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Nanomaterial Synthesis and Integration for Sensors, Electronics, Photonics, and Electro-Optics

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Volume Number: 6370
Date Published: 19 October 2006

Table of Contents
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Transport and assembly of nanowires in suspension
Author(s): D. L. Fan; F. Q. Zhu; R. C. Cammarata; C. L. Chien
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A nanotube-on-insulator (NOI) approach toward scalable and integratable nanotube devices on sapphire
Author(s): Chongwu Zhou; Xiaolei Liu; Song Han; Koungmin Ryu; Bo Lei; Alexander Badmaev; Jayakanth Ravichandran; Lei Dong
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Luminescent quantum dots for cellular analysis
Author(s): Zeev Rosenzweig; Lifang Shi; Nitsa Rosenzweig
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Catalyst-free selective-area MOVPE of semiconductor nanowires
Author(s): Junichi Motohisa; Takashi Fukui
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A modified high-resolution TEM for thermoelectric properties measurements of nanowires and nanotubes
Author(s): C. Dames; S. Chen; C. T. Harris; J. Y. Huang; Z. F. Ren; M. S. Dresselhaus; G. Chen
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Electrical properties of single-walled carbon nanotube films
Author(s): Ant Ural
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A computational study of carbon nanotube optoelectronic devices
Author(s): Youngki Yoon; Yijian Ouyang; Muhammad A. Alam; Jing Guo
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Analysis and design of key phenomena in electronics: nanostructures and devices
Author(s): Neil Goldsman; Akin Akturk
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Synthesis, characterization, and physical properties of transition metal silicide nanowires
Author(s): Song Jin; Andrew L. Schmitt; Lei Zhu; Yipu Song; Jeannine Szcech
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Growth and characterization of single crystal InAs nanowire arrays and their application to plasmonics
Author(s): S. M. Prokes; H. D. Park; O. J. Glembocki
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Metal organic chemical vapor deposition of indium phosphide nanoneedles on non-single crystal silicon surfaces
Author(s): Nobuhiko P. Kobayashi; Shih-Yuan Wang; Charles Santori; R. Stanley Williams
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New bio-inorganic photo-electronic devices based on photosynthetic proteins
Author(s): Nikolai Lebedev; Scott Trammell; Igor Griva; Anthony Spano
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Sensing using nanostructured metal oxide thin films
Author(s): G. Kiriakidis; D. Dovinos; M. Suchea
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Nanoscale antimony pH probe
Author(s): Pai-Chun Chang; Jian-Shan Ye; Fwu-Shan Sheu; Jia Grace Lu
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The effect of morphology and surface doping on sensitization of quasi-1D metal oxide nanowire gas sensors
Author(s): A. Kolmakov
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Lanthanide complexes with more intense luminescence: a strategy for the formation of polymetallic lanthanide dendrimer complexes and semiconductor nanocrystal compounds
Author(s): Demetra A. Chengelis; Adrienne M. Yingling; Grzegorz Filipczyk; Stéphane Petoud
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Noble metal nanoparticle arrays: control of size, shape, and placement via chemical self-assembly
Author(s): Ju H. Choi; George Saddiqi; Jere A. Wilson; Regina Ragan
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Surface modification of nanocrystalline zinc oxide for bio-sensing applications
Author(s): Jason W. Soares; Diane M. Steeves; David P. Ziegler; Barry S. DeCristofano
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Ordered DNA arrays prepared via soft lithography
Author(s): Mashiur Rahman; B. Scott Day; Huan Cao; Heather Butts; Michael L. Norton
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Resonant-enhanced localized surface plasmon resonance spectroscopy
Author(s): Amanda J. Haes; George C. Schatz; Richard P. Van Duyne
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Nonlithographic nanostructure devices and circuits
Author(s): B. Das; A. Banerjee
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Transmission line circuit representation of surface plasmon waves
Author(s): A. Tarlis; J. Sarma; F. Causa
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Heterogeneous integration of semiconducting and carbide nanowires on Si substrates
Author(s): Loucas Tsakalakos; Seth T. Taylor; Reed R. Corderman; Joleyn Balch; Jody Fronheiser
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Image-based nanocrystallography with online database support
Author(s): Peter Moeck; Ján Zahornadský; Boris Dušek; Philip Fraundorf
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Gallium nitride nanowires: polar surface controlled growth, ohmic contact patterning by focused ion-beam-induced direct Pt deposition and disorder effects, variable range hopping, and resonant electromechanical properties
Author(s): Chang-Yong Nam; Douglas Tham; Papot Jaroenapibal; Jinyong Kim; David E. Luzzi; Stephane Evoy; John E. Fischer
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The Wigner function in signal processing of nanostructures
Author(s): Murali Palmoor; Maha Karouani; Deepu George; Tomas Materdey
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A silicon-based subwavelength structure suitable for sensitive molecular detection
Author(s): G. J. Sonek; V. G. Kreismanis
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Spectral selectivity of photonic crystal infrared photodetctors
Author(s): Li Chen; Weidong Zhou; Zexuan Qiang; Gail J. Brown
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Investigation of nano-domain structure of barium sodium niobate crystals by means of light scattering methods
Author(s): S. V. Ivanova
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