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Soft X-Ray Lasers and Applications VII
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Volume Number: 6702
Date Published: 13 September 2007
Softcover: 30 papers (268) pages
ISBN: 9780819468505

Table of Contents
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Front Matter: Volume 6702
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
High-brightness tabletop soft X-ray lasers at high repetition rate: injection-seeding of solid target plasma amplifiers and other developments
Author(s): J. J. Rocca; Y. Wang; B. M. Luther; M. Berrill; M. A. Larotonda; E. Granados; D. Alessi; D. Martz; F. Pedacci; D. Patel; V. N. Shlyaptsev; C. S. Menoni
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New results at the Bern x-ray laser facility
Author(s): J. E. Balmer; M. Grünig; C. Imesch; F. Staub
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Plasma interactions in laser irradiated semi-cylindrical cavities studied with soft x-ray interferometry using a capillary discharge laser
Author(s): M. Purvis; J. Grava; J. Filevich; M. C. Marconi; J. J. Rocca; James Dunn; Stephen J. Moon; Joseph Nilsen; Vyacheslav N. Shlyaptsev; Elizabeth Jankowska
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Characterisation of the grazing incidence pumped nickel-like molybdenum x-ray laser and experimental investigation into lasing from high Z targets
Author(s): M. H. Edwards; N. Booth; Z. Zhai; G. J. Tallents; T. Dzelzainis; C. L. S. Lewis; P. Foster; M. Streeter; D. Neely; A. Behjat; Q. Dong; S. Wang
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Ultrashort pulse driven optical-field-ionization x-ray lasers
Author(s): Jiunn-Yuan Lin; Ming-Chang Chou; Ping-Hsun Lin; Chih-An Lin; Szu-Yuan Chen; Jyhpyng Wang
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The practicality of x-ray lasers for the sub 50Å wavelength range
Author(s): G. J. Pert
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Characterization of an OFI seeded soft x-ray laser
Author(s): Ph. Zeitoun; S. Sebban; J. P. Goddet; F. Bridou; F. Burgy; B. Cros; D. Douillet; J. Gautier; O. Guillbaud; G. Jamelot; D. Joyeux; S. Kazamias; A. Klisnick; G. Maynard; A. S. Morlens; D. Phalippou; T. Lefrou; D. Ros; J. P. Rousseau
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Full characterization of a GRIP Ni-like Ag amplifier for seeding with high harmonics at 13.9 nm
Author(s): K. A. Janulewicz; J. Tuemmler; P. V. Nickles; H. T. Kim; I. W. Choi; N. Hafz; C. M. Kim; H. C. Kang; J. H. Sung; T. J. Yu; K. H. Hong; T. M. Jeong; J. H. Kim; Y.-C. Noh; D.-K. Ko; J. Lee
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Theoretical and experimental investigations of spectral and temporal properties of seeded soft x-ray lasers
Author(s): Olivier Guilbaud; Annie Klisnick; Kevin Cassou; Sophie Kazamias; Jamil Habib; Moana Pittman; David Ros; Stephane Sebban; Jean-Philippe Goddet; Julien Gautier; Philippe Zeitoun; Ildar Al'Miev; Olivier Larroche; Djamel Benredjem; Jacques Dubau; Clary Moller; Denis Joyeux; Sebastien de Rossi; Gille Maynard; Brigitte Cros; Amar Boudaa; Yoann Pertot; Emilie Courtet; Daniel Phalippou; Jean-Philippe Rousseau; Frederic Burgy
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Relativistic Thomson scattering in compact linacs and storage rings: a route to quasi-monochromatic tunable laboratory-scale x-ray sources
Author(s): E. G. Bessonov; M. V. Gorbunkov; Yu. Ya. Maslova; P. V. Kostryukov; V. G. Tunkin; B. S. Ishkhanov; V. I. Shvedunov; A. V. Vinogradov
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Inverse Compton backscattering source driven by the multi 10-TW laser installed at Daresbury
Author(s): G. Priebe; D. Laundy; L. B. Jones; G. P. Diakun; S. P Jamison; D. J. Holder; S. P. Malton; P. J. Phillips; M. A. MacDonald; S. L. Smith; G. J. Hirst; G. A Krafft; E. A. Seddon
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Development of soft x-ray lasers at PALS and their applications in dense plasma physics
Author(s): B. Rus; T. Mocek; M. Kozlová; J. Polan; P. Homer; K. Jakubczak; M. Stupka; G. J. Tallents; M. H. Edwards; N. Booth; Z. Zhai; J. Dunn; A. J. Nelson; M. Fajardo; P. Zeitoun; M. E. Foord; R. L. Shepherd; W. Rozmus; H. A. Baldis; J. Sobota
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X-ray lasers as probes to measure plasma ablation rates
Author(s): G. J. Tallents; M. H. Edwards; D. S. Whittaker; P. Mistry; G. J. Pert; B. Rus; T. Mocek; M. Kozlová; J. Polan; A. Praeg; M. Stupka; P. Homer
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Interferometric lithography with sub-100-nm resolution using a tabletop 46.9-nm laser
Author(s): P. W. Wachulak; D. Patel; M. G. Capeluto; C. S. Menoni; J. J. Rocca; M. C. Marconi
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Tabletop soft x-ray holography with sub-200-nm spatial resolution
Author(s): P. W. Wachulak; R. A. Bartels; C. S. Menoni; J. J. Rocca; M. C. Marconi
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Neutral nanocluster chemistry studied by soft x-ray laser single-photon ionization: application to soft x-ray optical surface contamination studies: SimOn and TimOn
Author(s): S. Heinbuch; F. Dong; J. J. Rocca; E. R. Bernstein
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Nanoscale ablation with soft x-ray lasers
Author(s): Fernando Brizuela; Herman Bravo; Georgiy Vaschenko; Mark Berrill; Benjamin Langdon; Carmen S. Menoni; Oscar Hemberg; Scott Bloom; Weilun Chao; Erik H. Anderson; David T. Attwood; Jorge J. Rocca
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High spatial resolution full-field microscopy using a desktop-size soft x-ray laser
Author(s): Courtney A. Brewer; Fernando Brizuela; Dale Martz; Georgiy Vaschenko; Mario C. Marconi; Weilun Chao; Erik H. Anderson; David T. Attwood; Alexander V. Vinogradov; Igor A. Artioukov; Yuriy P. Pershyn; Valeriy V. Kondratenko; Jorge J. Rocca; Carmen S. Menoni
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Searching for plasmas with anomalous dispersion in the soft x-ray regime
Author(s): Joseph Nilsen; Walter R. Johnson; K. T. Cheng
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21-nm x-ray laser Thomson scattering of laser-heated exploding foil plasmas
Author(s): J. Dunn; B. Rus; T. Mocek; A. J. Nelson; M. E. Foord; W. Rozmus; H. A. Baldis; R. L. Shepherd; M. Kozlová; J. Polan; P. Homer; M. Stupka
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Recent progress on x-ray laser source development and application activities at JAEA
Author(s): M. Kishimoto; K. Nagashima; T. Kawachi; N. Hasegawa; M. Tanaka; Y. Ochi; M. Nishikino; K. Sukegawa; H. Yamatani; Y. Kunieda; S. Namba; K. Namikawa; Y. Kato
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LASERIX: a high-repetition-rate laser facility for performing intense XUV sources
Author(s): D. Ros; G. Jamelot; M. Pittman; F. Plé; S. Kazamias; O. Guilbaud; K. Cassou; A. Klisnick; J. Habib; J.-C. Lagron; P. Jaeglé; A. Huetz; J.-P. Chambaret; S. Sebban; P. Zeitoun; G. Mourou
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EUV lasers on low-inductive capillary discharges
Author(s): Vladimir A. Burtsev; Evgeniy P. Bolshakov; Nikolay V. Kalinin; Vitaliy A. Kubasov; Vadim I. Chernobrovin
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Structural transformations in Sc/Si multilayers irradiated by EUV lasers
Author(s): Dmitriy L. Voronov; Evgeniy N. Zubarev; Yuriy P. Pershyn; Victoriya A. Sevryukova; Valeriy V. Kondratenko; Alexander V. Vinogradov; Igor A. Artioukov; Yuriy A. Uspenskiy; Michael Grisham; Georgiy Vaschenko; Carmen S. Menoni; Jorge J. Rocca
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Advances in short-wavelength x-ray multilayer optics: toward high-throughput multimirror systems for the wavelengths <10 nm
Author(s): Igor A. Artyukov; Yegor A. Bugayev; Oleksandr Yu. Devizenko; Ruslan M. Feshchenko; Tadashi Hatano; Yuri S. Kasyanov; Valeri V. Kondratenko; Yuri A. Uspenski; Alexander V. Vinogradov
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Optimization of nitrogen filled capillary pinch for soft x-ray laser recombination pumping
Author(s): Pavel Vrba; Miroslava Vrbova
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Development of ultrafast soft x-ray beamline at PALS and surface modification of solids by high-order harmonics
Author(s): Krzysztof Jakubczak; Tomáš Mocek; Jirí Polan; Pavel Homer; Bedrich Rus; I Jong Kim; Chul Min Kim; Gye Hwang Lee; Deuk Su Kim; Seung Beom Park; Yong Soo Lee; Tae Keun Kim; Chang Hee Nam; Vera Hajkova; Jaromir Chalupsky; Libor Juha
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Gallium-based avalanche photon counter with picosecond timing resolution for X to visible range
Author(s): Josef Blazej; Ivan Prochazka
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Target delivery system for high repetition rate lasers
Author(s): J. Polan; T. Havlicek; B. Rus
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Measurements of x-ray laser wavefront profile using PDI technique
Author(s): P. Homer; B. Rus; J. Polan
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