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Light-Emitting Diodes: Research, Manufacturing, and Applications XI
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Volume Number: 6486
Date Published: 12 February 2007
Softcover: 35 papers (330) pages
ISBN: 9780819465993

Table of Contents
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Front Matter: Volume 6486
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Fundamental mechanisms of electroluminescence refrigeration in heterostructure light-emitting diodes
Author(s): S.-Q. Yu; J.-B. Wang; D. Ding; S. R. Johnson; D. Vasileska; Y.-H. Zhang
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Nonperiodic binary optical structures for enhancing light extraction of emitters
Author(s): Liming Hong; Xiaodong Hu; Tao Yu; Tao Dai; Zhensheng Zhang; Jun Xu; Guoyi Zhang
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High light-extraction efficiency in GaInN light-emitting diode with pyramid reflector
Author(s): J-Q. Xi; Hong Luo; Jong Kyu Kim; E. F. Schubert
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LED engine hosted on a THS
Author(s): Maurizio Checchetti
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Dicing of high-power white LEDs in heat sinks with the water jet-guided laser
Author(s): Tuan Anh Mai; Roy Housh; Arnaud Brulé; Bernold Richerzhagen
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Integration of high-efficiency PIN organic light-emitting devices in lighting and optoelectronic applications
Author(s): J. Amelung; M. Toerker; Y. Tomita; D. Kreye; C. Grillberger; U. Vogel; A. Elgner; M. Eritt; Ch. May; U. Todt; C. Luber; R. Hermann; Ch. Zschippang; K. Leo
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New architectures for high performance polymer light-emitting diodes introducing a solution-processed titanium oxide layer
Author(s): Sun Hee Kim; Jin Young Kim; Sung Heum Park; Kwanghee Lee
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OLED lighting: light where it never has been before
Author(s): M. Klein; K. Heuser; F. Schindler; B. Krummacher; T. Dobbertin; R. Pätzold; C. Gärditz
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See-through OLED displays
Author(s): W. Kowalsky; P. Görrn; J. Meyer; M. Kröger; H.- H. Johannes; T. Riedl
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Fabrication of polymer LEDs by resonant infrared pulsed laser ablation
Author(s): S. L. Johnson; C. T. Bowie; B. Ivanov; H. K. Park; R. F. Haglund
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Employing a 2D surface grating to improve light out coupling of a substrate emitting organic LED
Author(s): Peter Vandersteegen; Angel Ullan Nieto; Carl Van Buggenhout; Steven Verstuyft; Peter Bienstman; Peter Debackere; Kristiaan Neyts; Roel Baets
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Measurement of the internal quantum efficiency of InGaN quantum wells
Author(s): A. Laubsch; M. Sabathil; G. Bruederl; J. Wagner; M. Strassburg; E. Baur; H. Braun; U. T. Schwarz; A. Lell; S. Lutgen; N. Linder; R. Oberschmid; B. Hahn
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Design and implementation of real-time LED spatial radiance measurement systems
Author(s): Gao-Wei Chang; Zong-Mu Yeh; Chia-Cheng Liao
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Studies of InGaN LEDs degradation
Author(s): O. I. Rabinovich; F. I. Manyakhin; E. K. Naimi; S. G. Nikiforov; V. P. Sushkov; I. G. Ermoshin; A. V. Shishov
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Prediction of intensity and color degradation of LEDs
Author(s): Miran Bürmen; Franjo Pernuš; Boštjan Likar
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Thermally induced stresses resulting from coefficient of thermal expansion differentials between an LED sub-mount material and various mounting substrates
Author(s): Charles DeMilo; Corey Bergad; Ronald Forni; Thomas Brukilacchio
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Manufacturing implications for photonic crystal patterning using imprint lithography
Author(s): Chris Jones; David Lentz; Gary Doyle; Mike Miller; Maha Ganapathisubramanian; Xiaoming Lu; Doug Resnick; Dwayne L. LaBrake
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Photonic quasi-crystal LEDs: design, modelling, and optimisation
Author(s): M. D. B. Charlton; M. E. Zoorob; T. Lee
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Modeling of GaN based resonant-cavity light-emitting diode
Author(s): Z. Simon Li; Z. Q. Li; Ray-Hua Horng
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A generalized 2D and 3D white LED device simulator integrating photon recycling and luminescent spectral conversion effects
Author(s): Wei-Choon Ng; Gergö Letay
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Statistical analysis and yield management in LED design through TCAD device simulation
Author(s): Gergö Létay; Wei-Choon Ng; Lutz Schneider; Adrian Bregy; Michael Pfeiffer
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Self-consistent modeling of resonant PL in InGaN SQW LED-structure
Author(s): M. Sabathil; A. Laubsch; N. Linder
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A new wafer level coating technique to reduce the color distribution of LEDs
Author(s): B. Braune; K. Petersen; J. Strauss; P. Kromotis; M. Kaempf
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Reference-based optical characterization of glass-ceramic converter for high-power white LEDs
Author(s): A. Engel; M. Letz; T. Zachau; E. Pawlowski; K. Seneschal-Merz; T. Korb; D. Enseling; B. Hoppe; U. Peuchert; J. S. Hayden
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Requirements on LEDs for advanced optical systems
Author(s): Joachim Reill; Alexander Wilm
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Warm white LEDs lighting over Ra=95 and its applications
Author(s): Katsuya Kobashi; Tsunemasa Taguchi
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Development of light distribution controllable luminaire using high-power LEDs
Author(s): Hisashi Asakawa; Junko Baba; Asami Yaeda; Moriaki Wakaki
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A novel temperature compensated operation scheme for trichromatic LED backlights
Author(s): Dong-Woo Lee; Jin-Ha Kim; Moo-Youn Park; Hee-Dong Kim; Jae-Kyuk Park; Soo-Ryong Hwang; Sung-Min Cho
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Silicon carbide white light LEDs for solid-state lighting
Author(s): Sachin Bet; Nathaniel Quick; Aravinda Kar
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Excitonic effects in ZnO nanowires and hollow nanotubes
Author(s): M. Willander; Y. E. Lozovik; Q. X. Zhao; O. Nur; Q.-H. Hu; P. Klason
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Fabrication of high-power AlInGaP-based red light emitting diodes with novel package by electroplating
Author(s): K. C. Chen; Y. K. Su; J. Q. Huang; C. L. Lin; Ricky W. Chuang
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Low-resistance and high-reflectivity Al based reflectors for p-GaN flip process
Author(s): Seung Wan Chae; Kun Yoo Ko; Dong Woo Kim; Seok Min Hwang; Hyung Jin Park; Je Won Kim; Yong Chun Kim
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Developing a new supplemental lighting device with ultra-bright white LED for vegetables
Author(s): Yongguang Hu; Pingping Li; Jianghai Jiang
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Development of 140-inch autostereoscopic display by use of full-color LED panel
Author(s): H. Nishimura; T. Abe; H. Yamamoto; Y. Hayasaki; N. Nishida
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High refractive index nanoparticle-loaded encapsulants for light-emitting diodes
Author(s): Frank W. Mont; Jong Kyu Kim; Martin F. Schubert; Hong Luo; E. Fred Schubert; Richard W. Siegel
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