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Optoelectronic Integrated Circuits IX
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Volume Number: 6476
Date Published: 6 February 2007
Softcover: 30 papers (310) pages
ISBN: 9780819465894

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Matter: Volume 6476
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
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Waveguides and devices in silicon photonics: polarization independence
Author(s): G. T. Reed; B. D. Timotijevic; F. Y Gardes; G. Z. Mashanovich; W. R. Headley; N. G Emerson
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Hybrid integration platform based on silica-on-silicon planar lightwave circuit
Author(s): Wenhua Lin; C. Jacob Sun; Kevin M. Schmidt
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ROADM architectures and technologies for agile optical networks
Author(s): Louay Eldada
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Silicon microspheres for integrated photonics
Author(s): Ulas Kemal Ayaz; Adnan Kurt; Ali Serpengüzel
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Microring and microdisk resonator integrated circuits on a silicon chip
Author(s): Andrew W. Poon; Linjie Zhou; Chao Li; Nick K. Hon; Hui Chen
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Nanophotonics for information systems
Author(s): M. Nezhad; M. Abashin; K. Ikeda; L. Pang; H. C. Kim; U. Levy; K. Tetz; R. Rokitski; Y. Fainman
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Optical integrated circuits and networks on microscale/nanoscale
Author(s): El-Hang Lee; S. G. Lee; B. H. O; S. G. Park; K. H. Kim; S. H. Song
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Analysis of extraneous self-images with weak-guiding multimode interference structure for wavelength MUX
Author(s): Jong-Kyun Hong; Jong-In Jung; Jung-Ha Kim; Sang-Sun Lee
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Integrated Sagnac loop mirror circuit for fiber laser
Author(s): Tae Ho Lee; Chang-Seok Kim; Myung Yung Jeong
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A high-dynamic range transimpedance amplifier with compression
Author(s): D. Mičušík; H. Zimmermann
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Linear trans-impedance amplifier with functional active loads for analog optical communication systems
Author(s): Do-Gyun Kim; Woon-Kyung Choi; Hyung-Won Kang; In-Il Jung; Young-Wan Choi
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Free-space quantum key distribution at GHz repetition rates
Author(s): J. C. Bienfang; Daniel Rogers; Alessandro Restelli; Charles W. Clark; Carl J. Williams; Alan Mink; Barry Hershman; Tassos Nakassis; X. Tang; D. Su
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Progress toward quantum communications networks: opportunities and challenges
Author(s): Robert J. Runser; Thomas Chapuran; Paul Toliver; Nicholas A. Peters; Matthew S. Goodman; Jon T. Kosloski; Nnake Nweke; Scott R. McNown; Richard J. Hughes; Danna Rosenberg; Charles G. Peterson; Kevin P. McCabe; Jane E. Nordholt; Kush Tyagi; Philip A. Hiskett; Nicholas Dallmann
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Low-cost micro-optics for PCB-level photonic interconnects
Author(s): Jürgen Van Erps; Christof Debaes; Michael Vervaeke; Lieven Desmet; Nina Hendrickx; Geert Van Steenberge; Heidi Ottevaere; Pedro Vynck; Virginia Gomez; Sara Van Overmeire; Yuzo Ishii; Peter Van Daele; Alex Hermanne; Hugo Thienpont
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Fabrication of a flexible optical printed circuit board (FO-PCB)
Author(s): Hyun-Shik Lee; Shin-Mo An; Seung Gol Lee; B. H. O; Se Geon Park; El-Hang Lee
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Nanophotonic devices and systems to enable optical interconnects
Author(s): D. V. Plant
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Application of two-photon 3D lithography for the fabrication of embedded ORMOCER waveguides
Author(s): V. Schmidt; L. Kuna; V. Satzinger; R. Houbertz; G. Jakopic; G. Leising
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Type II InAs/GaSb superlattice focal plane arrays for high-performance third generation infrared imaging and free-space communications
Author(s): Manijeh Razeghi; Andrew Hood; Allan Evans
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Ultra-compact monolithically integrated photonic switches in InP
Author(s): Dan A. Yanson; Mark Silver; Omar Vassalli; Margaret Campbell; Graeme Masterton; Stewart D. McDougall; John H. Marsh
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Q-modulated semiconductor laser
Author(s): Jian-Jun He
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Postgrowth wavelength engineering of InAs/InAlGaAs/InP quantum-dash-in-well lasers
Author(s): Hery S. Djie; Yang Wang; Boon S. Ooi; Dong-Ning Wang; James C. M. Hwang; Ying Wu; Xiao-Ming Fang; Joel Fastenau; Amy W. K. Liu; Gerard T. Dang; Wayne H. Chang
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Fabrication of 45o-micro-reflector-ended polymer waveguides using one-step UV embossing technique
Author(s): Shinmo An; Hyun-Shik Lee; Seung-Gul Lee; Beom-Hoan O; Hyong-Hon Kim; Se-Geun Park; El-Hang Lee
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Novel 1x3 wavelength MUX/DeMUX using extraneous self-imaging phenomenon
Author(s): Jong-Kyun Hong; Jong-In Jung; Jong-Man Park; Sang-Sun Lee
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Novel bio-signal processing technique with hybrid bio-system integrated with optical microcavity ring resonator
Author(s): In-Il Jung; Doo Gun Kim; Woon-Kyung Choi; Do-Gyun Kim; Young Wan Choi
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Fabrication of polymer AWG demultiplexer using embossing technique
Author(s): Chul-Hyun Choi; Min Woo Lee; Jun-Ho Sung; Bo-Soon Kim; Jeong Su Yang; El-Hang Lee; Beom-Hoan O
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Preparation of surfactant-induced nanoporous polymer film
Author(s): Se-Chul Lee; Hyun Suk Kim; In-Joo Chin
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Photonic crystal group delay device for optical code division multiple access
Author(s): Jun-Ho Sung; Chul-Hyun Choi; Min Woo Lee; Seung Gol Lee; El-Hang Lee; Beom-Hoan O
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Design and characterization of an out-of-plane polymer waveguide grating coupler
Author(s): Jeong Su Yang; Chul Hyun Choi; Beom-hoan O; Seung Gol Lee; El-Hang Lee
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Nano patterning fabrication by low energy microcolumn lithography
Author(s): Takatoshi Yoshimoto; Seok Hyun Hwang; Kyong Hon Kim; Do Jin Seong; Dea Wook Kim; Young Chul Kim; Seung Jun Ahn; Ho Seob Kim
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Temperature-insensitive refractometer based on a thermo-optically optimized long-period waveguide grating
Author(s): Seok Hyun Hwang; Kyong Hon Kim; Suk-mock Lee; Min-Hee Lee; Shin-Mo An; El-Hang Lee
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