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Eighth International Conference on Quality Control by Artificial Vision
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Volume Number: 6356
Date Published: 23 May 2007
Softcover: 49 papers (484) pages
ISBN: 9780819464514

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Front Matter: Volume 6356
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Dynamic replanning of 3D automated reconstruction using situation graph trees and illumination adjustment
Author(s): Sophie Kohler; Aïcha Beya Far; Ernest Hirsch
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3D digitizing path planning for part inspection with laser scanning
Author(s): Mussa Mahmud; David Joannic; Jean-François Fontaine
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Simulation for an automation of 3D acquistion and post-processing
Author(s): B. Loriot; R. Seulin; P. Gorria; F. Meriaudeau
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Overview of 3D registration techniques including loop minimization for the complete acquisition of large manufactured parts and complex environments
Author(s): E. Batlle; C. Matabosch; J. Salvi
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Quality control of transparent objects with polarization imaging
Author(s): M. Ferraton; C. Stolz; O. Morel; F. Meriaudeau
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Automatic generation of image acquisition conditions for the quality control of specular surfaces
Author(s): Juan Manuel García-Chamizo; Andrés Fuster-Guilló; Jorge Azorín-López
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Measurement of the three-dimensional mirror parameters by polarization imaging applied to catadioptric camera calibration
Author(s): Olivier Morel; Ralph Seulin; David Fofi
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Relief extraction of rough textured reflecting surface by image processing
Author(s): Xin Huang; Jacques Brochard; David Helbert; Majdi Khoudeir
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A vision-based material tracking system for heavy plate rolling mills
Author(s): Mark Tratnig; Johann Reisinger; Helmut Hlobil
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Automated multiple view inspection of metal castings
Author(s): Domingo Mery; Miguel Carrasco
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Accurate length measurement of multiple cotton fibers
Author(s): Huapeng Wang; Cui Mao; Hamed Sari-Sarraf; Eric Hequet
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A method of mura intensity quantification using multi-level sliced images
Author(s): Kazutaka Taniguchi; Kunio Ueta; Hiroyuki Onishi; Shoji Tatsumi
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Flaw detection on decorated glasses by color image processing
Author(s): L. Busin; N. Vandenbroucke; L. Macaire; J.-G. Postaire; P. Tahon
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Optical spatial heterodyned interferometry for inspection of microelectromechanical systems
Author(s): Kenneth W. Tobin; Philip R. Bingham; Jeffery R. Price
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Industrial applications of the wavelet and multi-resolution-based signal/image processing: a review
Author(s): Fred Truchetet; Olivier Laligant
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Velocity measurement using motion blurred images to improve the quality of fertiliser spreading in agriculture
Author(s): S. Villette; F. Cointault; P. Zwaenepoel; B. Chopinet; M. Paindavoine
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Simulation of agronomic images for an automatic evaluation of crop/weed discrimination algorithm accuracy
Author(s): G. Jones; Ch. Gée; F. Truchetet
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Development of a machine vision system for a real-time precision sprayer
Author(s): Jérémie Bossu; Christelle Gée; Frédéric Truchetet
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Texture analysis with statistical methods for wheat ear extraction
Author(s): M. Bakhouche; F. Cointault; P. Gouton
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Rational supershapes for surface reconstruction
Author(s): Y. D. Fougerolle; A. Gribok; S. Foufou; F. Truchetet; M. A. Abidi
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Feature extraction and classification in surface grading application using multivariate statistical projection models
Author(s): José M. Prats-Montalbán; Fernando López; José M. Valiente; Alberto Ferrer
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Optimizing signal and image processing applications using Intel libraries
Author(s): Jérôme Landré; Frédéric Truchetet
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Robust speckle detection in ultrasound images: evaluation aspects
Author(s): R. Martí; J. Martí; J. Freixenet; J. C. Vilanova; J. Barceló
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From medical data to simple virtual mock-up of scapulo-humeral joint
Author(s): H. Atmani; F. Merienne; D. Fofi; P. Trouilloud
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Parametric active contour for weld defects boundary extraction in radiographic testing
Author(s): A. B. Goumeidane; M. Khamadja; N. Nacereddine; F. Mekhalfa
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A coarse-grained spectral signature generator
Author(s): K. P. Lam; J. C. Austin; C. R. Day
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Optimization of illuminating system to detect optical properties inside a finger
Author(s): Emiko Sano; Masahiro Shikai; Akihide Shiratsuki; Takuji Maeda; Masahito Matsushita; Koichi Sasakawa
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Axis detection method for cylindrical objects
Author(s): Christianne Mulat; Marc Donias; Pierre Baylou; Gérard Vignoles; Christian Germain
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Reaction-diffusion applied to discrete distorted circles for industrial control
Author(s): Fabrice Mairesse; Tadeusz M. Sliwa; Yvon Voisin; Stéphane Binczak
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Analysis and evaluation of facial expression and perceived age for designing automotive frontal views
Author(s): Takayuki Fujiwara; Mikiko Kawasumi; Hiroyasu Koshimizu
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A hardware architecture for fast video object recognition using SVM and Zernike moments
Author(s): Cedric Lemaitre; Johel Miteran; Olivier Aubreton; Romuald Mosqueron
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Moving object detection based on correlation rate subtraction using local region template matching
Author(s): Kunihiro Goto; Fumihiko Saitoh; Kazuhiko Yamamoto; Kunihito Kato
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A new simple algorithm for image processing in Shack-Hartmann wavefront sensing
Author(s): F. D. Kashani; B. Ghafary; S. B. Shokouhi
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Robust focusing by orientation code matching and its application to depth reconstruction
Author(s): Yuan Li; Isao Ohmura; Hidenori Takauji; Shun'ichi Kaneko; Takayuki Tanaka
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Quality assessment for color reproduction using a blind metric
Author(s): B. Bringier; L. Quintard; M-C. Larabi
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Bubble structure evaluation method of sponge cake by suing image morphology
Author(s): Kunihito Kato; Kazuhiko Yamamoto; Masahiko Nonaka; Yukiyo Katsuta; Chinatsu Kasamatsu
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Visual inspection systems and human sensitivity
Author(s): Seiji Hata; Yohei Matsuda; Nobuyuki Kamido
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Non-negative matrix factorization: a study on influence of matrix sparseness and subspace distance metrics on image object recognition
Author(s): Ivan Bajla; Daniel Soukup
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A multistable cellular nonlinear network for quality control by visual inspection
Author(s): B. Nofiele; S. Morfu; P. Marquié
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A practical use of ROC analysis to assess the performances of defects detection algorithms
Author(s): Yann Le Meur; Jean-Michel Vignolle; Jocelyn Chanussot
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Enhancing accuracy of camera rotation angles detected by inaccurate sensors and expressing them in different systems for wide baseline stereo
Author(s): Rimon Elias
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Optical measurement system for the quality control of aeronautic parts: 3D measurement of circular holes and curved edges
Author(s): S. Naudet-Collette; F. Dekeyser; F. Gaspard; Y. Dhome
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Control of the visual and tactile aspects of poultry food according to the poultry food behavior by image analysis
Author(s): R. Hachemi; N. Vincent; N. Lomenie
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Uranus: a rapid prototyping tool for FPGA embedded computer vision
Author(s): Victor Rosales-Hernández; Liz Castillo-Jimenez; Gilberto Viveros-Velez; Virgilio Zuñiga-Grajeda; Abel Treviño Torres; M. Arias-Estrada
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Detection of surfaces for projection of texture
Author(s): Thierry Molinier; David Fofi; Patrick Gorria; Joaquim Salvi
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Local isoplanatism effects removal on infrared sequences
Author(s): Magali Lemaitre; Olivier Laligant; Jacques Blanc-Talon; Fabrice Mériaudeau
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A method of local exposure compensation in color image using color histogram
Author(s): Mamoru Shimanouchi; Shunichiro Oe; Toshiyuki Kashiwagi
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Complex networks: application for texture classification
Author(s): T. Chalumeau; L. da F. Costa; O. Laligant; F. Meriaudeau
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3D vision sensor and its algorithm on clone seedlings plant system
Author(s): Jun-ichiro Hayashi; Takehisa Hiroyasu; Hirotaka Hojo; Seiji Hata; Hiroshi Okada
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