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Nanophotonic Materials III

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Volume Number: 6321
Date Published: 30 August 2006

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Stepwise assembly of europium sesquioxide nanocrystals and nanoneedles
Author(s): Sameer V. Mahajan; Marcela L. Redígolo; Dmitry S. Koktysh; James H. Dickerson
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Blue emission of YMO4:Eu2+ (M=V,P) nanocrystals prepared through facile wet process
Author(s): Mitsunobu Iwasaki; Naoki Yamashita; Masato Taguchi; Subbian Karuppucharmy; Seishiro Ito; Wonkyu Park
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Nanostructure of GdF3 thin film evaluated by variable angle spectroscopic ellipsometry
Author(s): Jue Wang; Robert Maier; Paul G. Dewa; Horst Schreiber; Robert A. Bellman; David Dawson Elli
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Photoinduced electron transfer in 2-tert-Butyl-3-(Anthracen-9-yl)-2,3-Diazabicyclo[2.2.2]octane
Author(s): Guadalupe Valverde-Aguilar; Jorge Garcia-Macedo; Xianghuai Wang; Jeffrey I. Zink; Stephen F. Nelsen
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Strong photoluminescence caused by optical transitions between electron and hole Tamm-like interface states in ZnSe/BeTe heterostructures
Author(s): A. S. Gurevich; V. P. Kochereshko; A. N. Litvinov; A. V. Platonov; B. A. Zyakin; B. A. Waag; G. Landwehr
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High-performance transparent flexible inorganic-organic hybrid thin-film transistors fabricated at room temperature using n-type In2O3 semiconducting films
Author(s): Lian Wang; Tobin J. Marks
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The enhancement of light efficiency using modified phosphor which is coated sub-micro size sulfonated polystyrene beads
Author(s): Haisung Lee; Yoongon Park; Myungwhun Chang; Gangpil Kim; Sangsu Hong; Hyungsik Won; Jongmyeon Lee; Yongsoo Oh
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Luminescence studies on PZT:Eu3+ sol-gel thin films
Author(s): Jorge Garcia-Macedo; Jesús A. Martinez-Zuñiga; Federico Gonzalez-Garcia; Guadalupe Valverde-Aguilar
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The complex optical response of arrays of aligned multiwalled carbon nanotubes
Author(s): Keith Gregorczyk; Brian Kimball; Joel B. Carlson; Asher Pembroke; Krzysztof Kempa; Zhifeng Ren; Chandra Yelleswarapu; Thomas Kempa; Glynda Benham; Y. Wang; Wenzhi Li; A. Herczynski; Jacob Rybczynski; D. V. G. L. N. Rao
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Optical and structural studies of copper nanoparticles and microfibers produced by using carbon nanotube as templates
Author(s): Z. C. Feng; B. Xue; P. Chen; J. Lin; W. Lu; N. Li; I. T. Ferguson
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Narrow stripe selective growth of oxide-free InGaAlAs MQWs used for buried heterostructure lasers
Author(s): W. Feng; J. Q. Pan; F. Zhou; L. F. Wang; J. Bian; B. J. Wang; X. An; L. J. Zhao; H. L. Zhu; W. Wang
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Optical and structural characterization of nanostructured Y2O3:Tb
Author(s): L. G. Jacobsohn; B. L. Bennett; R. E. Muenchausen; J. F. Smith; D. W. Cooke
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SiO2/PbTe quantum dots multilayers for the 1.3-1.5 µm region
Author(s): E. Rodriguez; E. Jimenez; E. F. Chillcce; C. L. César; L. C. Barbosa
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Perylene tetracarboxylic diimide (PTCDI) nanowires: synthesis and characterization
Author(s): A. M. C. Ng; W. Y. Tong; A. B. Djurišić; W. K. Chan
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Total photoluminescence spectroscopy of GaN nanocrystals doped by Eu3+ ions
Author(s): A. Podhorodecki; M. Nyk; J. Misiewicz; W. Strek
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Coherent phenomena in a semiconductor quantum well system: effects of double dark states
Author(s): Evangelos Voutsinas; Antonios Fountoulakis; Andreas F. Terzis; John Boviatsis; Sotirios Baskoutas; Emmanuel Paspalakis
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Fabrication of 2D silver nanostructures from a polystyrene opal
Author(s): N. Pérez; S. M. Olaizola
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