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XV International Symposium on Advanced Display Technologies
Editor(s): Oleg N. Krokhin; Igor N. Kompanets
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Volume Number: 6637
Date Published: 11 June 2007
Softcover: 28 papers (194) pages
ISBN: 9780819467843

Table of Contents
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Front Matter: Volume 6637
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Display technologies, products, and market in Russia
Author(s): V. Belyaev
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Silicon based LED microdisplays: the experience of design and manufacturing
Author(s): A. Smirnov; A. Berezovik; P. Poznyak; V. Labunov; S. Lazarouk
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OLED: perfection of the know-how and increase in longevity
Author(s): Nikolay P. Abanshin; Nikolay D. Zhukov; Igor A. Zimin; Andrey V. Kuznechikhin; Pomeo V. Mhitarjan
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A polymer with built-in charge for increasing the organic diode efficiency
Author(s): Dmitriy Alexandrovich Zajarskiy; Oleg Michailovich Ruzanov; Dmitriy Albertovich Fedorkov; Vladimir Vladimirovich Petrov; Boris Nikolaevich Klimov
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Electrophoretic technique with a thin electrochemical cell driving by light like a photoprinting process: for LED and OLED screening application
Author(s): I. V. Shein; S. L. Shmakov
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Laser CRT as a light source for display technology
Author(s): V. Yu. Bondarev; V. I. Kozlovsky; A. B. Krysa; P. I. Kuznetsov; D. A. Sannikov; Ya. K. Skasyrsky; M. D. Tiberi; Yu. M. Popov
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Peculiar properties of SiOx:In, Sn orienting films obtained by RCS method
Author(s): Yu. Kolomzarov; P. Oleksenko; V. Sorokin; P. Tytarenko; R. Zelinskyy
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Thermal and storage degradation of SiOx orienting films and its influence on NLCs alignment
Author(s): Yu. Kolomzarov; P. Oleksenko; V. Sorokin; P. Tytarenko; R. Zelinskyy
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New geometry for a study of weak anchoring in liquid crystals
Author(s): S. V. Pasechnik; D. V. Shmeliova; V. A. Tsvetkov; A. V. Dubtsov; B. A. Shustrov
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Aligning effect of magnetic field on PDLC films during the phase separation
Author(s): V. G. Nazarov; A. M. Parshin; V. Ya. Zyryanov; V. F. Shabanov; V. I. Lapanik; V. S. Bezborodov
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Magneto and electro-optical measurements of Freedericksz threshold in PDNLC films
Author(s): A. V. Barannik; O. O. Prishchepa; A. M. Parshin; A. V. Shabanov; V. G. Nazarov; V. Ya. Zyryanov
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Characteristics of light transmitted through polymer dispersed liquid crystal film with fine nematic droplets
Author(s): Valery A. Loiko; Alexander A. Konkolovich; Polina G. Maksimenko
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Dynamics of the domain wall motion in FLC display cell
Author(s): A. Andreev; E. Pozhidaev; T. Fedosenkova; J. Shumkina; I. Kompanets
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New 1-aryl-spiro[2,5]octan-4-ones as chiral components of induced short-pitch cholesterics
Author(s): T. G. Drushlyak; I. M. Gella; N. I. Shkolnikova; N. S. Pivnenko; N. B. Novikova; L. A. Kutulya
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A simulation method for electro-optical characteristics of ChLCs
Author(s): A. Rybalochka; M. Chumachkova; M. Minyaylo; V. Sorokin
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Anisotropy of polarizing polyvinyl alcohol films
Author(s): Vladimir Agabekov; Nadezhda Ariko; Siyamak Shahab; Ljudmila Filippovich
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New transparent birefringent material for interference polarizer fabrication
Author(s): I. Kasianova; A. Krivoschepov; A. Lazarev; P. Lazarev; D. Yurchenko
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Thin crystalline film retarders for LCD
Author(s): P. Lazarev; A. Manko; I. Kasianova; S. Palto
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Novel way of microreliefs fabrication for MEMS
Author(s): Yu. Timoshkov; A. Stognij; V. Timoshkov; V. Kurmashev
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Control of transmission spectra of planar photonic crytal with LC defect
Author(s): V. A. Gunyakov; S. A. Myslivets; V. P. Gerasimov; V. G. Arkhipkin; V. Ya. Zyryanov; V. F. Shabanov; S. Ya. Vetrov; G. N. Kamaev; A. V. Shabanov
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Single mode lasing in multilayer sandwiched systems consisting of cholesteric liquid crystals and dye solution
Author(s): G. Chilaya; A. Chanishvili; G. Petriashvili; R. Barberi; G. Cipparrone; A. Mazzulla; M. P. De Santo; H. Sellame; M. A. Matranga
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Application of holographic elements in displays and planar illuminators
Author(s): Andrew Putilin; Igor Gustomiasov
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Multi-user 3D display using a head tracker and RGB laser illumination source
Author(s): Phil Surman; Ian Sexton; Klaus Hopf; Richard Bates; Wing Kai Lee; Edward Buckley
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Optical correction of depth plane curvature image distortion
Author(s): Vladimir V. Petrov; Konstantin A. Grebenyuk
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Experimental model of 3D volumetric display based on a stack of FLC light-scattering shutters
Author(s): A. Andreev; Yu. Bobylev; I. Kompanets; E. Pozhidaev; V. Shoshin; Yu. Shumkina; S. Torgova; A. Alyushin; M. Alyushin; S. Gonchukov; A. Strigazzi
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MFD-26 family of multifunctional displays for transport applications
Author(s): V. B. Lukashenko; M. V. Dyatlov; V. M. Dyatlov; A. A. Semash; E. V. Savina
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Beam reshaping for rectangular area illumination
Author(s): Konstantin Karapetyan; Alexander Morozov; Maria Potapova
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Technology trends regarding video signal processing
Author(s): Eugene Vorobiev; Victor Belyaev
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