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Novel Optical Instrumentation for Biomedical Applications III
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Volume Number: 6631
Date Published: 9 July 2007
Softcover: 45 papers (436) pages
ISBN: 9780819467751

Table of Contents
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Front Matter: Volume 6631
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Improvement of depth resolution on photoacoustic imaging using multiphoton absorption
Author(s): Yoshihisa Yamaoka; Katsuji Fujiwara; Tetsuro Takamatsu
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Photoacoustic image reconstruction: a quantitative analysis
Author(s): Jonathan I. Sperl; Karin Zell; Peter Menzenbach; Christoph Haisch; Stephan Ketzer; Markus Marquart; Hartmut Koenig; Mika W. Vogel
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Two-dimensional image reconstruction for photo-acoustic tomography with line detectors
Author(s): G. Paltauf; R. Nuster; P. M. Haltmeier; P. Burgholzer
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OPUS: optoacoustic imaging combined with conventional ultrasound for breast cancer detection
Author(s): C. Haisch; K. Zell; J. I. Sperl; S. Ketzer; M. W. Vogel; P. Menzenbach; R. Niessner
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Development of waveguide sensors for the application in photoacoustic tomography
Author(s): R. Nuster; G. Paltauf; H. Ditlbacher; P. Burgholzer
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Photoacoustic tomography using a fiber based Fabry-Perot interferometer as an integrating line detector and image reconstruction by model-based time reversal method
Author(s): H. Grün; G. Paltauf; M. Haltmeier; P. Burgholzer
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Gold nanorods: contrast agents for photoacoustic imaging?
Author(s): C. Ungureanu; R. Raja Gopal; T. G. van Leeuwen; S. Manohar
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Acoustic property measurements in a photoacoustic imager
Author(s): René G. H. Willemink; Srirang Manohar; Cornelis H. Slump; Ferdi van der Heijden; Ton van Leeuwen
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Simultaneous acquisition of time-domain fNIRS and fMRI during motor activity
Author(s): Alessandro Torricelli; Davide Contini; Antonio Pifferi; Lorenzo Spinelli; Rinaldo Cubeddu; Luca Nocetti; Angela-Agnes Manginelli; Patrizia Baraldi
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Time-resolved diffuse reflectance at small source-detector separation using a time-gated single-photon avalanche diode
Author(s): Antonio Pifferi; Alessandro Torricelli; Lorenzo Spinelli; Davide Contini; Rinaldo Cubeddu; Fabrizio Martelli; Giovanni Zaccanti; Alberto Tosi; Alberto Dalla Mora; Franco Zappa; Sergio Cova
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Estimation of biomedical optical properties by simultaneous use of diffuse reflectometry and photothermal radiometry: investigation of light propagation models
Author(s): E. S. R. Fonseca; M. E. P. de Jesus
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Non-ergodicity correction in laser speckle biomedical imaging
Author(s): P. Zakharov; A. C. Völker; F. Buck; B. Weber; F. Scheffold
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Heterodyne interference microscopy for non-invasive cell morphometry
Author(s): Maurice P. Whelan; Fereydoun Lakestani; Diana Rembges; Maria Grazia Sacco
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Lipid particle detection by means digital holography and lateral shear interferometry
Author(s): L. Miccio; S. Grilli; A. Finizio; S. De Nicola; L. De Petrocellis; P. Ferraro
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Erythrocytes analysis with a digital holographic microscope
Author(s): B. Rappaz; A. Barbul; F. Charrière; J. Kühn; P. Marquet; R. Korenstein; C. Depeursinge; P. Magistretti
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Single-pulsed digital holographic topometry
Author(s): Sven Hirsch; Stephanie Heintz; Andrea Thelen; Nicola Gisbert; Peter Hering
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Optical imaging of the surface profiles of biological cells and tissues with nanometer resolution
Author(s): Cheng-Chung Lai; I-Jen Hsu
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High-resolution adaptive holographic interferometer for biomedical applications
Author(s): George Dovgalenko; Ayuna Dagdanova
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New spectral imaging techniques for blood oximetry in the retina
Author(s): Ied Alabboud; Gonzalo Muyo; Alistair Gorman; David Mordant; Andrew McNaught; Clement Petres; Yvan R. Petillot; Andrew R. Harvey
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Laser Doppler Perfusion Imaging with a high-speed CMOS-camera
Author(s): Matthijs J. Draijer; Erwin Hondebrink; Wiendelt Steenbergen; Ton G. van Leeuwen
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Real time diffuse reflectance polarisation spectroscopy imaging to evaluate skin microcirculation
Author(s): Jim O'Doherty; Joakim Henricson; Gert E. Nilsson; Chris Anderson; Martin J. Leahy
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Polarimetric surface plasmon resonance imaging biosensor
Author(s): A. Duval; F. Bardin; J. Moreau; A. Aide; A. Bellemain; M. Canva
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Rigid and high NA multiphoton fluorescence GRIN-endoscopes
Author(s): Selma Schenkl; Alexander Ehlers; Ronan Le Harzic; Martin Stark; Iris Riemann; Bernhard Messerschmidt; Martin Kaatz; Karsten König
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Two-photon, two-color in vivo flow cytometry to noninvasively monitor multiple circulating cell lines
Author(s): Eric R. Tkaczyk; Cheng Frank Zhong; Jing Yong Ye; Steve Katnik; Andrzej Myc; Thommey Thomas; Kathryn E. Luker; Gary D Luker; James R. Baker; Theodore B Norris
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Fluorescence imaging of experimental rheumatoid arthritis in vivo using a fast flying-spot scanner
Author(s): J. Berger; J. Voigt; F. Seifert; B. Ebert; R. Macdonald; I. Gemeinhardt; O. Gemeinhardt; J. Schnorr; M. Taupitz; A. Vater; S. Vollmer; K. Licha; M. Schirner
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Spectroscopic imaging in the near field with an apertureless solid immersion lens microscope
Author(s): T. Merz; R. W. Kessler
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Evaluation of a fiber-optic fluorescence spectroscopy system to assist neurosurgical tumor resections
Author(s): Michail A. Ilias; Johan Richter; Frida Westermark; Martin Brantmark; Stefan Andersson-Engels; Karin Wårdell
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Combination of panoramic and fluorescence endoscopic images to obtain tumor spatial distribution information useful for bladder cancer detection
Author(s): S. Olijnyk; Y. Hernández Mier; W. C. P. M. Blondel; C. Daul; D. Wolf; G. Bourg-Heckly
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A novel optical detector concept for dedicated and multi-modality in vivo small animal imaging
Author(s): Jörg Peter; Ralf B. Schulz; Daniel Unholtz; Wolfhard Semmler
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Observation of IPL spectra using detector system incorporating broadband optical filters
Author(s): D. McG. Clarkson
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Wavelet transform and terahertz local tomography
Author(s): Xiaoxia Yin; Brian W.-H. Ng; Bradley Ferguson; Derek Abbott
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Monte-Carlo simulation of photon trans-illumination time of flight
Author(s): Paulino Vacas-Jacques; Marija Strojnik; Gonzalo Paez
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Characterization and optimization of an integrating sphere-based detector for the estimation of tissue optical properties
Author(s): Diana F. Moscu; Joseph E. Hayward; Thomas J. Farrell; Michael S. Patterson
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Image transmission by multimode optical fiber for microendoscopy
Author(s): Agnese Lucesoli; Tullio Rozzi
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Time-gated real-time pump-probe imaging spectroscopy
Author(s): Raffaele Ferrari; Cosimo D'Andrea; Andrea Bassi; Gianluca Valentini; Rinaldo Cubeddu
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Flexible hollow polycarbonate fiber for endoscopic infrared laser treatment
Author(s): Masayuki Nakazawa; Yi-Wei Shi; Katsumasa Iwai; Yuji Matsuura; Xiao-Song Zhu; Mitsunobu Miyagi
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Determination of agar tissue phantoms depth profiles with pulsed photothermal radiometry
Author(s): Matija Milanič; Boris Majaron; J. Stuart Nelson
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Automated slide-screening platform for histo/pathology
Author(s): Rainer Daum; Andreas Achtermann; Rainer Uhl
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Single point and imaging measurements of the optical clearing process
Author(s): Joey Enfield; Jim O'Doherty; Martin J. Leahy
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High-resolution image acquisition using a compact microlens-coupled detector
Author(s): Daniel Unholtz; Ralf B. Schulz; Wolfhard Semmler; Jörg Peter
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The application of a long period grating sensors to human respiratory plethysmography
Author(s): T. Allsop; K. Carroll; D. J. Webb; I. Bennion; Martin Miller
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Imaging correlography applied to high resolution retinal imaging
Author(s): Brice Thurin; Luis Diaz-Santana
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Light scattering application for bacterial cell monitoring during cultivation process
Author(s): Igor Ya. Kotsyumbas; Igor M. Kushnir; Rostyslav O. Bilyy; Ivanna H. Yarynovska; Vasyl' B. Getman; Alexander I. Bilyi
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A new optical system for 3-dimensional mapping of the cornea
Author(s): Sandra Franco; José B. Almeida
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Advanced coherent 3D micro-imaging
Author(s): M. Kanka; R. Riesenberg
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