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Optical Methods in the Life Sciences

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Volume Number: 6386
Date Published: 17 October 2006

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Five minute analysis of chemotherapy drugs in saliva
Author(s): Chetan Shende; Frank Inscore; Paul Maksymiuk; Stuart Farquharson
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Investigation of the excited states dynamics in the Chl d- containing cyanobacterium Acaryochloris marina by time and wavelength correlated single-photon counting
Author(s): Franz-Josef Schmitt; Christoph Theiss; Karin Wache; Justus Fuesers; Stefan Andree; Andrianto Handojo; Anne Karradt; Daniela Kiekebusch; Hans Joachim Eichler; Hann-Jörg Eckert
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Response of cytoskeletal microtubule organization to a xenobiotic estimated from image classification
Author(s): Giovanni Franco Crosta; Laura Fumarola; Chiara Urani
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Colony scoring in hematotoxicity assays by an image stack classifier: first results
Author(s): Giovanni Franco Crosta; Laura Fumarola; Ilaria Malerba; Laura Gribaldo M.D.
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Optical speckle angular correlation and fractal property of a composite of cancer/normal cell layers with application for laboratory monitoring of drug efficacy
Author(s): Regina Sullivan; R. Subramaniam; P. S. Schneider; A. Flamholz; G. Tremberger Jr.; E. Cheung; S. Rotenberg; P. K. Wong; D. H. Lieberman; T. D. Cheung; Rafael Perez
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Mid-infrared electroluminescence from InAs self-assembled quantum dots
Author(s): D. Wasserman; S. H. Howard; C. Gmachl; S. A. Lyon; J. Cederberg; E. A. Shaner
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Silicon-on-lithium niobate waveguides for mid-infrared
Author(s): Mehmet Solmaz; Christi K. Madsen
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Recent progress by mid-IR antimonide type-II “W” interband cascade lasers and LWIR detectors
Author(s): C. L. Canedy; I. Vurgaftman; W. W. Bewley; C. S. Kim; M. Kim; J. R. Lindle; J. R. Meyer; E. H. Aifer; J. G. Tischler; J. H. Warner; E. M. Jackson
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Probing the electronic and optical properties of quantum cascade lasers under operating conditions
Author(s): D. G. Revin; M. R. Soulby; J. W. Cockburn; A. B. Krysa; J. S. Roberts; R. J. Airey; R. Nelander; M. F. Pereira; A. Wacker
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Spectral tuning and mode competition of quantum cascade lasers studied by time-resolved Fourier transform spectroscopy
Author(s): F. Fuchs; B. Kirn; Ch. Mann; Q. Yang; W. Bronner; B. Raynor; K. Köhler; J. Wagner
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In-plane integration of quantum cascade lasers with resonant intersubband nonlinearities
Author(s): Feng Xie; V. R. Chaganti; Don Smith; Alexey Belyanin
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Intersubband nonlinearities in GaAs-based quantum cascade lasers
Author(s): S. Schartner; M. Austerer; C. Pflügl; T. Roch; A. M. Andrews; W. Schrenk; G. Strasser
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Breath test for o.s.s. detection in humans compared to free radical analysis in blood
Author(s): Gianfranco Giubileo; Dimitri Mandolesi; Sandro Mandolesi; Adriana Puiu
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Breath acetone detection
Author(s): Steve M. Massick; Andrei Vakhtin
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A mid-IR ICL-based sensor for field measurements of ambient CH4
Author(s): D. Sonnenfroh; R. Varner; M. Silva; M. Allen
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Gas phase photoacoustic spectroscopy in the long-wave IR using quartz tuning forks and amplitude modulated quantum cascade lasers
Author(s): Michael D. Wojcik; Mark C. Phillips; Bret D. Cannon
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Tunable THz source based on frequency conversion in quasi-phase-matched GaAs
Author(s): K. L. Vodopyanov; J. Schaar; M. M. Fejer; X. Yu; J. S. Harris; Y.-S. Lee; V. G. Kozlov; G. Imeshev; M. E. Fermann; D. Bliss; C. Lynch
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Interstitial doppler OCT monitoring of microvascular shutdown during photodynamic therapy in a Dunning prostate model: irradiance rate dependences
Author(s): Beau A. Standish; Xiao Jin; Jurek Smolen; Adrian Mariampillai; Nigel R. Munce; I. Alex Vitkin; Victor X. D. Yang
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Photonic lattice-based quantum cascade lasers at terahertz frequencies
Author(s): Lorenzo Sirigu; Romain Terazzi; Giacomo Scalari; Maria I. Amanti; Marcella Giovannini; Jérôme Faist; L. Andrea Dunbar; Romuald Houdré
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Terahertz pulsed imaging and spectroscopy of breast tumors
Author(s): Vincent P. Wallace; Emma MacPherson; Anthony J. Fitzgerald; Thomas Lo; Elena Provenzano; Sarah Pinder; Anand Purushotham
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Device and application of quantum well photodetectors for terahertz region
Author(s): H. Luo; H. C. Liu; C. Y. Song; Z. R. Wasilewski; A. J. SpringThorpe
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