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Techniques and Instrumentation for Detection of Exoplanets III
Editor(s): Daniel R. Coulter
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Volume Number: 6693
Date Published: 12 September 2007
Softcover: 48 papers (504) pages
ISBN: 9780819468413

Table of Contents
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Front Matter: Volume 6693
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
New Worlds Observer: system architecture for terrestrial planet finding
Author(s): Jonathan W. Arenberg; Ronald S. Polidan; Tiffany Glassman; Amy S. Lo; Charles F. Lillie
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The dark side of TPF: detecting and characterizing extra-solar Earthlike planets with one or two external occulters
Author(s): Sarah L. Hunyadi; Amy S. Lo; Stuart B. Shaklan
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Optimal design of petal-shaped occulters for extra-solar planet detection
Author(s): Eric J. Cady; N. Jeremy Kasdin; Robert Vanderbei; Ruslan Belikov
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Laboratory studies of petal-shaped occulters
Author(s): E. Schindhelm; A. Shipley; P. Oakley; D. Leviton; W. Cash; G. Card
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Alignment of a terrestrial planet finder starshade at 20-100 megameters
Author(s): Martin Charles Noecker
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Flight-like ground demonstration of precision formation flying spacecraft
Author(s): Daniel P. Scharf; Fred Y. Hadaegh; Jason A. Keim; Edward G. Benowitz; Peter R. Lawson
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Terrestrial planet finder interferometer: 2006-2007 progress and plans
Author(s): P. R. Lawson; O. P. Lay; S. R. Martin; C. A. Beichman; K. J. Johnston; W. C. Danchi; R. O. Gappinger; S. L. Hunyadi; A. Ksendzov; B. Mennesson; R. D. Peters; D. P. Scharf; E. Serabyn; S. C. Unwin
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TPF-Emma: concept study of a planet finding space interferometer
Author(s): Stefan R. Martin; Daniel Scharf; Richard Wirz; Oliver Lay; David McKinstry; Bertrand Mennesson; George Purcell; Jose Rodriguez; Laurence Scherr; James R. Smith; Leonard Wayne
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Planet-finding performance of the TPF-I Emma architecture
Author(s): Oliver P. Lay; Stefan R. Martin; Sarah L. Hunyadi
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Corot Telescope: COROTEL
Author(s): Thierry Viard; Pierre Bodin; A. Magnan; A. Baglin
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Finding Earth clones with SIM: the most promising near-term technique to detect, find masses for, and determine three-dimensional orbits of nearby habitable planets
Author(s): Michael Shao; Stephen C. Unwin; Charles Beichman; Joseph Catanzarite; Stephen J. Edberg; James C. Marr; Geoffrey Marcy
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SIM PlanetQuest science and technology: a status report
Author(s): Stephen J. Edberg; Robert A. Laskin; James C. Marr; Stephen C. Unwin; Michael Shao
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SIM PlanetQuest precision white light interferometry
Author(s): Mark H. Milman; Martin Regehr; Chengxing Zhai
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Observing exoplanets with the JWST NIRCam grisms
Author(s): Thomas Greene; Charles Beichman; Daniel Eisenstein; Scott Horner; Douglas Kelly; Yalan Mao; Michael Meyer; Marcia Rieke; Fang Shi
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Hunting planets and observing disks with the JWST NIRCam coronagraph
Author(s): John E. Krist; Charles A. Beichman; John T. Trauger; Marcia J. Rieke; Steve Somerstein; Joseph J. Green; Scott D. Horner; John A. Stansberry; Fang Shi; Michael R. Meyer; Karl R. Stapelfeldt; Thomas L. Roellig
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Coronagraph project with the SPICA mission
Author(s): K. Enya; L. Abe; S. Tanaka; K. Haze; M. Venet; T. Nakagawa; H. Kataza; M. Tamura; J. Nishikawa; N. Murakami; K. Fujita; Y. Itoh; O. Guyon; E. A. Pluzhnik; T. Wakayama; T. Sato; N. Nakagiri
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TOPS: a small space telescope using phase induced-amplitude apodization (PIAA) to image rocky and giant exo-planets
Author(s): Olivier Guyon; James R. P. Angel; Charles Bowers; James Burge; Adam Burrows; Johanan Codona; Thomas Greene; Masanori Iye; James Kasting; Hubert Martin; Donald W. McCarthy; Victoria Meadows; Michael Meyer; Eugene A. Pluzhnik; Norman Sleep; Motohide Tamura; Domenick Tenerelli; Robert Vanderbei; Bruce Woodgate; Robert A. Woodruff; Neville J. Woolf
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A conceptual design for an exoplanet imager
Author(s): David C. Hyland; Jon Winkeller; Robert Mosher; Anif Momin; Gerardo Iglesias; Quentin Donnellan; Jerry Stanley; Storm Myers; William G. Whittington; Taro Asazuma; Kami Slagle; Lindsay Newton; Scott Bourgeois; Donny Tejeda; Brian Young; Nick Shaver; Jacob Cooper; Dennis Underwood; James Perkins; Nathan Morea; Ryan Goodnight; Aaron Colunga; Scott Peltier; Zane Singleton; John Brashear; Ronald McPherson; Winston Guillory; Sunil Patel; Rachel Stovall; Ryall Meyer; Patrick Eberle; Cole Morrison; Chun-Yu Mong
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Design of a polarization nulling interferometer for exoplanet detection
Author(s): Julien Spronck; Amir Vosteen; Silvania F. Pereira; Joseph J. M. Braat
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Calculation of signal-to-noise ratio for image formation using multispectral intensity correlation
Author(s): David Hyland
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The lighter side of TPF-C: evaluating the scientific gain from a smaller mission concept
Author(s): Sarah L. Hunyadi; Stuart B. Shaklan; Robert A. Brown
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Broadband wavefront control in a pupil mapping coronagraph
Author(s): Stuart B. Shaklan; Amir Give'on; Ruslan Belikov; Laurent Pueyo; Olivier Guyon
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System assessment study of the ESA Darwin Mission: concepts trade-off and first iteration design on novel Emma arrangement
Author(s): C. Ruilier; R. Krawczyk; M. Sghedoni; O. Chanal; C. Degrelle; L. Pirson; O. Simane; E. Thomas
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X-array aperture configuration in planar or non-planar spacecraft formation for Darwin/TPF-I candidate architectures
Author(s): Oswald Wallner; Klaus Ergenzinger; Reinhold Flatscher; Ulrich Johann
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TEDI: the TripleSpec Exoplanet Discovery Instrument
Author(s): Jerry Edelstein; Matthew Ward Muterspaugh; David J. Erskine; W. Michael Feuerstein; Mario Marckwordt; Ed Wishnow; James P. Lloyd; Terry Herter; Phillip Muirhead; George E. Gull; Charles Henderson; Stephen C. Parshley
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Laboratory demonstrations of high-contrast imaging for space coronagraphy
Author(s): John Trauger; Amir Give'on; Brian Gordon; Brian Kern; Andreas Kuhnert; Dwight Moody; Albert Niessner; Fang Shi; Daniel Wilson; Chris Burrows
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Demonstration of high contrast in 10% broadband light with the shaped pupil coronagraph
Author(s): Ruslan Belikov; Amir Give'on; Brian Kern; Eric Cady; Michael Carr; Stuart Shaklan; Kunjithapatham Balasubramanian; Victor White; Pierre Echternach; Matt Dickie; John Trauger; Andreas Kuhnert; N. Jeremy Kasdin
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Thickness-dependent optical properties of metals and alloys applicable to TPF coronagraph image masks
Author(s): Kunjithapatham Balasubramanian; Daniel W. Wilson; Richard E. Muller; Brian D. Kern; Erkin Sidick
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Advancements of the optical vortex coronagraph
Author(s): The UGrover A. Swartzlander; Erin L. Ford; Rukiah Abdul-Malik; Joshua Kim; Laird Close; Mary Anne Peters; David Palacios; Daniel Wilson
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Amplitude variations on the ExAO testbed
Author(s): Julia W. Evans; Sandrine Thomas; Daren Dillon; Donald Gavel; Donald Phillion; Bruce Macintosh
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Active thermal figure control for the TOPS II primary mirror
Author(s): Roger Angel; Tae Kang; Brian Cuerden; Olivier Guyon; Phil Stahl
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Performance study of integrated coronograph-adaptive optics designs
Author(s): Laurent Pueyo; Ruslan Belikov; Jeremy Kasdin; Robert Vanderbei
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Adaptive nulling in the mid-IR for the Terrestrial Planet Finder interferometer
Author(s): Robert D. Peters; Oliver P. Lay; Akiko Hirai; Muthu Jeganathan
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A new concept of achromatic phase shifter for nulling interferometry
Author(s): Daniel Rouan; D. Pelat; Marie Ygouf; Jean-Michel Reess; Fanny Chemla; Pierre Riaud
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Deep nulling in unpolarized light
Author(s): Christophe Buisset; Xavier Rejeaunier; Yves Rabbia; Marc Barillot
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Current progress on TPF-I mid-infrared achromatic nulling at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory
Author(s): Robert O. Gappinger; Rosemary T. Diaz; Stefan R. Martin; Frank M. Loya; Peter R. Lawson
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Vectorial analysis of polarization issues in multi-axial nulling interferometers for exoplanet detection
Author(s): Julien Spronck; Silvania F. Pereira; Joseph J. M. Braat
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Optimizing the broadband performance of TPF's high-contrast imaging testbed through modeling and simulations
Author(s): Erkin Sidick; Brian Kern; Anreas C. Kuhnert
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Effects of optical-density and phase dispersion of an imperfect band-limited occulting mask on the broadband performance of a TPF coronagraph
Author(s): Erkin Sidick; Kunjithapatham Balasubramanian
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Fractal analysis of noise buried time series signals with applications to exoplanet spectroscopy and bio-data
Author(s): George Tremberger; T. Holden; E. Cheung; A. Flamholz; P. Marchese; H. Yao; P. Schneider; D. H. Lieberman; T. D. Cheung
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Effects of scattered light on the performance of the New Worlds Starshade
Author(s): Jonathan Arenberg; Tiffany Glassman; Amy S. Lo
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Wavelength-dependent complex transmission profiles of band-limited coronagraph occulting masks measured in situ
Author(s): Brian Kern; Daniel W. Wilson
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A proposed laser frequency comb-based wavelength reference for high-resolution spectroscopy
Author(s): Steve Osterman; Scott Diddams; Matthew Beasly; Cynthia Froning; Leo Hollberg; Phillip MacQueen; Vela Mbele; Andrew Weiner
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Estimation of confusion in SIM targets with a detailed focal plane model
Author(s): S. Rengaswamy; R. J. Allen
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Hybrid Lyot coronagraph masks and wavefront control for improved spectral bandwidth and throughput
Author(s): D. C. Moody; J. T. Trauger
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Fresnel rhombs as achromatic phase shifters for infrared nulling interferometry: first experimental results
Author(s): C. Hanot; D. Mawet; J. Loicq; D. Vandormael; J. Y. Plesseria; J. Surdej; S. Habraken
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The annular groove phase mask coronagraph: an achromatic optical vortex
Author(s): Dimitri Mawet; Pierre Riaud; Charles Hanot; Denis Vandormael; Jérôme Loicq; Jacques Baudrand; Jean Surdej; Serge Habraken
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Potential of space-based infrared Bracewell interferometers for planet detection
Author(s): D. Defrère; O. Absil; C. Hanot; M. Fridlund
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