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Image Processing: Algorithms and Systems V
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Volume Number: 6497
Date Published: 7 February 2007

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Front Matter: Volume 6497
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Multilevel surround inhibition: a biologically inspired contour detector
Author(s): Giuseppe Papari; Patrizio Campisi; Nicolai Petkov
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Stochastic resonance investigation of object detection in images
Author(s): Daniel W. Repperger; Alan R. Pinkus; Julie A. Skipper; Christina D. Schrider
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Combining multiple similarity metrics for corner matching
Author(s): Hatem Khater; Farzin Deravi
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Detection of junction in images
Author(s): Yong Li; Robert L. Stevenson; Jiading Gai
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Color filter array interpolation based on spatial adaptivity
Author(s): Dmitriy Paliy; Radu Bilcu; Vladimir Katkovnik; Markku Vahviläinen
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Hierarchical texture motifs
Author(s): Shawn Newsam
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Dust and scratch removal in scanned images
Author(s): Ruth Bergman; Hila Nachlieli; Gitit Ruckenstein; Darryl Greig
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Cloud classification of satellite image performed in two stages
Author(s): Hiroshi Ikeda; Mitsuharu Matsumoto; Shuji Hashimoto
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Histogram-based template matching for object detection in images with varying contrast
Author(s): Christina D. Schrider; Julie A. Skipper; Daniel W. Repperger
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Iris identification using contourlet transform
Author(s): Rami Zewail; Mrinal Mandal; Nelson Durdle
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Complex sinusoidally modulated imaging for real-time pixel-wise optical flow detection
Author(s): D. Wei; P. Masurel; T. Kurihara; S. Ando
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Crop/weed discrimination in simulated agronomic images
Author(s): G. Jones; C. Gée; F. Truchetet
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Image-based motion stabilization for maritime surveillance
Author(s): Daniel D. Morris; Brian R. Colonna; Franklin D. Snyder
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Adaptive multi-histogram equalization using human vision thresholding
Author(s): Eric Wharton; Karen Panetta; Sos Agaian
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Using block-based spectral angle measure for iris pattern matching
Author(s): Yingzi Du; Danny Isklandar
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Dynamic content-based vehicle tracking and traffic monitoring system
Author(s): Francis Ryals Bowen; Yingzi Du; Shuo Li; Yi Jiang; Tommy Nantung; Samy Noureldin; Michael Knieser; Maher Rizkalla
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Edge and corner preserving smoothing for artistic imaging
Author(s): Giuseppe Papari; Nicolai Petkov; Patrizio Campisi
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Demosaicing of noisy data: spatially adaptive approach
Author(s): Dmitriy Paliy; Mejdi Trimeche; Vladimir Katkovnik; Sakari Alenius
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Prediction of signs of DCT coefficients in block-based lossy image compression
Author(s): Nikolay N. Ponomarenko; Andriy V. Bazhyna; Karen O. Egiazarian
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Nonlinear mapping for dynamic range compression in digital images
Author(s): Gabriele Guarnieri; Sergio Carrato; Giovanni Ramponi
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Wavelet-based texture image classification using vector quantization
Author(s): Eric P. Lam
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Classification SAR targets with support vector machine
Author(s): Lanying Cao
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Adaptive color space transform using independent component analysis
Author(s): Esteban Vera; Sergio Torres
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Neural network-based multiscale image restoration approach
Author(s): Ana Paula A. de Castro; José D. S. da Silva
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Landmarks recognition for autonomous aerial navigation by neural networks and Gabor transform
Author(s): Elcio Hideiti Shiguemori; Maurício Pozzobon Martins; Marcus Vinícius T. Monteiro
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Autonomous learning in gesture recognition by using lobe component analysis
Author(s): Jian Lu; Juyang Weng
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A new design approach to neural network pattern recognition systems
Author(s): Chia-Lun John Hu
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Green-noise halftoning with dot diffusion
Author(s): Stefaan Lippens; Wilfried Philips
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Detecting background changes in environments with dynamic foreground by separating probability distribution function mixtures using Pearson's method of moments
Author(s): Colleen Jenkins; Jay Jordan; Jeff Carlson
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An elastic graph matching approach for motion estimation on feature points in image sequences
Author(s): Rosario Feghali
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Algorithms for the resizing of binary and grayscale images using a logical transform
Author(s): Ethan E. Danahy; Sos S. Agaian; Karen A. Panetta
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A fuzzy system approach for the classification of underwater AUV color images
Author(s): José A. Díaz; Raúl E. Torres
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Object classification, segmentation, and parameter estimation in multichannel images by classifier learning with clustering of local parameters
Author(s): Vladimir V. Lukin; Nikolay N. Ponomarenko; Alexander A. Zelensky; Karen O. Egiazarian; Jaakko T. Astola
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Motion deblurring for suppression of breathing distortions caused by camera shake
Author(s): Ikuko Tsubaki; Takashi Komatsu; Takahiro Saito
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Rank M-type radial basis functions network for medical image processing applications
Author(s): José A. Moreno-Escobar; Francisco J. Gallegos-Funes; Volodymyr I. Ponomaryov
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Identification of vegetable diseases using neural network
Author(s): Jiacai Zhang; Jianjun Tang; Yao Li
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