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Laser-based Micro- and Nanopackaging and Assembly
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Volume Number: 6459
Date Published: 8 March 2007
Softcover: 32 papers (300) pages
ISBN: 9780819465726

Table of Contents
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Front Matter: Volume 6459
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Requirements and potentialities of packaging for bioreactors with LTCC and polymer
Author(s): Udo Klotzbach; Volker Franke; Frank Sonntag; Lothar Morgenthal; Eckhard Beyer
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Laser welding of micro plastic parts
Author(s): E. Haberstroh; W.-M. Hoffmann
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Hybrid micro-optical system integration by laserbeam soldering
Author(s): Erik Beckert; Ramona Eberhardt; Henrik Banse; Andreas Tünnermann; Frank Buchmann; Matthias Fettke
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Laser-based rework in electronics production
Author(s): Florian Albert; Ihor Mys; Michael Schmidt
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Combined laser texturing and molecular vapor deposition for wetting angle control
Author(s): Martin F. Jensen; Kasper Vestentoft; Kenneth B. Haugshøj; Leif Højslet Christensen
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Laser-assisted modification of polymers for microfluidic, micro-optics, and cell culture applications
Author(s): W. Pfleging; R. Adamietz; H. J. Brückner; M. Bruns; A. Welle
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Rapid prototyping of micro-fluidic components by laser beam processing
Author(s): Martin Wehner; Philipp Jacobs; Reinhart Poprawe
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Laser micromachining of optical biochips
Author(s): Andrew D. Goater; Julian P. H. Burt; David J. Morris; Anoop Menachery; Nadeem H. Rizvi; Daniel R. Matthews; Huw D. Summers
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Development of micro-mirrors in optical-electric printed wiring boards using excimer laser
Author(s): T. Matsushima; K. Tanaka; T. Nakashiba; Y. Yagyu; M. Kubo
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Femtosecond laser microfabrication of subwavelength structures in photonics
Author(s): Vladimir Mezentsev; Jovana S. Petrovic; Mykhaylo Dubov; Ian Bennion; Jürgen Dreher; Holger Schmitz; Rainer Grauer
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Deep-UV laser-based nano-patterning with holographic techniques
Author(s): Daisuke Sawaki; Jun Amako
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Machining hole arrays in polyimide using a UV solid state laser and predetermined temporal pulse patterns
Author(s): Claire Mullan; Diana Ilie; Gerard M. O'Connor; Sebastian Favre; Thomas J. Glynn
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Processing benefits of high repetition rate and high average power 355 nm laser for micromachining of microelectronics packaging materials
Author(s): Rajesh S. Patel; James Bovatsek
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New high repetition rate, high energy 308 nm excimer laser for material processing
Author(s): Ludolf Herbst; Ingo Klaft; Kai Schmidt; Igor Bragin; Hans-Stephan Albrecht
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Potentials of fiber laser technology in microfabrication
Author(s): Volker Franke; Udo Klotzbach; Michael Panzner; Roger Püschel
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High-precision small geometry laser trimming for emerging microelectronics devices
Author(s): Bo Gu
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The promise of solar energy: applications and opportunities for laser processing in the manufacturing of solar cells
Author(s): Corey M. Dunsky
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Mechanisms of femtosecond laser nanomachining of dielectric surfaces
Author(s): Sergey I. Kudryashov; A. Joglekar; G. Mourou; A. A. Ionin; V. D. Zvorykin; A. J. Hunt
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Micro-machining of the ceramics: Can lasers match the performance of diamond saws?
Author(s): Daniel Patterson; Gurinder P. Singh
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The Laser MicroJet (LMJ): a multi-solution technology for high quality micro-machining
Author(s): Tuan Anh Mai; Bernold Richerzhagen; Paul C. Snowdon; David Wood; Paul G. Maropoulos
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Laser-induced formation of photocatalytic TiO2 micro networks on a UV-absorbing glass surface
Author(s): Aiko Narazaki; Yoshizo Kawaguchi; Hiroyuki Niino; Masanori Shojiya; Hirotaka Koyo; Keiji Tsunetomo
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Laser modification of ceramic surfaces with micro- and nano- particles
Author(s): Magnus Rohde
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Fabrication of back-gated SWNT field-effect transistor by laser chemical vapor deposition
Author(s): J. Shi; Y. S. Zhou; Y. F. Lu; Y. S. Lin; S. H. Liou
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Enhancement of Raman scattering using silica microparticles
Author(s): K. J. Yi; Y. F. Lu; H. Wang; Z. Y. Yang
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Precision laser bending of thin precious metal alloys
Author(s): R. C. Campbell; B. R. Campbell; T. M. Lehecka; J. A. Palmer; G. A. Knorovsky
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Laser-assisted maskless fabrication of flexible electronics
Author(s): Costas P. Grigoropoulos; Seung Hwan Ko; Heng Pan; Jaewon Chung; Dimos Poulikakos
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Laser deposition and structuring of laser active planar waveguides of Er:ZBLAN, Nd:YAG and Nd:GGG for integrated waveguide lasers
Author(s): Jens Gottmann; Leonid Moiseev; Dirk Wortmann; Ion Vasilief; Larisa Starovoytova; Dimitri Ganser; Ralph Wagner
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Deposition of functionalized nanoparticles in multilayer thin-film structures by resonant infrared laser ablation
Author(s): Michael R. Papantonakis; Erik Herz; Duane L. Simonson; Ulrich B. Wiesner; Richard F. Haglund
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CO2 laser-assisted local deposition of diamond films by combustion-flame method
Author(s): H. Ling; Y. X. Han; Y. F. Lu
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Synthesis of diamond on WC-Co substrates using a KrF excimer laser in combination with a combustion flame
Author(s): Y. X. Han; H. Ling; Y. F. Lu
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CNT-BLU fabrication by laser-induced local material transfer
Author(s): Chung-Wei Cheng; Shih-Chieh Liao; Hui-Ta Chen; Jeng-Rong Ho; J-W John Cheng; Hung-Yu Liao; Lin-En Chou
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Microstructure devices generation by selective laser melting
Author(s): Juergen J. Brandner; Edgar Hansjosten; Eugen Anurjew; Wilhelm Pfleging; Klaus Schubert
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