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Thermosense XXIX
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Volume Number: 6541
Date Published: 9 April 2007
Softcover: 35 papers (336) pages
ISBN: 9780819466631

Table of Contents
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Front Matter: Volume 6541
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
The effect of surface reflection and surrounding environment on target temperature estimation using an infrared FPA
Author(s): Matthias Voigt; Visvanathan Ramesh; Jonnalagadda Vinay; Dennis LeMieux
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Application of visible image mixing function for thermography
Author(s): Yukinori Kimura; Akihiko Ichikawa
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Benefits of IR/visible fusion
Author(s): Roger Schmidt
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High speed short wave infrared (SWIR) imaging and range gating cameras
Author(s): Douglas Malchow; Jesse Battaglia; Robert Brubaker; Martin Ettenberg
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Retrieval of air quality information using image processing technique
Author(s): H. S. Lim; M. Z. MatJafri; K. Abdullah; N. M. Saleh
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The thermal behavior and signatures of water in buildings
Author(s): Rob Spring; John Snell
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Investigation of the proton beam entry window cooling of liquid metal target of spallation neutron source using infrared thermography
Author(s): J. A. Patorski; F. Groeschel
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Application of remote sensing for land surface temperature retrieval over Mecca
Author(s): H. S. Lim; M. Z. MatJafri; K. Abdullah; N. M. Saleh; Sultan AlSultan
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Automated applications of the infrared imagers in the automotive assembly lines: products and process control
Author(s): M. A. Omar; Y. Zhou; J. Liu
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Arc-welding process control based on back face thermography: application to the manufacturing of nuclear steam generators
Author(s): A. Cobo; J. Mirapeix; O. M. Conde; P. B. García-Allende; F. J. Madruga; J. M. López-Higuera
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Thermal profiling techniques for electronics inspection
Author(s): Sheng-Jen Hsieh
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Application of on-line infrared thermography in steel making industry
Author(s): M. Viale; O. Martin; F. Muratori; U. Bertezzolo; J. Perez; J. Usart
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Process control monitoring of gasification units in petrochemical and power plants
Author(s): Gary E. Strahan
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Images processing and flow measurement applied to the thermographic analysis of heat-losses in boilers’ isolation
Author(s): Manuel A. Hurtado; Hernán Benítez; Humberto Loaiza; Jaime Millán; Jesus A. González; Clemente Ibarra-Castanedo
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Evaluation of airport pavements using NDT approaches
Author(s): N. P. Avdelidis; A. Moropoulou
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A nondestructive method for diagnostic of insulated building walls using infrared thermography
Author(s): Mohamed H. A. Larbi Youcef; Atef Mazioud; Pierre Bremond; Laurent Ibos; Yves Candau; Michel Piro; Alain Filloux
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Trestles anyone? a thermographic nightmare
Author(s): Jon L. Grossman
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Requesting and specifying thermographic inspection services through National Master Specification (NMS) in Canada
Author(s): Antonio Colantonio; Michel Theauvette
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Building thermography as a tool in energy audits and building commissioning procedure
Author(s): Timo Kauppinen
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Heat transfer mechanisms in fiber-reinforced polymer composites bonded to concrete
Author(s): Jeff Brown; Rebecca Baker; Lisa Kallemeyn
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Control of CFRP strengthening applied to civil structures by IR thermography
Author(s): E. Grinzato; R. Trentin; P. G. Bison; S. Marinetti
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IR thermographic inspection of filament wound CFRP shell samples
Author(s): Jhumur Lahiri; K. Srinivas; Ahmed O. Siddiqui; Vladimir P. Vavilov
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Development of thermal response spectroscopy technique for determination of defect parameters
Author(s): Takahide Sakagami; Daisuke Imanishi; Shiro Kubo
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Defect quantification with reference-free thermal contrast and artificial neural networks
Author(s): Hernan D. Benitez; Clemente Ibarra-Castanedo; AbdelHakim Bendada; Xavier Maldague; Humberto Loaiza; Eduardo Caicedo
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Identifying hidden defects in thermal insulation of revolving kilns by IR thermographic monitoring
Author(s): Vladimir P. Vavilov; Vladimir G. Torgounakov; Michael S. Sukhanov
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Infrared thermographic diagnostic aid to aircraft maintenance
Author(s): Michael Delo; Steve Delo
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Detecting low-velocity impact damage in composite plates using infrared thermography
Author(s): Jeff Brown; Robyn Anderson; David Visser
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The influence of crack shapes and geometries on the results of the thermo-inductive crack detection
Author(s): Gernot Wally; Beate Oswald-Tranta
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Nondestructive inspection of open micro-cracks in thermally sprayed coatings using ultrasound excited vibrothermography
Author(s): Jean-Marc Piau; Abdelhakim Bendada; Xavier Maldague; Jean-Gabriel Legoux
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Arc-welding defect detection by means of principal component analysis and artificial neural networks
Author(s): P. B. García-Allende; J. Mirapeix; A. Cobo; O. M. Conde; J M. López-Higuera
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Thermal nondestructive evaluation of scaling in boiler tubes
Author(s): Sanjay Awasthi; Ravibabu Mulaveesala; Suneet Tuli
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A look on thermography: from passive to active NDT & E surveys
Author(s): N. P. Avdelidis
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Inspection of aerospace materials by pulsed thermography, lock-in thermography, and vibrothermography: a comparative study
Author(s): Clemente Ibarra-Castanedo; Marc Genest; Stéphane Guibert; Jean-Marc Piau; Xavier P. V. Maldague; Abdelhakim Bendada
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Detection of localized fatigue damage in steel by thermography
Author(s): Justus Medgenberg; Thomas Ummenhofer
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Field test of infrared thermography applied to biogas controlling in landfill sites
Author(s): Francisco J Madruga; Jaime M. Muñoz; Daniel A. González; Juan I. Tejero; Adolfo Cobo; José L. Gil; Olga M. Conde; Jose M. López-Higuera
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