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Unattended Ground, Sea, and Air Sensor Technologies and Applications IX
Editor(s): Edward M. Carapezza
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Volume Number: 6562
Date Published: 1 May 2007

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Front Matter: Volume 6562
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Passive ultrasonic method for human footstep detection
Author(s): Alexander Ekimov; James M. Sabatier
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Automated target recognition of humans in infrared images
Author(s): Daniel Bankman; Todd Neighoff
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Personnel detection using ground sensors
Author(s): Raju Damarla; David Ufford
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Joint processing of vector-magnetic and acoustic-sensor data
Author(s): Richard J. Kozick; Brian M. Sadler
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Acoustic sensing from small-size UAVs
Author(s): Dale N. Robertson; Tien Pham; Harris Edge; Brian Porter; Justin Shumaker; Duane Cline
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Capabilities study of airborne acoustic sensor arrays
Author(s): Wayne E. Prather; David H. Bridges; Tom Edwards; David S. Thompson
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An intelligent video framework for homeland protection
Author(s): Peter H. Tu; Gianfranco Doretto; Nils O. Krahnstoever; A.G. Amitha Perera; Frederick W. Wheeler; Xiaoming Liu; Jens Rittscher; Thomas B. Sebastian; Ting Yu; Kevin G. Harding
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Near earth propagation: physics revealed
Author(s): R. Wert; A. Goroch; E. Worthington; V. Wong
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Energy saving in joint acoustic-video target detection and tracking
Author(s): Shuqun Zhang; Galathara Ananda Kahanda
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Metal Rubber materials and devices for flexible circuits, ground planes and interconnects
Author(s): B. A. Davis; J. H. Lalli; A. Hill; R. O. Claus
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UGS video target detection and discrimination
Author(s): G. Marlon Roberts; James Fitzgerald; Michael McCormack; Robert Steadman; Joseph D. Vitale
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Capon beamspace beamforming for distributed acoustic arrays
Author(s): Nicholas J. Roseveare; Mahmood R. Azimi-Sadjadi
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Underwater source localization based on energy measurement with randomly distributed sensor array
Author(s): Xiaoling Chen; Ufuk Tureli
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Loud target suppression: an innovative approach to reduce excessive sensor collaboration in distributed UGS systems
Author(s): Chad A. Stelzig; Grant Lipelt; Sharon Minor
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Role of quality of service metrics in visual target acquisition and tracking in resource-constrained environments
Author(s): Monica Anderson; Phillip David
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Distributed polarimetric sensing and processing
Author(s): Firooz A. Sadjadi
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A sparse undersea sensor network decision support system based on spatial and temporal random field
Author(s): Bo Ling; Michael Zeifman; Mike Traweek; Tom Wettergren
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Layered mode selection logic control for border security
Author(s): T. Born; G. Ferrer; A. M. Wright; A. B. Wright
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Acoustic/seismic signal propagation and sensor performance modeling
Author(s): D. Keith Wilson; David H. Marlin; Sean Mackay
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ARL participation in the C4ISR OTM experiment: integration and performance results
Author(s): Lei Zong; Barry J. O'Brien
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Modeling unmanned system collaborative target engagement
Author(s): Holger M. Jaenisch; James W. Handley; Michael L. Hicklen
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Geometric considerations for distribution of sensors in ad-hoc sensor networks
Author(s): Ted Brown; Deniz Sarioz; Amotz Bar-Noy; Tom LaPorta; Dinesh Verma; Matthew Johnson; Hosam Rowaihy
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Acoustic source localization with high performance sensor nodes
Author(s): M. R. Azimi-Sadjadi; G. Kiss; B. Fehér; S. Srinivasan; Á. Lédeczi
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iScout low-cost ad-hoc networked sensor enhancements
Author(s): Mark A. Winston
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Detection of the under-soil intruder activity
Author(s): Jaroslav Cechak
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Low-cost unattended ground sensors for continuous surveillance
Author(s): M. D. Perry; M. L. Pollard; D. S. Furuno; N. K. Askar; S. Benda
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Sniper detection using a helmet array: first tests in urban environment
Author(s): S. Hengy; S. Demezzo; P. Hamery
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Acoustic localization of mortar and small arms fires
Author(s): Tung-Duong Tran-Luu; Latasha Solomon; Steve Tenney
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Quality of information trade-offs in the detection of transient phenomena
Author(s): Chatschik Bisdikian
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Acoustic classification of battlefield transient events using wavelet sub-band features
Author(s): M. R. Azimi-Sadjadi; Y. Jiang; S. Srinivasan
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New seismic unattended small size module for footstep and light and heavy vehicles detection and identification
Author(s): Alex Pakhomov; Tim Goldburt
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DARPA NetCentric radio demonstration
Author(s): Larry B. Stotts; Scott Seidel; Tim Krout; Paul Kolodzy
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Self-healing routing: a study in efficiency and resiliency of data delivery in wireless sensor networks
Author(s): Kamil Wasilewski; Joel W. Branch; Mark Lisee; Boleslaw K. Szymanski
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Simulation of sensor networks using message queue infrastructure
Author(s): Dinesh Chandra Verma; Andy Stanford-Clark
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A survey of sensor selection schemes in wireless sensor networks
Author(s): Hosam Rowaihy; Sharanya Eswaran; Matthew Johnson; Dinesh Verma; Amotz Bar-Noy; Theodore Brown; Thomas La Porta
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