfried; J. O. Hansen; J. Härtwig; F. Masiello; M. Rebak; A. Rommeveaux; R. Setshedi; P. Van Vaerenbergh; A. Gibaud
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Reflective optics for sub-10nm hard x-ray focusing
Author(s): H. Mimura; S. Matsuyama; H. Yumoto; S. Handa; T. Kimura; Y. Sano; K. Tamasaku; Y. Nishino; M. Yabashi; T. Ishikawa; K. Yamauchi
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Large thin adaptive x-ray mirrors
Author(s): Peter Doel; Carolyn Atkins; Samantha J. Thompson; David Brooks; Jun Yao; Charlotte Feldman; Richard Willingale; Tim Button; Dou Zhang; Ady James
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Effect of x-ray beamline optics on x-ray photon correlation spectroscopy experiments
Author(s): A. R. Sandy; K. Evans-Lutterodt; K. Fezzaa; S. Kim; S. Narayanan; M. Sprung; A. G. Stein
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Soft x-ray mirrors for the Linac Coherent Light Source
Author(s): M. J. Pivovaroff; R. M. Bionta; T. J. Mccarville; R. Soufli; P. M. Stefan
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Beam-splitting mirrors for an APS beamline
Author(s): Ali M. Khounsary; Ian McNulty
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Directly water-cooled crystal development for SPring-8 bending magnet beamlines
Author(s): Kunikazu Takeshita; Shunji Goto; Tetsuya Ishikawa
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Measurement of thermal contact conductance of SPring-8 beamline components
Author(s): Tetsuro Mochizuki; Haruhiko Ohashi; Mutsumi Sano; Sunao Takahashi; Shunji Goto
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Performance of newly developed Mg/SiC multilayer mirrors
Author(s): Takenori Toyota; Go Murakami; Kazuo Yoshioka; Ichiro Yoshikawa
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High-performance multilayer coatings for 106 nm
Author(s): Elena Yu Taracheva; Sergiy Yulin; Torsten Feigl; Norbert Kaiser
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Micro-optics test bench at the ESRF
Author(s): A. A. Snigirev; R. Hustache; P. Duboc; J.-Y. Massonnat; L. Claustre; P. Van Vaerenbergh; I. Snigireva; M. Grigoriev; V. Yunkin
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High-energy-resolution monochromator for nuclear resonant scattering of synchrotron radiation by Te-125 at 35.49 keV
Author(s): Yasuhiko Imai; Yoshitaka Yoda; Shinji Kitao; Ryo Masuda; Satoshi Higashitaniguchi; Chika Inaba; Makoto Seto
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