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Laser Resonators and Beam Control IX
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Volume Number: 6452
Date Published: 8 February 2007

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Front Matter: Volume 6452
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Beam-quality enhancement in multi-kW rod-based lasers by use of radially polarized light and phase-front correction
Author(s): Inon Moshe; Steven Jackel; Avi Meir; Yaakov Lumer; Galina Machavariani; Shai Rosenberg
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Dynamically-tuned microresonator complexes
Author(s): Michelle L. Povinelli; Sunil Sandhu; Jung-Tsung Shen; Mehmet Fatih Yanik; Shanhui Fan
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Dispersive elements for enhanced-laser gyroscopy and cavity stabilization
Author(s): David D. Smith; Hongrok Chang; L. Arissian; J. C. Diels
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Nanojet-induced modes in 1D chains of microspheres
Author(s): A. M. Kapitonov; V. N. Astratov
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Accuracy of laser beam parameters and beam propagation from real-time Hartmann-Shack experiments
Author(s): Bernd Schäfer; Klaus Mann
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Beam quality measurements with Shack-Hartmann wavefront sensor and M2-sensor: comparison of two methods
Author(s): J. V. Sheldakova; A. V. Kudryashov; V. Y. Zavalova; T. Y. Cherezova
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Improvement and commissioning of a novel technology for the measurement of laser-beam profiles
Author(s): Simon R. G. Hall; David Robinson; Steven D. Knox; Hui Yang; Andrew Scott; Simon Woods; Andrew J. Turner; Andrew Lewin
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Beam profiling at focus: the search for the Holy Grail
Author(s): Lawrence I. Green
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Adaptive optics control of solid-state lasers
Author(s): Walter Lubeigt; David Burns
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Far field laser intensity distribution formation by means of intracavity adaptive optics
Author(s): Inna V. Ilyina; Tatyana Yu. Cherezova; Alexis V. Kudryashov
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Adaptive wavelets applied to mode-structure stability in diode-laser arrays
Author(s): Katherine J. Jones
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Odd-mode separation in hemispheric resonator with bi-prism like element
Author(s): Yurij Parkhomenko; Boris Spektor; Joseph Shamir
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Experimental and theoretical study of a coaxial, hybrid-stable-unstable resonator for high-power lasers
Author(s): Bodo Ehlers; Jochen Deile; Shadi Sumrain; Viktor Granson; Francisco Villarreal; Viorel Negoita
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Bound whispering gallery modes in circular arrays of dielectric spherical particles
Author(s): Alexander L. Burin; Gail S. Blaustein; Olga M. Samoilova
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How to simulate the whispering-gallery modes of dielectric microresonators in FEMLAB/COMSOL
Author(s): Mark Oxborrow
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Lasing eigenvalue problems: the electromagnetic modelling of microlasers
Author(s): Trevor Benson; Alexander Nosich; Elena Smotrova; Mikhail Balaban; Phillip Sewell
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Overview of novel integrated optical ring resonator bio/chemical sensors
Author(s): Xudong Fan; Ian M. White; Hongying Zhu; Jonanthan D. Suter; Hesam Oveys
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The maximum group delay in a resonator: an unconventional approach
Author(s): Andrey B. Matsko; Anatoliy A. Savchenkov; Vladimir S. Ilchenko; Dmitry Strekalov; Lute Maleki
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Semiclassical dynamics of light beams supported by adiabatically tapered nanofibers
Author(s): M. Sumetsky
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Biochemical detection with optical whispering-gallery resonaters
Author(s): Ying Lin; Vladimir Ilchenko; Jay Nadeau; Lute Maleki
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Dome-shaped microresonators and the Born-Oppenheimer method
Author(s): Jens U. Nöckel; David H. Foster
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Photonic molecules made of matched and mismatched microcavities: new functionalities of microlasers and optoelectronic components
Author(s): Svetlana V. Boriskina; Trevor M. Benson; Phillip Sewell
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Confined modes in photonic microtube structures
Author(s): John F. Donegan; Yury P. Rakovich; Yurii Gun'ko; Tania S. Perova; R. Alan Moore
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Efficient generation of truncated Bessel beams using cylindrical waveguides
Author(s): Vladimir S. Ilchenko; Makan Mohageg; Andrey B. Matsko; Anatoliy A. Savchenkov; Lute Maleki
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Micro-sphere resonator reflector for fiber laser
Author(s): Khanh Kieu; Masud Mansuripur
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Optical modes in linear arrays of dielectric spherical particles: a numerical investigation
Author(s): Gail S. Blaustein; Alexander L. Burin
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Real-time measurement of laser beam quality factor (M²) by imaging transverse scattered light
Author(s): Kelly Cristina Jorge; Rudimar Riva; Nicolau Andre Silveira Rodrigues; Marcelo G. Destro
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Subpicosecond vacuum ultraviolet laser system for advanced materials processing
Author(s): Shoichi Kubodera; Yuta Taniguchi; Akira Hosotani; Masahito Katto; Atsushi Yokotani; Noriaki Miyanaga; Kunioki Mima
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Mode selectivity of random lasing in one-dimensional model
Author(s): Seiji Takeda; Minoru Obara
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Acoustic measurement method in investigation of optical phenomena in a modulated CO2 laser plasma
Author(s): Dorota A. Wojaczek; Edward F. Plinski; Lukasz Rosinski; Robert Trawinski
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