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Remote Sensing of the Marine Environment
Editor(s): Robert J. Frouin; Vijay K. Agarwal; Hiroshi Kawamura; Shailesh Nayak; Delu Pan
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Volume Number: 6406
Date Published: 20 November 2006
Softcover: 46 papers (452) pages
ISBN: 9780819465139

Table of Contents
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A stochastic technique for remote sensing of ocean color
Author(s): Robert Frouin; Bruno Pelletier
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Cloud effects on chlorophyll retrieval algorithm of MODIS
Author(s): KePing Du; Yonggang Gao; ZhongPing Lee; Ying Xi; Jindi Wang
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Estimation of aerosol altitude from reflectance ratio measurements in the O2 A-band
Author(s): P. Dubuisson; R. Frouin; L. Duforêt; D. Dessailly; K. J. Voss; D. Antoine
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Satellite ocean color observation with 250 m spatial resolution using ADEOS-II GLI
Author(s): Hiroshi Murakami; Mitsuhiro Toratani; Hajime Fukushima
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Evaluation of the CMODIS-measured radiance
Author(s): Zhihua Mao; Delu Pan; Haiqing Huang
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Estimation of chlorophyll-a concentration from satellite ocean color data in upper gulf of Thailand
Author(s): Mitsuhiro Toratani; Hiroshi Kobayashi; Satsuki Matsumura; Absonsuda Siripong; Thaithaworn Lerdwithayaprasith
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Spectral signature characters based on measurement in situ of high-turbid water in Yangtze River estuary
Author(s): Fang Shen; Jie Zhang; Zhiguo Liu; Zhihua Mao
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Evaluation of the impact of backscatter spectral characteristics on Chl retrievals in coastal waters
Author(s): S. Ahmed; A. Gilerson; J. Zhou; J. Chowdhary; I. Ioannou; R. Amin; B. Gross; F. Moshary
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An empirical method to estimate bulk particulate refractive index for ocean satellite applications
Author(s): T. Suresh; Elgar Desa; Antonio Mascaranahas; S. G. Prabhu Matondkar; Puneeta Naik; S. R. Nayak
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Artificial neural network (ANN)-based simultaneous inversion of optically active ocean-colour variables from IRS-P4 OCM data
Author(s): Prakash Chauhan; P. V. Nagamani; R. M. Dwivedi
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Ocean color monitor sensor
Author(s): Rameshchandra Parmar; Somya Sarkar; Chirag Dewan; Satyaharischandrarao Undurti; Himanshu Pandya; Hemal Bhagat; Manoj Detroja; Harish Seth
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MAUVE/SWIPE: an imaging instrument concept with multi-angular, -spectral, and -polarized capability for remote sensing of aerosols, ocean color, clouds, and vegetation from space
Author(s): Robert Frouin; Pierre-Yves Deschamps; Richard Rothschild; Edward Stephan; Philippe Leblanc; Fred Duttweiler; Tony Ghaemi; Jérôme Riedi
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Preliminarily study on coastal water quality classification by satellite data
Author(s): Delu Pan; Xiaoyu Zhang; Haiqing Huang; Zhihua Mao
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Suspended sediment dynamics regulated by the macrotidal regime: evidences from the OCM P-4 data
Author(s): Onkar S. Chauhan; S. Jayakumar; A. A. A. Menezes; C. Almeida; G. Bandekar; M. Talaulikar; A. S. Rajawat; S. R. Nayak
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Capabilities of three satellite images to map coral reefs at Dong-Sha Atoll
Author(s): Jianyu Chen; Zhihua Mao; Delu Pan; Xianqiang He
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Satellite radar altimetry from open ocean to coasts: challenges and perspectives
Author(s): Stefano Vignudelli; Helen M. Snaith; Florent Lyard; Paolo Cipollini; Fabio Venuti; Florence Birol; Jérôme Bouffard; Laurent Roblou
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Improved satellite altimetry for the observation of coastal ocean dynamics: a case study for the northern Indian Ocean
Author(s): F. Durand; D. Shankar; F. Birol; S. S. C. Shenoi; L. Roblou; F. Lyard; Y. Ménard
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Prediction of coastal winds using scatterometer and tower observations
Author(s): Abhijit Sarkar; K. Satheesan; Sujit Basu; G. V. Rama
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Characteristics of merchant vessels in spaceborne SAR imagery
Author(s): Peng Chen; Weigen Huang; Jingsong Yang; Bin Fu; XiuLin Lou; Huagon Zhang
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Ocean color product intersensor evaluation for HAB bulletins
Author(s): Sathyadev Ramachandran; Phillip Keegstra; Joaquin Trinanes; Ramesh Sinha
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Integrated coastal zone management plan and coastal zone information system for Mangalore Coast, West Coast of India
Author(s): G. S. Dwarakish; Dinakar Shetty; Rajarama Rao; Jagadeesh Pai; Usha Natesan
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Remote sensing analysis of spatio-temporal evolvement of estuarine tidal flat of Qiantangjiang River, China
Author(s): Huaguo Zhang; Weigan Huang; Changbao Zhou
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Landform and land use changes in CRZ of Mandovi River, Goa
Author(s): Laxmi Reddy
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Basin scale distribution of Trichodesmium spp. in the Arabian Sea using Oceansat I/OCM
Author(s): S. G. Prabhu Matondkar; Sushma G. Parab; Elgar Desa; R. M. Dwivedi
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Summer chlorophyll-a distribution in eastern Arabian Sea off Karnataka-Goa coast from satellite and in-situ observations
Author(s): B. R. Raghavan; Mini Raman; P. Chauhan; B. Sunil Kumar; S. K. Shylini; R. S. Mahendra; S. R. Nayak
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Seasonality in subsurface chlorophyll maxima in the Arabian Sea: detection by IRS-P4/OCM and implication of it to primary productivity
Author(s): S. G. Prabhu Matondkar; Sushma Parab; R. M. Dwivedi
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Environmental studies of the Arabian Sea using remote sensing and GIS
Author(s): Ashlesha Saxena; Andrew Menezes
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A quantitative method for describing the seasonal cycles of surface chlorophyll in the Indian Ocean
Author(s): M. Lévy; J.-M. André; D. Shankar; F. Durand; S. S. C. Shenoi
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Biological impact of Hurricane Ignacio (2003) in the Eastern Pacific Ocean as observed through MODIS data
Author(s): César Fuentes-Yaco; José Eduardo Valdez-Holguín; Trevor Platt; Shubha Sathyendranath; Jochen Halfar; Lucio Godinez Orta; José Manuel Borges; Emmanuel Devred
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On the warm pool dynamics in the southeastern Arabian Sea during April–May 2005 based on the satellite remote sensing and ARGO float data
Author(s): V. S. N. Murty; S. Murali Krishna; A. Nagaraju; Y. K. Somayajulu; V. Ramesh Babu; D. Sengupta; P. R. Sindu; M. Ravichandran; G. Rajesh
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Interannual variability of the Equatorial jets in the Indian Ocean from merged altimetry data
Author(s): Y. K. Somayajulu; V. S. N. Murty; C. Neelima; P. S. V. Jagadeesh
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Chlorophyll-specific absorption of phytoplankton in waters of Zhujiang River mouth, China
Author(s): Dingtian Yang; Wenxi Cao; Delu Pan
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Bio-optical model of chromatic dissolved organic matter in Lake TaiHu, China
Author(s): Dingtian Yang; Weimin Chen; Zhihua Mao
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General exact Rayleigh scattering look-up-table for ocean color remote sensing
Author(s): Xianqiang He; Delu Pan; Yan Bai; Zhihua Mao; Fang Gong
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Atmospheric correction for channel 1 and 2 of MODIS
Author(s): Qian Cheng; Delu Pan; Haiqing Huang; Zhihua Mao
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A study of QuikSCAT measured backscattering coefficient data over global natural targets
Author(s): K. N. Babu; Abhijit Sarkar; K. Satheesan; B. S. Gohil
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Ecosystem service value assessment of coastal area in Lianyungang City using LANDSAT images
Author(s): Qixiang Wang; Anqing Ma; Shang Chen; Xuexi Tang
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Study on seasonal variety of ocean color and delimitation between river and sea in Yellow River Estuary based on TM images
Author(s): Anqing Ma; Qixiang Wang; Shang Chen; Yonggang Jia; Zhenghui Gao
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Satellite and ship studies of phytoplankton in the northeastern Arabian during 2000-2006 period
Author(s): S. G. Prabhu Matondkar; R. M. Dwivedi; Sushma Parab; Suraksha Pednekar; E. S. Desa; A. Mascarenhas; Mini Raman; S. K. Singh
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HydroPPT: a hydrolight pre- and post-data processing toolkit
Author(s): KePing Du; ZhongPing Lee; Curtis D. Mobley
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Closure between remote sensing reflectance and inherent optical properties
Author(s): KePing Du; ZhongPing Lee; Kendall L. Carder
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Satellite observation of a red tide in the East China Sea during 2005
Author(s): Xiulin Lou; Weigen Huang; Xianmou Mao; Aiqin Shi; Huaguo Zhang; Peng Chen
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Atmospheric correction of satellite ocean color data in turbid coastal waters
Author(s): Yu-Hwan Ahn; Palanisamy Shanmugam; Joo-Hyung Ryu
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Secchi depth analysis using bio-optical parameters measured in the Arabian Sea
Author(s): T. Suresh; Puneeta Naik; Mangesh Bandishte; Elgar Desa; Antonio Mascaranahas; S. G. Prabhu Matondkar
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Textural analysis for the detection of dust clouds from infrared satellite images
Author(s): Oumar Diop; Kidiyo Kpalma; Joseph Ronsin
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Progressive atmospheric correction of satellite ocean-color imagery
Author(s): Robert Frouin; Lydwine Gross; Bruno Pelletier
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