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Liquid Crystals X
Editor(s): Iam-Choon Khoo
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Volume Number: 6332
Date Published: 7 September 2006
Softcover: 28 papers (254) pages
ISBN: 9780819464118

Table of Contents
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Quantitative analysis of photoalignment of liquid crystals on coumarin-containing polymer films
Author(s): Chunki Kim; Anita Trajkovska; Jason U. Wallace; Shaw H. Chen
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Viewing angle compensation of various LCD modes by using a liquid crystalline polymer film 'Nisseki LC film'
Author(s): Suzushi Nishimura; Hitoshi Mazaki
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Photonic crystals based on holographic polymer-dispersed liquid crystal films and applications
Author(s): M. S. Li; S. T. Wu; Andy Ying-Guey Fuh
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Single layer liquid crystal optically addressed spatial light modulators
Author(s): N. Collings; O. Trushkevych; W. A. Crossland; T. D. Wilkinson
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Nearly unpolarized and linearly polarized laser generation from dye-doped cholesteric liquid crystal laser using a mirror reflector
Author(s): Ying Zhou; Yuhua Huang; Shin-Tson Wu
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Exploring motion reversal in polymer cholesteric liquid crystal devices
Author(s): T. Z. Kosc; C. J. Coon; G. V. Babcock; K. L. Marshall; A. Trajkovska-Petkoska; S. D. Jacobs
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Feedback-free single-beam pattern formation by nanosecond pulses in dye-doped liquid crystals
Author(s): Nick N. Lepeshkin; Svetlana G. Lukishova; Robert W. Boyd; Kenneth L. Marshall
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Monte Carlo modeling of optical properties of twisted NLC systems: role of anchoring forces
Author(s): Grzegorz Pawlik; Antoni C. Mitus; Francois Kajzar
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Computational chemistry methods for predicting the chiroptical properties of liquid crystal systems: II. Application to chiral azobenzenes
Author(s): Kenneth L. Marshall; Anthony G. Noto; Gallia Painter; Nelson Tabiryan
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Improvements on the refresh rate and dynamical properties of a SLM by sequential readout using an acousto-optic modulator
Author(s): Michael Mestre; Bruno Viaris de Lesegno; René Farcy; Laurence Pruvost; Jérôme Bourderionnet; Anne Delboulbé; Brigitte Loiseaux; Daniel Dolfi
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Tunable photonic devices based on the temperature dependent photonic band gap in chiral nematic liquid crystals
Author(s): Yuhua Huang; Ying Zhou; Shin-Tson Wu
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Novel ferroelectric liquid crystals consisting glassy liquid crystal as chiral dopants
Author(s): Huang-Ming Philip Chen; Yun-Yen Tsai; Chi-Wen Lin; Han-Ping David Shieh
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Topological alignment of NLCs using nanoscale metallic grooves
Author(s): R. Ghannam; N. Collings; W. Crossland; T. Wilkinson
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Recent studies in LC devices and technology
Author(s): U. Efron; B. Apter; R. Israeli; I. David; I. Baal-Zedaka
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Control of the bistable molecular reorientation angle and storage of localized structures in nematic liquid crystals
Author(s): U. Bortolozzo; S. Residori
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A polarization-independent liquid crystal spatial light modulator
Author(s): Michael J. Escuti; W. Michael Jones
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Holographic polymer dispersed liquid crystal (HPDLC) transmission gratings formed by visible light initiated thiol-ene photopolymerization
Author(s): Jeremy M. Wofford; Lalgudi V. Natarajan; Vincent P. Tondiglia; Richard L. Sutherland; Pamela F. Lloyd; Stephen A. Siwecki; Timothy J. Bunning
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Tunable 3D photonic crystals by liquid crystal infiltration
Author(s): C. J. Summers; E. Graugnard; D. P. Gaillot; J. S. King; Y. Zhang-Williams; I. C. Khoo
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A simple formulation for rewritable Bragg holograms with angle and polarization multiplicity
Author(s): Tomiki Ikeda; Atsushi Shishido
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Pattern formation and optical structures in photorefractive liquid crystal light valves
Author(s): S. Residori; U. Bortolozzo; J. P. Huignard
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Simultaneous exhibition of positive and negative nonlinear refractive index in dye-doped liquid crystal in a Z-scan experiment
Author(s): M. D. Iturbe-Castillo; R. Ramos-García; A. A. Rodriguez-Rosales
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Laser trapping of low refractive index colloidal particles in a nematic liquid crystal
Author(s): Igor Muševič; Miha Škarabot; Miha Ravnik; Igor Poberaj; Dušan Babič; Natan Osterman; Andriy Nych; Ulyana Ognysta; Vassili Nazarenko; Slobodan Žumer
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Liquid crystal cladded metallo-dielectric and all-dielectric frequency selective surfaces for broadband tunable optical filters and planar negative index optics
Author(s): A. Diaz; I. C. Khoo; J. Bossard; D. Werner
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Surface vibrational spectroscopic studies of rubbed polyvinyl cinnamate for liquid crystal alignment
Author(s): P. Pagliusi; C. Y. Chen; Y. R. Shen
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Microwatt power optically controlled spatial solitons in azobenzene liquid crystal
Author(s): Svetlana V. Serak; Nelson V. Tabiryan
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Synthesis, liquid crystallinity, and chiroptical properties of sterol-containing polyacetylenes
Author(s): Jacky Wing Yip Lam; Lo Ming Lai; Ben Zhong Tang
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Nonlinear phase contrast microscope
Author(s): L. I. Olivos-Pérez; M. D. Iturbe-Castillo; M. D. Sánchez-de-la-Llave; R. Ramos-García; C. G. Treviño-Palacios
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FDTD analysis of 100% efficient polarization-independent liquid crystal polarization grating
Author(s): Chulwoo Oh; Ravi Komanduri; Michael J. Escuti
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