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Infrared Systems and Photoelectronic Technology II
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Volume Number: 6660
Date Published: 13 September 2007
Softcover: 29 papers (294) pages
ISBN: 9780819468086

Table of Contents
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Foveating infrared image sensors
Author(s): Paul L. McCarley; Mark A. Massie; Jon Paul Curzan
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Demonstration of a dual-band IR imaging spectrometer
Author(s): Brian P. Beecken; Paul D. LeVan; Benjamin D. Todt
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3D simulation of detector parameters for backside illuminated InSb 2D arrays
Author(s): Tal Fishman; Vered Nahum; Erez Saguy; Zippora Calahorra; Itay Shtrichman
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A survey of infrared polarization in the outdoors
Author(s): Joseph A. Shaw
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Development of a MWIR polarimetric FPA
Author(s): David P. Forrai; Darrel W. Endres; John W. Devitt; Andrew M. Sarangan; Qiwen Zhan; Aziz Mahfoud-Familia; Robert T. Mack; James S. Harris
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Longwave infrared snapshot imaging spectropolarimeter
Author(s): Riley W. Aumiller; Eustace L. Dereniak; Robert Sampson; Robert W. McMillan
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High performance large infrared and visible astronomy arrays for low background applications: instruments performance data and future developments at Raytheon
Author(s): Eric Beuville; David Acton; Elizabeth Corrales; John Drab; Alan Levy; Michael Merrill; Richard Peralta; William Ritchie
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VIS/SWIR focal plane and detector development at Raytheon: instruments performance data and future developments at Raytheon
Author(s): Jonathan Getty; Ellie Hadjiyska; David Acton; Sean Harris; Brian Starr; Alan Levy; Justin Wehner; Scott Taylor; Alan Hoffman
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Toward 16 megapixel focal plane arrays
Author(s): S. D. Gunapala; S. V. Bandara; J. K. Liu; J. M. Mumolo; C. J. Hill; D. Z. Ting; E. Kurth; J. Woolaway; P. D. LeVan; M. Z. Tidrow
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Far infrared and terahertz quantum well intra-subband photodetector (QWISP)
Author(s): David Z.-Y. Ting; Yia-Chung Chang; Sumith V. Bandara; Sarath D. Gunapala
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LWIR QWIP focal plane array mounting with cryogenic optical system
Author(s): William R. Johnson; Sarath Gunapala; Jason Mumolo; Dean Johnson
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MBE grown type-II superlattice photodiodes for MWIR and LWIR imaging applications
Author(s): Cory J. Hill; Jian V. Li; Jason M. Mumolo; Sarath D. Gunapala; David R. Rhiger; Robert E. Kvaas; Sean F. Harris
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SWIR variable dispersion spectral imaging sensor
Author(s): F. D. Shepherd; J. M. Mooney; T. E. Reeves; D. S. Franco; J. E. Murguia; C. Wong; P. Dumont; F. Khaghani; G. Diaz; M. M. Weeks; D. Leahy
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The spaceborne infrared atmospheric sounder for geosynchronous Earth orbit (SIRAS-G): pathfinder to space
Author(s): Thomas U. Kampe; Holden Chase
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VLIWR HgCdTe staring focal plane array development
Author(s): James Stobie; Allen Hairston; Steve Tobin; Marion Reine; Bob Minich; Joseph Welsch; John Marciniec
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Mid-IR photon counting array using HgCdTe APDs and the Medipix2 ROIC
Author(s): John Vallerga; Jason McPhate; Larry Dawson; Maryn Stapelbroek
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Noise suppression with distributed sensing concept FPA DISCO architecture
Author(s): Michael K. Rafailov
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Development of a Si:As blocked impurity band detector for far IR detection
Author(s): Deniz S. Tezcan; Jan Putzeys; Koen De Munck; Tim Souverijns; Patrick Merken; Paolo Fiorini; Chris Van Hoof; Thierry Dartois; Claude Israbian; Stephan M. Birkmann; Jutta Stegmaier; Ulrich Grözinger; Oliver Krause; Piet De Moor
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Focal plane detectors for the WISE 12- and 23-µm bands
Author(s): H. H. Hogue; R. B. Mattson; M. G. Stapelbroek; S. A. Masterjohn; M. F. Larsen; J. D. Elwell
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CMOS pixel structures optimised for scientific imaging applications
Author(s): Thomas Greig; Andrew Holland; David Burt; Andrew Pike
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Nearsighted photodetector and camera
Author(s): Mitsuharu Matsumoto; Yoshifumi Buyo; Shuji Hashimoto
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Dark current reduction of GaInAsSb based photodetectors by surface treatment with octadecylthiol
Author(s): Y. G. Xiao; V. Bhagwat; I. Bhat; P. Dutta
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Hg1-xCdxTe mid-wavelength infrared (MWIR) avalanche photodiode (APD) grown on Si substrate
Author(s): Shubhrangshu Mallick; Siddhartha Ghosh; Silviu Velicu; Jun Zhao
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Study on the effective method to reduce the lens calibre of the un-cooled IR thermal imaging systems
Author(s): Li-quan Dong; Wei-qi Jin; Bo Gao; Xiao-xiao Zhou
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Corrugated QWIP developments for tactical infrared imaging
Author(s): David P. Forrai; Kwong-Kit Choi; John W. Devitt
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Considerations concerning an image transceiver system design
Author(s): Nonel Thirer; Yitzhak David; I. Baal Zedaka; Uzi Efron
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Experimental data on the reflection and transmission spectral response of photocathodes
Author(s): R. J. Brooks; J. R. Howorth; K. McGarry; J. R. Powell; C. L. Joseph
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Modeling of resonant cavity enhanced separate absorption charge and multiplication avalanche photodiodes by Crosslight APSYS
Author(s): Y. G. Xiao; Z. Q. Li; Z. M. Simon Li
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Back-illuminated CMOS APS with low crosstalk level
Author(s): Y. David; U. Efron
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