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Projection Displays XII
Editor(s): Ming H. Wu; Hoang Y. Lin
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Volume Number: 6489
Date Published: 5 February 2007

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Front Matter: Volume 6489
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Dual paraboloid reflector technology development and the commercialization for projection display
Author(s): Kenneth Li
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Brightness increase in LED by recycling of light for projection applications
Author(s): George Ouyang; Kenneth Li
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Personal projection with Ujoy technology
Author(s): Holger Moench; Uwe Mackens; Pavel Pekarski; Arnd Ritz; Griet S'Heeren; Will Verbeek
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Recent advances in microlens-based projection display screens
Author(s): G. Michael Morris; Tasso R. M. Sales; S. Chakmakjian; Donald J. Schertler
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High collecting efficiency of an LED projection system
Author(s): Shuang-Chao Chung; C. C. Lin; H. H. Lo; C. X. Tseng
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Visible laser sources for projection displays
Author(s): M. Jansen; G. P. Carey; R. Carico; R. Dato; A. M. Earman; M. J. Finander; G. Giaretta; S. Hallstein; H. Hofler; C. P. Kocot; S. Lim; J. Krueger; A. Mooradian; G. Niven; Y. Okuno; F. G. Patterson; A. Tandon; A. Umbrasas
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DVimage spatial light modulator: a new real-time interface for the Texas Instruments Discovery 3000 DMD chipset
Author(s): Steven Saggese; Tudor Thomas
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Design of a polarized head-mounted projection display using FLCOS microdisplays
Author(s): Rui Zhang; Hong Hua
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Dynamic optics for projection displays
Author(s): Fergal Shevlin; Nicolas Descharmes; Xue Yueqiang; Ciarán Davies
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Tilt compensated MOEMS projector as input device
Author(s): Heinrich Grüger; Andreas Heberer; Christian Gerwig; Petra Nauber; Michael Scholles; Hubert Lakner
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LED based full color stereoscopic projection system
Author(s): Lawrence Bogaert; Youri Meuret; Bart Van Giel; Hugo Thienpont
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Micro-displacement measurements with moiré patterns of Fresnel zone plates films
Author(s): M. Pérez-Cortés; M. Ortiz-Gutiérrez; J. C. Ibarra; A. Olivares-Pérez; J. Becerra-Macías
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Computer simulation of spatial light modulators with micro-optical elements
Author(s): Michael A. Golub; Meir Aloni; Golan Manor
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Pseudoscopic-free and multi-view 3D displays using invisible area generated by polarized slit barrier
Author(s): Koji Uchida; Kunio Sakamoto
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Modulating method of linear and circular polarized illuminations for field-lens 3D display
Author(s): Kunio Sakamoto; Hiroyuki Morimoto
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Floating-image display based on the combination of two-lens system and the stereoscopic polarization-multiplexing display
Author(s): Ganbat Baasantseren; Nam Kim; Duc Dung Do; Young Tae Lim; Jin Seon Yoon; Tae Hyoung Park
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