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Complex Photonic Media

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Volume Number: 6320
Date Published: 30 August 2006

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Free space microwave focusing by a negative-index gradient lens
Author(s): T. Driscoll; D. N. Basov; P. M. Rye; S. Nemat-Nasser; D. Schurig; D. R. Smith
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Random lasers as fascinating new light sources
Author(s): Diederik Wiersma
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Magnetic plasmonic metamaterials in actively pumped host medium and plasmonic nanolaser
Author(s): Andrey K. Sarychev; Gennady Tartakovsky
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Spectra of ZnO random lasers under nanosecond pumping
Author(s): V. M. Markushev; M. V. Ryzhkov; Ch. M. Briskina; H. Cao
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Nonlinear behavior of negative phase velocity metamaterials
Author(s): Allan Boardman; Neil King; Yuriy Rapoport
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Strategies for minimizing losses in negative phase velocity metamaterials
Author(s): G. Dewar
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An adaptive Fourier Bessel split-step method and variational techniques applied to nonlinear propagation in negative index materials
Author(s): P. P. Banerjee; G. Nehmetallah
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Applications of hardware-based simulation platforms to negative-index material analysis
Author(s): Ahmed S. Sharkawy; James P. Durbano; Shouyuan Shi; Fernando E. Ortiz; Petersen F. Curt
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Theoretically inspired nano-engineering of complex photonic media
Author(s): Larry Dalton; Yi Liao; Philip Sullivan; Bruce Robinson
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Photonic applications of the supermolecular nanostructures with photophysical processes controlled
Author(s): Akira Otomo; Shiyoshi Yokoyama; Shinro Mashiko
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Charge relaxation and dynamics in organic semiconductors
Author(s): H. L. Kwok
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Luminescence and optical absorption of conjugated poly-phenylene-vinylene polymers
Author(s): C. E. Bonner Jr.; S. Charter; A. Lorts; O. I. Adebolu; C. Zhang; S.-S. Sun; V. I. Gavrilenko
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Bragging electrically
Author(s): Akhlesh Lakhtakia
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Micro and nanolithography for photonic meta-materials and photonic nanostructures
Author(s): Yifang Chen; Alexander S. Schwanecke; Nikolay I. Zheludev
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Characterization of chemisorption on porous silicon by sum frequency generation
Author(s): K. W Kolasinski; I. Harrison; A. V. Gavrilenko; C. E. Bonner; V. I. Gavrilenko
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Embedded electrode electro-optic composite materials
Author(s): Robert L. Nelson; James G. Grote; Joseph W. Haus; Brad Birchfield
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From photonic crystals (via homogenization) to metamaterials
Author(s): Peter Halevi; Felipe Pérez-Rodríguez
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Near-field propagation in planar nanostructured arrays
Author(s): David L. Andrews; Richard G. Crisp
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Novel perspectives on low-frequency scattering
Author(s): Martin W. McCall; George Venkov; Dan Censor
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Extraordinary localization of collective electronic states in random media
Author(s): Dentcho A. Genov; Xiang Zhang; Katyayani Seal; Heeso Noh; Hui Cao; Z. Charles Ying; Andrey K. Sarychev; Vladimir M. Shalaev
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Surface plasmon-like modes on structured perfectly conducting surfaces
Author(s): Yung-Chiang Lan
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Mode and group velocity dispersion evolution in curved nanometer waveguide
Author(s): Xiaodong Li; Guoying Feng; Hongyuan Ding; Hao Yang; Ping Ying; Bin Li; Nianchun Sun
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Complex optical structure in the ribbon-like feathers of the African open-bill stork
Author(s): Jean Pol Vigneron; Virginie Lousse; Jean-François Colomer; Marie Rassart; Michel Louette
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Point imaging by photonic-crystal structures without obvious negative refraction
Author(s): Pi-Gang Luan; Changao De
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