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Radar Sensor Technology XI
Editor(s): James L. Kurtz; Robert J. Tan
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Volume Number: 6547
Date Published: 19 April 2007

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Front Matter: Volume 6547
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Wideband SAR processing with segmented chirps for phased-array radars
Author(s): A. W. Doerry
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Anisotropic diffusion techniques on synthetic aperture radar data
Author(s): Josef DeVaughn Allen; Emile Ganthier; Gnana Bhaskar Tenali
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Results from an x-band synthetic aperture radar collection in Antarctica
Author(s): Douglas L. Bickel; Grant J. Sander
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Bistatic VHF and UHF SAR for urban environments
Author(s): Johan R. Rasmusson; Martin Blom; Björn Flood; Per-Olov Frölind; Anders Gustavsson; Tommy Jonsson; Björn Larsson; Gunnar Stenström; Lars M. H. Ulander
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Two joint time-frequency transforms for velocity separation of moving target radar data
Author(s): Matthew Ferrara; Gregory Arnold; Margaret Cheney
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Detection and tracking of humans and vehicle targets using high definition television signals in urban areas
Author(s): Gene Greneker
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Estimation of electromagnetic parameters and thickness of a wall using synthetic aperture radar
Author(s): Hiralal Khatri; Calvin Le
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Performance of autofocusing schemes for single target and populated scenes behind unknown walls
Author(s): Fauzia Ahmad; Moeness G. Amin
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Micro-Doppler analysis of multiple frequency continuous wave radar signatures
Author(s): Michael G. Anderson; Robert L. Rogers
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Sparse array of RF sensors for sensing through the wall
Author(s): Roberto Innocenti
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Microwave and millimeter-wave Doppler radar heart sensing
Author(s): Olga Boric-Lubecke; Jenshan Lin; Victor M. Lubecke; Anders Host-Madsen; Tod Sizer
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Generating precision nonlinear FM chirp waveforms
Author(s): A. W. Doerry
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Vehicle-mounted UWB radar for improvised explosive device detection
Author(s): Obadiah Kegege; Casto Ibarra; Junfei Li; Heinrich Foltz
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SAR image formation using phase-history data from nonuniform aperture
Author(s): Lam Nguyen; Jeffrey Sichina
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Localization of nodes and personnel in a multistatic radar sensor network
Author(s): Victor Lubecke; Olga Boric-Lubecke; Anders Host-Madsen; Anthony Kuh; Nicolas Petrochilos; Jenshan Lin
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Polarimetric combined short-pulse scatterometer/radiometer system at 15GHz for platform and vessel application
Author(s): Artashes K. Arakelyan; Arsen A. Arakelyan; Sargis A. Darbinyan; Melanya L. Grigoryan; Izabela K. Hakobyan; Astghik K. Hambaryan; Vanik V. Karyan; Mushegh R. Manukyan; Gagik G. Hovhannisyan; Tigran N. Poghosyan; Nubar G. Poghosyan; Steven F. Clifford
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C-band polarimetric combined short-pulse scatterometer/radiometer system for platform and vessel application
Author(s): Astghik K. Hambaryan; Artashes K. Arakelyan; Arsen A. Arakelyan; Sargis A. Darbinyan; Melanya L. Grigoryan; Izabela K. Hakobyan; Vanik V. Karyan; Mushegh R. Manukyan; Gagik G. Hovhannisyan; Tigran N. Poghosyan; Nubar G. Poghosyan
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Multipath data analysis and exploitation for the design of distributed radar systems
Author(s): Atindra K. Mitra; Philip Robinson; James LaRue; John Glett
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Performance analysis of dual-frequency CW radars for motion detection and ranging in urban sensing applications
Author(s): Fauzia Ahmad; Moeness G. Amin; Paul D. Zemany
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Indication of slowly moving targets via change detection
Author(s): Kenneth Ranney; Anthony Martone; Mehrdad Soumekh
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Identification of multiple-scattering events from 3D GTD-based parametric scattering models
Author(s): Matthew Ferrara; Margaret Cheney; Gregory Arnold
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Development and assessment of a complete ATR algorithm based on ISAR Euler imagery
Author(s): C. Baird; R. Giles; W. E. Nixon
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A portfolio of products from the rapid terrain visualization interferometric SAR
Author(s): Douglas L. Bickel; Armin W. Doerry
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