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Emerging Liquid Crystal Technologies II
Editor(s): Liang-Chy Chien
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Volume Number: 6487
Date Published: 12 February 2007
Softcover: 24 papers (244) pages
ISBN: 9780819466006

Table of Contents
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Front Matter: Volume 6487
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Optoelectronic and photonic properties of liquid crystals: electroluminescence and photorefractivity
Author(s): Stephan A. Benning; Marcus W. Lauhof; Lutz Paelke; Andreas Redler; Felix Scheliga; Emma Thorn-Csanyi; Volkmar Vill; Heinz-S. Kitzerow
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THz time-domain spectroscopy of liquid crystal colloids
Author(s): Masahito Oh-e; Hiroshi Yokoyama; Mattijs Koeberg; Euan Hendry; Mischa Bonn
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Effect of permanent dipole moments perpendicular to the molecular long axis on terahertz absorption in liquid crystals
Author(s): S. Tanaka; Y. Okada; K. Yamamoto; Y. Takanishi; M. Tani; K. Ishikawa; M. Hangyo; H. Takezoe
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Liquid-crystal-based electrically tunable THz optical devices
Author(s): Ci-Ling Pan; Ru-Pin Pan
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Tunable cholesteric liquid crystal lasers through in-plane switching
Author(s): Scott J. Woltman; Gregory P. Crawford
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High efficient photonic band-edge cholesteric liquid crystal lasers
Author(s): Ying Zhou; Yuhua Huang; Zhibing Ge; Shin-Tson Wu
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Large aperture laser beam attenuator using electro-optic gratings
Author(s): Suning Tang; Yuanji Tang; Baofeng Duan; Thomas S. Hartwick; James Foshee
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Spatial filter based on azo-dye-doped liquid crystal films
Author(s): Andy Y.-G. Fuh; Tsung-Hsien Lin
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Liquid crystal photoalignment: history and future
Author(s): V. G. Chigrinov; H. S. Kwok; Hirokazu Takada; Haruyoshi Takatsu
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Lyotropic chromonic liquid crystals as materials for optical and biosensing applications
Author(s): L. Tortora; H.-S. Park; K. Antion; D. Finotello; O. D. Lavrentovich
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New developments in flexible cholesteric liquid crystal displays
Author(s): Tod Schneider; Donald J. Davis; Sean Franklin; Nithya Venkataraman; Diaz McDaniel; Forrest Nicholson; Erica Montbach; Asad Khan; J. William Doane
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Development of polymer cholesteric liquid crystal flake technology for electro-optic devices and particle displays
Author(s): T. Z. Kosc; K. L. Marshall; A. Trajkovska-Petkoska; C. J. Coon; K. Hasman; G. V. Babcock; R. Howe; M. Leitch; S. D. Jacobs
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Bimesogenic liquid crystals: new materials for high-performance photonics devices and displays
Author(s): Harry J. Coles
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Development of high quality liquid crystal lens
Author(s): Mao Ye; Bin Wang; Susumu Sato
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Wave guiding with liquid crystals
Author(s): Kristiaan Neyts; Jeroen Beeckman; Hans Desmet
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Electrically switchable mirrors based on polymer-stabilized cholesteric liquid crystals
Author(s): Shin-Ying Lu; Andrii Golovin; Liang-Chy Chien
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Nematic liquid crystal cells for optical spatial solitons (nematicons)
Author(s): A. De Luca; A. Veltri; L. Pezzi; G. Coschignano; C. Umeton; A. Alberucci; C. Conti; M. Peccianti; G. Assanto
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Applications of ferroelectric particles/liquid crystal colloids
Author(s): Anatoliy Glushchenko; Chae Il Cheon; John West; Yuri Reznikov
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Effects of carbon nanotubes on physical properties of nematic liquid crystal and liquid crystal device
Author(s): Seung Hee Lee; Hee-Kyu Lee; Seung-Eun Lee; Young Hee Lee
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Liquid crystal Bragg gratings: dynamic optical elements for spatial light modulators
Author(s): R. L. Sutherland; V. P. Tondiglia; L. V. Natarajan; J. M. Wofford; S. A. Siwecki; G. Cook; D. R. Evans; P. F Lloyd; T. J. Bunning
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New HDTV (1920x1080) phase-only SLM
Author(s): Stefan Osten; Sven Krüger; Andreas Hermerschmidt
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LCOS spatial light modulator controlled by 12-bit signals for optical phase-only modulation
Author(s): Takashi Inoue; Hiroshi Tanaka; Norihiro Fukuchi; Munenori Takumi; Naoya Matsumoto; Tsutomu Hara; Narihiro Yoshida; Yasunori Igasaki; Yuji Kobayashi
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Multiple-functional and cost-effective liquid-crystal cell parameter measurement system
Author(s): Gao-Wei Chang; Yu-Hsuan Lin; Zong-Mu Yeh
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Spatial optical modulator (SOM): high-density diffractive laser projection display
Author(s): SangKyeong Yun; JongHyeong Song; InJae Yeo; YoonJoon Choi; Victor Yurlov; SeungDo An; HeungWoo Park; HaengSeok Yang; YeongGyu Lee; KyuBum Han; Ihar Shyshkin; Anatoliy Lapchuk; KwanYoung Oh; SeungWon Ryu; JaeWook Jang; ChangSu Park; ChunGi Kim; SunKi Kim; EungJu Kim; KiSuk Woo; JeongSuong Yang; EuiJoong Kim; JooHong Kim; SungHo Byun; SeungWoo Lee; OhkKun Lim; JongPil Cheong; YoungNam Hwang; GiYoung Byun; JeHong Kyoung; SangKee Yoon; JaeKwang Lee; TaeWon Lee; SeokKee Hong; YoonShik Hong; DongHyun Park; JungChul Kang; WooChul Shin; SungIl Lee; SungKyung Oh; ByungKi Song; HeeYeoun Kim; ChongMann Koh; YungHo Ryu; HyunKee Lee; YoungKi Baek
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