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Acquisition, Tracking, Pointing, and Laser Systems Technologies XXI
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Volume Number: 6569
Date Published: 26 April 2007
Softcover: 26 papers (292) pages
ISBN: 9780819466914

Table of Contents
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Front Matter: Volume 6569
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Characterization of polar to Cartesian coordinates transformation and its effect on target track quality
Author(s): John E. Gray; Ali T. Alouani
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Alternative switching logic designs for multiple model filters
Author(s): A. Sunshine Smith-Carroll; D. Hugh McCabe; John E. Gray
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Impact point prediction of small ballistic munitions with an interacting multiple model estimator
Author(s): Steve Conover; J. Clayton Kerce; George Brown; Lisa Ehrman; David Hardiman
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Collaborative multimodel Rao-Blackwellised particle filter for target tracking in acoustic sensor networks
Author(s): Zhi-jun Yu; Jian-ming Wei; Jun-yu Zhao; Hai-tao Liu
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Acquisition, tracking, and pointing technology development for bifocal relay mirror spacecraft
Author(s): Jae Jun Kim; Tim Sands; Brij N. Agrawal
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Friction effects on large gimbaled EO directors
Author(s): Corey A. Lagunowich; Robert Sobek; Mark McEver; Gregory D. Danyo
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Laser beam director system monitoring the alignment state with a null reflector
Author(s): Yeon Soo Kim; Hyun Sook Kim; Yong Chan Park; Eung Cheol Kang; Soo Sang Lee; Jeong Ju Kim; Hae Dong Eom; Sung Un Park
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Tunable wavelet target extraction preprocessor
Author(s): D. Yonovitz
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Target tracking based on spatio-temporal fractal error
Author(s): Brian S. Allen
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A novel segmentation method for object tracking and recognition
Author(s): Carmen Witte; Klaus Jäger; Marcus Hebel; Walter Armbruster
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Video surveillance of pedestrians and vehicles
Author(s): Daniel Gutchess; Vitaly Ablavsky; Ashwin Thangali; Stan Sclaroff; Magnús Snorrason
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Zoom techniques for achieving scale invariant object tracking in real-time active vision systems
Author(s): Eric D. Nelson; Juan C. Cockburn
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Passive ranging of boost-phase missiles
Author(s): Michael Hawks; Glen Perram
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Results from precision tracking tests against distant objects
Author(s): Jim F. Riker
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Optimization of the tomographic scanning (TOSCA) imager
Author(s): Harald Hovland
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IR and CCD-based object tracking using active shape model
Author(s): Junhaeng Lee; Changhan Park
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A real-time open-source video tracking system
Author(s): Barry R. Secrest; Juan R. Vasquez; Thomas F Fulton; Douglas A. Summers-Stay
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Comprehensive evaluation of tracking systems by non-photorealistic simulation
Author(s): Christine Dubreu; Antoine Manzanera; Eric Bohain
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Tuning Linux to meet real time requirements
Author(s): Richard S. Herbel; Dang N. Le
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IRLooK: an advanced mobile infrared signature measurement, data reduction, and analysis system
Author(s): Tamer Cukur; Yelda Altug; Cihan Uzunoglu; Kayhan Kilic; Erdem Emir
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Practical to tactical: an evolution of the dual line-of-sight experiment
Author(s): Drew J. Riedle; Clifton D. Stargardt; Anthony A. Lazzaro; Frank B. Zoltowski; Kurt J. Warden
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Image seeker simulation for short-range surface-to-surface missile
Author(s): Sang-Hun Jin; Ho-Gyun Kang
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Adaptive filtering and feed-forward control for suppression of vibration and jitter
Author(s): Eric H. Anderson; Ross L. Blankinship; Leslie P. Fowler; Roger M. Glaese; Paul C. Janzen
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Real-time optimal sensing strategies for active control of optical systems
Author(s): Suk-Min Moon; Leslie P. Fowler; Robert L. Clark; Eric H. Anderson
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Vibration evaluation of a precision inertial reference unit
Author(s): Joseph Friel; Brian Spanbauer; Paul Merritt; Reese Sturdevant; Robert Bradford; Nicole Tekell; Richard Walter; Jed Donaldson
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Adaptive suppression of optical jitter with a new liquid crystal beam steering device
Author(s): Pawel K. Orzechowski; Steve Gibson; Tsu-Chin Tsao; Dan Herrick; Milind Mahajan; Bing Wen
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