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23rd European Mask and Lithography Conference
Editor(s): Uwe F. W. Behringer
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Volume Number: 6533
Date Published: 11 May 2007
Softcover: 54 papers (528) pages
ISBN: 9780819466556

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Front Matter: Volume 6533
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Mask industry assessment trend analysis 2006
Author(s): Gilbert Shelden; Patricia Marmillion
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Current status of water immersion lithography and prospect of higher index method
Author(s): Soichi Owa; Katsushi Nakano; Hiroyuki Nagasaka; Hirotaka Kohno; Yasuhiro Ohmura; Martin McCallum
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Contact angles and liquid loss behavior of high index fluids
Author(s): Paul M. Harder; Timothy A. Shedd
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Characteristics optimization of mask materials for Hyper-NA lithography
Author(s): Yasutaka Morikawa; Takanori Suto; Takaharu Nagai; Yuichi Inazuki; Takashi Adachi; Yasuhisa Kitahata; Toshifumi Yokoyama; Nobuhito Toyama; Hiroshi Mohri; Naoya Hayashi
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Investigation of hyper-NA scanner emulation for photomask CDU performance
Author(s): Eric Poortinga; Thomas Scheruebl; Will Conley; Frank Sundermann
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Investigation on immersion defectivity root cause
Author(s): V. Farys; S. Gaugiran; D. Cruau; K. Mestadi; S. Warrick; M. Benndorf; R. Feilleux; C. Sourd
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Programmed defects study on masks for 45nm immersion lithography using the novel AIMS 45-193i
Author(s): Thomas Scherübl; Arndt C. Dürr; Klaus Böhm; Robert Birkner; Rigo Richter; Ulrich Strößner
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Production evaluation of automated reticle defect printability prediction application
Author(s): William B. Howard; Scott Pomeroy; Raphael Moses; Thomas Thaler
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Improved CD uniformity for advanced masks using the Sigma7500 pattern generator and ProcessEqualizer
Author(s): Robert Eklund; Anders Österberg; Jonas Hellgren; Hans Fosshaug; Tord Karlin; Tom Newman
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Time resolved evolution of the etch bias
Author(s): Pavel Nesladek; Jan Paul
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OPC structures for maskshops qualification for the CMOS65nm and CMOS45nm nodes
Author(s): Frank Sundermann; Yorick Trouiller; Jean-Christophe Urbani; Christophe Couderc; Jérôme Belledent; Amandine Borjon; Franck Foussadier; Christian Gardin; Laurent LeCam; Yves Rody; Mazen Saied; Emek Yesilada; Catherine Martinelli; Bill Wilkinson; Florent Vautrin; Nicolo Morgana; Frederic Robert; Patrick Montgomery; Gurwan Kerrien; Jonathan Planchot; Vincent Farys; Jean-Luc Di Maria
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Innovative application of the RCWA method for the ultra-sensitive transmittance-based CD measurements on phase-shift masks
Author(s): Alexander Gray; John C. Lam; Stanley Chen
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The effect of intra-field CD uniformity control (CDC) on mask birefringence
Author(s): Guy Ben-Zvi; Eitan Zait; Vladimir Krugliakov; Vladimir Dmitriev; Gidi Gottlieb; Sergey Oshemkov
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Metrology capabilities and performance of the new DUV scatterometer of the PTB
Author(s): Matthias Wurm; Bernd Bodermann; Frank Pilarski
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First measurement data obtained on the new Vistec LMS IPRO4
Author(s): Dieter Adam; Artur Boesser; Michael Heiden; Jochen Bender; Frank Laske; Klaus-Dieter Röth
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Electron beam direct write: shaped beam overcomes resolution concerns
Author(s): Ines Stolberg; Laurent Pain; Johannes Kretz; Monika Boettcher; Hans-Joachim Doering; Juergen Gramss; Peter Hahmann
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Data preparation for EBDW
Author(s): Frank Thrum; Johannes Kretz; Tarek Lutz; Katja Keil; Christian Arndt; Kang-Hoon Choi; Ulrich Baetz; Nikola Belic; Melchior Lemke; Ulrich Denker; Juergen Gramss; Karl-Heinz Kliem
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Masks for flash memory gates for the 45nm node: binary or attenuated?
Author(s): Eelco van Setten; Andre Engelen; Jo Finders; Mircea Dusa
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Electrical test structures for the characterisation of optical proximity correction
Author(s): Andreas Tsiamis; Stewart Smith; Martin McCallum; Andrew C. Hourd; J. Tom M. Stevenson; Anthony J. Walton
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Improvement of model kernel representation in process simulation by taking pattern correlation into account
Author(s): Jianliang Li; Qiliang Yan; Lawrence S. Melvin
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Investigation of capillary bridges growth in NIL process
Author(s): Stefan Landis; Tanguy Leveder; Nicolas Chaix; Cecile Gourgon
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Electron beam directed repair of fused silica imprint templates
Author(s): Gerard M. Schmid; Douglas J. Resnick; Rainer Fettig; Klaus Edinger; Steven R. Young; William J. Dauksher
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Challenges of residual layer minimisation in thermal nanoimprint lithography
Author(s): Nicolas Bogdanski; Matthias Wissen; Saskia Möllenbeck; Hella-Christin Scheer
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Hybrid nanoimprint for micro-nano mixture structure
Author(s): Keisuke Okuda; Naoyuki Niimi; Hiroaki Kawata; Yoshihiko Hirai
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Calibration of CD mask standards for the 65-nm node: CoG and MoSi
Author(s): J. Richter; T. Heins; R. Liebe; B. Bodermann; A. Diener; D. Bergmann; C. G. Frase; H. Bosse
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Characterization of photo masks by X3D AFM
Author(s): C. Froeck; M. Ho
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An empirical approach adressing the transfer of mask placement errors during exposure
Author(s): B. Alles; B. Simeon; E. Cotte; T. Wandel; B. Schulz; R. Seltmann
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Achieving mask order processing automation, interoperability and standardization based on P10
Author(s): B. Rodriguez; O. Filies; D. Sadran; Michel Tissier; D. Albin; S. Stavroulakis; E. Voyiatzis
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Benchmark and gap analysis of current mask carriers vs future requirements: example of the carrier contamination
Author(s): H. Fontaine; M. Davenet; D. Cheung; I. Hoellein; P. Richsteiger; P. Dejaune; A. Torsy
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Reticle haze: an industrial approach
Author(s): Stuart Gough; Xavier Gérard; Pascal Bichebois; Agnès Roche; Frank Sundermann; Véronique Guyader; Yann Bièron; Jean Galvier; Serge Nicoleau
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Fast near field simulation of optical and EUV masks using the waveguide method
Author(s): Peter Evanschitzky; Andreas Erdmann
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EUV mask infrastructure challenges
Author(s): Stefan Wurm; Phil Seidel; Chris Van Peski; Long He; Hakseung Han; Pat Kearney; Wonil Cho
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Enabling defect-free masks for extreme ultraviolet lithography
Author(s): Chan-Uk Jeon; Patrick Kearney; Andy Ma; Bernd Beier; Toshyuki Uno; Rajul Randive; Ira Reiss
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Hydrogenated water application for particle removal on EUV mask blank substrates
Author(s): Sean Eichenlaub; Abbas Rastegar; Peter Dress; Fei Xu; Pat Marmillion
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Assessment of EUV reticle blank availability enabling the use of EUV tools today and in the future
Author(s): R. Jonckheere; G. F. Lorusso; A. Goethals; K. Ronse; J. Hermans; R. De Ruyter
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Predicting and correcting for image placement errors during the fabrication of EUVL masks
Author(s): R. Engelstad; J. Sohn; A. Mikkelson; M. Nataraju; K. Turner
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Status report on EUV source development and EUV source applications in EUVL
Author(s): Vivek Bakshi; Rainer Lebert; Bernhard Jägle; Christian Wies; Uwe Stamm; Juergen Kleinschmidt; Guido Schriever; Christian Ziener; Marc Corthout; Joseph Pankert; Klaus Bergmann; Willi Neff; André Egbert; Deborah Gustafson
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Surface chemistry of Ru: relevance to optics lifetime in EUVL
Author(s): R. Wasielewski; B. V. Yakshinskiy; M. N. Hedhili; A. Ciszewski; T. E. Madey
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Progress in EUV photoresist technology
Author(s): Thomas I. Wallow; Ryoung-han Kim; Bruno LaFontaine; Patrick P. Naulleau; Chris N. Anderson; Richard L. Sandberg
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Quantitative measurement of EUV resist outgassing
Author(s): Greg Denbeaux; Rashi Garg; Justin Waterman; Chimaobi Mbanaso; Jeroen Netten; Robert Brainard; Yu-Jen Fan; Leonid Yankulin; Alin Antohe; Kevin DeMarco; Molly Jaffe; Matthew Waldron; Kim Dean
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Electron beam lithography simulation based on a single convolution approach: application for sub-45nm nodes
Author(s): J. C. Le denmat; S. Manakli; B. Icard; C. Soonekindt; B. Minghetti; O. Le borgne; L. Pain
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Aerial imaging performance of ALTA4700 printed mask for 130nm design rule
Author(s): Jyh Wei Hsu; Chun Hung Wu; Kevin Cheng
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A complete set of the special process equipment for the defect-free production of reticles
Author(s): Syarhei Avakaw; Valerian Iouditski; Leanid Pushkin; Alena Tsitko
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Mask qualification strategies in a wafer fab
Author(s): Carmen Jaehnert; Angela Kunowski
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Damage free megasonic resonance cleaning for the 45nm design rule
Author(s): Steve Osborne; Valentine Baudiquez; Thomas Rode; Christian Chovino; Hidekazu Takahashi; Eric Woster
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Resist and BARC outgassing measured by TD-GCMS: investigation during the exposure or the bake steps of the lithographic process
Author(s): Raluca Tiron; Claire Sourd; Hervé Fontaine; Sylviane Cetre; Bénédicte Mortini
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Effects of heat curing on adhesive strength between microsized SU-8 and Si substrate
Author(s): C. Ishiyama; M. Sone; Y. Higo
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Evaluation of an alternative UV-NIL mold fabrication process
Author(s): P. Voisin; T. Levender; M. Zelsmann; C. Gourgon; J. Boussey
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New approach for defect inspection on large area masks
Author(s): Gerd Scheuring; Stefan Döbereiner; Frank Hillmann; Günther Falk; Hans-Jürgen Brück
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Accelerating physical verification using STPRL: a novel language for test pattern generation
Author(s): Ahmed Nouh
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Birefringence variation of quartz substrates during mask process
Author(s): Yasutaka Morikawa; Yasuhisa Kitahata; Toshifumi Yokoyama; Toshiharu Kikuchi; Atsushi Kawaguchi; Yasushi Ohkubo
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A novel model building flow for the simulation of proximity effects of mask processes
Author(s): Jonathan Mas; Engelbert Mittermeier
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Focused electron beam induced deposition of DUV transparent SIO2
Author(s): Alexandre Perentes; Patrik Hoffmann; Frans Munnik
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Actinic inspection of sub-50 nm EUV mask blank defects
Author(s): Jingquan Lin; Nils Weber; Jochen Maul; Stefan Hendel; Karsten Rott; Michael Merkel; Gerd Schoenhense; Ulf Kleineberg
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