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Complex Light and Optical Forces
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Volume Number: 6483
Date Published: 6 February 2007

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Front Matter: Volume 6483
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Optical trap shaping for binding force study and optimization
Author(s): Marc Guillon
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Forces and binding in a two-mirror system
Author(s): Amit Mizrahi; Levi Schächter
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Optical electrostriction
Author(s): Richard G. Crisp; David L. Andrews
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High-speed dynamic spatial control of cold atoms with combined acousto-optic and spatial light modulation
Author(s): Fredrik K. Fatemi; Mark Bashkansky; Zachary Dutton
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Developments toward atomic quantum sensors
Author(s): T. van Zoest; T. Müller; T. Wendrich; M. Gilowski; E. M. Rasel; T. Könemann; C. Lämmerzahl; H. J. Dittus; A. Vogel; K. Bongs; K. Sengstock; W. Lewoczko; A. Peters; T. Steinmetz; J. Reichel; G. Nandi; W. Schleich; R. Walser; W. Ertmer
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Single-beam, dark toroidal optical traps for cold atoms
Author(s): Fredrik K. Fatemi; Spencer E. Olson; Mark Bashkansky; Zachary Dutton; Matthew Terraciano
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Analysis of localization phenomena in weakly interacting disordered lattice gases
Author(s): T. Schulte; S. Drenkelforth; J. Kruse; K. Sacha; J. Zakrzewski; M. Lewenstein; J. J. Arlt; W. Ertmer
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Exact theory of optical forces of Mie scatterers exposed to high numerical aperture beams examined with 3D photonic force measurements
Author(s): Antonio A. R. Neves; Adriana Fontes; Wendel L. Moreira; André A. de Thomaz; Diogo B. de Almeida; Luiz C. Barbosa; Carlos L. Cesar
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Refractive multiple optical tweezers for parallel biochemical analysis in micro-fluidics
Author(s): Fabrice Merenda; Johann Rohner; Pedro Pascoal; Jean-Marc Fournier; Horst Vogel; René P. Salathé
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Scattering of light at micro- and nanostructures of triangular shape
Author(s): Manuel R. Gonçalves; André Siegel; Ralf Ameling; Othmar Marti
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Time-resolved evanescent wave-induced fluorescence studies of macromolecular adsorption
Author(s): Trevor A. Smith; Colin A. Scholes; Michelle L. Gee
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Assembling mesoscopic systems with holographic optical traps
Author(s): David G. Grier; Sang-Hyuk Lee; Yael Roichman; Yohai Roichman
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Optical manipulation of gold micro and nano-particles on silicon nitride waveguides: impact of polarization and particle size on gradient forces
Author(s): Stéphane Gétin; Stéphanie Gaugiran; Jean-Marc Fedeli; Jacques Derouard
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Three-dimensional holographic ring traps
Author(s): Yohai Roichman; David G. Grier
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Nonlinear effects in the propagation of short laser pulses in air
Author(s): Camilo Ruiz; J. San Román; I. Sola; C. Méndez; J. A. Perez; D. Delgado; V. H. Diaz; L. Plaja; I. Arias; L. Roso
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Complex beam sculpting with tunable acoustic gradient index lenses
Author(s): Euan McLeod; Craig B. Arnold
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Structure of cavity modes with general astigmatism
Author(s): Gerard Nienhuis; Steven J. M. Habraken
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Engineering of illumination and collection field profiles for single-molecule orientational imaging
Author(s): Zbigniew Sikorski; Lloyd M. Davis
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Generation and diagnosis of focused ultrashort pulses of complex light
Author(s): J. Strohaber; I. Mariyenko; Cornelis J. Uiterwaal
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Far field interference measurements of vortex light fields in optical trapping
Author(s): W. M. Lee; A. E. Carruthers; V. Garcés-Chávez; K. Dholakia
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Three-dimensional intensity distribution of helico-conical optical beams
Author(s): Carlo Amadeo Alonzo; Peter John Rodrigo; Ivan R. Perch-Nielsen; Jesper Glückstad
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Laguerre-Gaussian supercontinuum
Author(s): H. I. Sztul; V. Kartazayev; R. R. Alfano
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Colloidal statistical mechanics in optical vortices
Author(s): Y. Roichman; D. G. Grier
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Non-integral vortex structures in diffracted light beams
Author(s): S. Baumann; E. J. Galvez
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