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Lidar Remote Sensing for Environmental Monitoring VIII
Editor(s): Upendra N. Singh
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Volume Number: 6681
Date Published: 24 September 2007
Softcover: 28 papers (276) pages
ISBN: 9780819468291

Table of Contents
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Front Matter: 6681
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Eye-safe aerosol lidar at 1.5 microns: progress toward a scanning lidar network
Author(s): Scott M. Spuler; Shane D. Mayor
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Ultraviolet high-spectral resolution lidar with polarization detection for accurate measurement of optical properties of aerosol and clouds
Author(s): Hisaij Kawai; Yuji Iwasaki; Masaharu Imaki; Takao Kobayashi
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Lidar/photometry studies at São Paulo in the 2003-2005 period, Brazil
Author(s): Eduardo Landulfo; Patricia Sawamura; Sandro T. Uehara; Walter M. Nakaema; Ani S. Torres; Fábio J. S. Lopes; Caio A. Matos; Wellington C. de Jesus
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Requirements and technology advances for global wind measurement with a coherent lidar: a shrinking gap
Author(s): Michael J. Kavaya; Jirong Yu; Grady J. Koch; Farzin Amzajerdian; Upendra N. Singh; G. David Emmitt
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Development and testing of a risk reduction high energy laser transmitter for high spectral resolution lidar and Doppler winds lidar
Author(s): Jinxue Wang; Victor Leyva; Floyd E. Hovis
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Parameter trade studies for coherent lidar measurements of wind from space
Author(s): Michael J. Kavaya; Rod G. Frehlich
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Development of an airborne molecular direct detection Doppler lidar for tropospheric wind profiling
Author(s): Bruce Gentry; Matthew McGill; Geary Schwemmer; Michael Hardesty; Alan Brewer; Thomas Wilkerson; Robert Atlas; Marcos Sirota; Scott Lindemann; Floyd Hovis
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Daytime rapid detection of minerals and organics from 50 and 100 m distances using a remote Raman system
Author(s): Anupam K. Misra; Shiv K. Sharma; Paul G. Lucey; Rachel C. F. Lentz; Chi Hong Chio
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An accurate modeling, simulation, and analysis tool for predicting and estimating Raman LIDAR system performance
Author(s): Robert J. Grasso; Leonard P. Russo; John L. Barrett; Jefferson E. Odhner; Paul I. Egbert
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Backscatter properties of hygroscopic aerosols using models, combined multiwavelength Raman lidar, GPS, and radiosonds
Author(s): Daniela-Viviana Vladutescu; Barry Gross; Yonghua Wu; Leona Charles; Fred Moshary; Samir Ahmed
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Development of a validated end-to-end model for space-based lidar systems
Author(s): Mike Lieber; Carl Weimer; Michelle Stephens; Ray Demara
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Modeling spaceborne lidar returns from vegetation canopies
Author(s): B. Hu; I. Tcherniavski; A. Dudelzak; A. Koujelev
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Development of a wavelength stabilized seed laser system for an airborne water vapour lidar experiment
Author(s): H. Schwarzer; A. Börner; A. Fix; B. Günther; H.-W. Hübers; M. Raugust; F. Schrandt; M. Wirth
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Initial results from a water vapor differential absorption lidar (DIAL) using a widely tunable amplified diode laser source
Author(s): Michael D. Obland; Amin R. Nehrir; Kevin S. Repasky; Joseph A. Shaw; John L. Carlsten
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Man-made structures influence on ozone behavior revealed by LIDAR
Author(s): Jose Moreno; Concepcion Laborda; Stella Moreno-Grau; Antonio García-Sánchez; Nuria Vergara-Juarez; Belen Elvira-Rendueles; Maria J. Martinez-Garcia; Joaquin Moreno-Clavel
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Atmospheric transport of smoke and dust particulates and their interaction with the Planetary Boundary Layer as observed by multi-wavelength lidar and supporting instrumentation
Author(s): Leona Charles; Barry Gross; Yonghua Wu; Viviana Vladutescu; Fred Moshary; Sam Ahmed
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Novel applications of an affordable short-range digital lidar
Author(s): M. Allard; F. Cayer; Y. Champagne; F. Babin; D. Cantin
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Measurements of PM10 profiles in ABL with lidar and DA-OPC at Beijing
Author(s): Huanling Hu
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De-noising LiDAR signal using wavelet technique
Author(s): Venkataraman Sivakumar
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Development of single-frequency laser for direct-detection wind lidar
Author(s): Jun Zhou; Huaguo Zang; Ting Yu; Jiqiao Liu; Weibiao Chen
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Remote location of the effects of SHF radiation on the stratosphere via radiation of atomic hydrogen at 1420 MHz
Author(s): G. A. Kolotkov; S. T. Penin
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Raman-Mie lidar measurements of low and optically thin cloud
Author(s): Yonghua Wu; Shuki Chaw; Barry Gross; Viviana Vladutescu; Leona Charles; Nianwen Cao; Fred Moshary; Sam Ahmed
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The relationships between the zonal temperature variation and ozone distribution in the northern hemisphere winter stratosphere
Author(s): Chunhua Shi; Bin Zheng; Shanshan Zhong
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Automation of a lidar for high-speed internet operation
Author(s): Eduardo Landulfo; Nilson D. V. Vieira; Gessé E. C. Nogueira; Arthur M. Carrilo; José T. Vidal
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Rayleigh Lidar investigation of stratospheric sudden warming over a low latitude station, Gadanki (13.5ºN; 79.2ºE): a statistical study
Author(s): D. V. Charyulu; V. Sivakumar; H. Bencherif; D. Narayana Rao
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High-reliability pump module for non-planar ring oscillator laser
Author(s): Duncan T. Liu; Yueming Qiu; Daniel W. Wilson; Serge Dubovitsky; Siamak Forouhar
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Lensless methods to transform small angular displacement of a laser beam into circular scanning and to receive radiation by the small-sized device within the limits of a spatial hemisphere
Author(s): Yury Polkanov
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Sounding of the environment by means of the un-impulse of the low-power continuous source
Author(s): Yury Polkanov
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