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Enabling Photonics Technologies for Defense, Security, and Aerospace Applications III
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Volume Number: 6572
Date Published: 26 April 2007
Softcover: 24 papers (222) pages
ISBN: 9780819466945

Table of Contents
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Front Matter: Volume 6572
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
DSP-enabled coherent optical communications
Author(s): Gilad Goldfarb; Guifang Li
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All-optical carrier phase and polarization recovery for coherent optical communications
Author(s): Inwoong Kim; Kevin Croussore; Xiaoxu Li; Guifang Li
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Coherent optical receiver with widely tunable local oscillator laser
Author(s): Christoph Wree; Dan Mohr; Don Becker; Abhay Joshi
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All-optical regeneration of differential phase-shift keyed signals
Author(s): Kevin Croussore; Guifang Li
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40 GSPS opto-electronic polyphase analog-to-digital converter
Author(s): Carlos Villa; Eric Donkor; Michael Hayduk; Rebecca Bussjager
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Programmable microwave transversal filter using acousto-optic tunable filtering
Author(s): Farzan N. Ghauri; Nabeel A. Riza
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Time reversed photonic beamforming of arbitrary waveform ladar arrays
Author(s): Joseph L. Cox; Henry Zmuda; Rebecca J. Bussjaeger; Reinhard K. Erdmann; Michael L. Fanto; Michael J. Hayduk; John E. Malowicki
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Control over spectral content via differential pumping of a monolithic passively mode-locked quantum dot laser
Author(s): K. Brown; B. Wysocki; M. Fanto; J. Malowicki; V. Kovanis; L. Lester
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Semiconductor-based high repetition rate mode-locked lasers for time and frequency based coherent communications and signal processing applications
Author(s): F. Quinlan; S. Gee; S. Ozharar; P. J. Delfyett
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Ultrastable harmonically mode-locked erbium-doped waveguide laser
Author(s): M. L. Fanto; R. K. Erdmann; B. T. Wysocki; J. E. Malowicki; T. A. McEwen
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Multimode fibered photodetectors for high-power high-speed applications beyond 10 Gb/s
Author(s): Roy Howard; Xinde Wang; Abhay Joshi; Don Becker; Shubhashish Datta; Christoph Wree
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InGaAsP avalanche photodetectors for non-gated 1.06 um photon-counting receivers
Author(s): Mark A. Itzler; Xudong Jiang; Rafael Ben-Michael; Krystyna Slomkowski; Michael A. Krainak; Stewart Wu; Xiaoli Sun
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Linear-mode single photon counting APD arrays with subnanosecond, afterpulse-free performance for ladar, spectroscopy, and QKD applications
Author(s): Leye Aina; Ayub Fathimulla; Harry Hier; Mark Lecates; Robert Dwarkin; David Johnson; Sachi Babu; Jim Foshee
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Develop multipurpose InGaAs focal plane array visible/SWIR camera for staring and range-gated applications
Author(s): James E. Nichter; Tara J. Martin; Bora M. Onat
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MIT/LL development of broadband linear frequency chirp for high-resolution ladar
Author(s): Kevin W. Holman; David G. Kocher; Sumanth Kaushik
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Frequency skewed optical pulses for range detection
Author(s): Sarper Ozharar; Sangyoun Gee; Franklyn Quinlan; Peter J. Delfyett
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Highly-integrated VCSEL-based optoelectronics for fault-tolerant self-routing optical networks
Author(s): Peter S. Guilfoyle; J. Cheng; K. Yang; K. M. Patel; D. A. Louderback; X. J. Jin
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A 1x3 optical switch by carrier induced beam-steering on InP
Author(s): D. A. May-Arrioja; N. Bickel; P. LiKamWa
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Programmable fiber optic splitters using distributed optical MEMS
Author(s): Nabeel A. Riza; Syed Azer Reza
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Noncontact no-moving parts surface height measurement sensor using liquid crystal-based axial scanning confocal optical microscopy
Author(s): Nabeel A. Riza; Sajjad A. Khan; Mumtaz Sheikh
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Simulation and analysis of ultrafast laser pulse induced plasma generation in dielectric materials
Author(s): Jeremy R. Gulley; Sebastian W. Winkler; William M. Dennis
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Pulse shape effects on the measurement of temperature using a Brillouin-based optical fiber sensor
Author(s): Carlos Galindez; Francisco-Javier Madruga; Adolfo Cobo; Olga Conde; Jose-Miguel Lopez-Higuera
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Characterization of new thermo-responsive hydrogels for optical sensing applications
Author(s): Juan Carlos Rueda; Kevin Contreras; Rafael Coello; Mauro Lomer; Hartmut Komber; Stefan Zschoche; Brigitte Voit
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Single-mode photonic crystal fiber for the middle infrared
Author(s): Leonid N. Butvina; Olesya V. Sereda; Eugeny M. Dianov; Ninel V. Lichkova; Vladimir N. Zagorodnev
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