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Photonics for Space Environments XI
Editor(s): Edward W. Taylor
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Volume Number: 6308
Date Published: 28 August 2006
: 25 papers (262) pages
ISBN: 9780819463876

Table of Contents
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Low-driving voltage polymer modulators with applications in space missions
Author(s): Raluca Dinu; Yun Fang; Mary K. Koenig; Anna M. Barklund; Danliang Jin; Diyun Huang; Bing Li; Timothy C. Parker
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Two-photon 3D high-density optical storage media: optical properties, temperature, radiation, and fatigue studies
Author(s): A. S. Dvornikov; T. D. Milster; E. Walker; P. M. Rentzepis
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Phthalocyanine molecules with extremely strong two-photon absorption for 3D rewritable optical information storage
Author(s): M. Drobizhev; N. S. Makarov; A. Rebane; H. Wolleb; H. Spahni
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Polyhedral oligomeric silsesquioxane (POSS) polyimides as space-survivable materials
Author(s): Sandra J. Tomczak; Vandana Vij; Darrell Marchant; Timothy K. Minton; Amy L. Brunsvold; Michael E. Wright; Brian J. Petteys; Andrew J. Guenthner; Gregory R. Yandek; Joe Mabry
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In situ measurement of liquid crystal spatial light modulators' beam steering characteristics during gamma irradiation
Author(s): Jay Stockley; Steve Serati; Daniel Dauwe; Terence Deaton; Joseph Nonnast
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Solar cell nanotechnology for improved efficiency and radiation hardness
Author(s): Alexander I. Fedoseyev; Marek Turowski; Qinghui Shao; Alexander A. Balandin
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The role of nanostructures and quantum dots in detectors and solar cells for radiation hardened space applications
Author(s): Edward W. Taylor
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Passive and active optical fibers for space and terrestrial applications
Author(s): Mansoor Alam; Jaroslaw Abramczyk; Julia Farroni; Upendra Manyam; Douglas Guertin
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Multiple quantum well-based modulating retroreflectors for inter- and intra-spacecraft communication
Author(s): Peter G. Goetz; William S. Rabinovich; G. Charmaine Gilbreath; Rita Mahon; Mike S. Ferraro; Lee Swingen; Robert J. Walters; Scott R. Messenger; Linda M. Wasiczko; James Murphy; N. Glenn Creamer; Harris R. Burris; Mena F. Stell; Christopher I. Moore; Steven C. Binari; D. S. Katzer
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Laser altimeter for planetary exploration technology demonstrator: the timing system
Author(s): J. Blazej; I. Prochazka; K. Hamal; P. Jirousek; M. Kropik; M. Fedyszynova; Yang Fumin; Huang Peicheng; H. Michaelis; U. Schreiber
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High G effects on optical fiber based displacement sensing for re-entry bodies
Author(s): Brett R. Nadler; Jon Greene
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Microsystem technology toughens up sun sensors for extreme environments
Author(s): Johan Leijtens; Kees de Boom
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Ormosil approach toward developing a completely reversible hydrogen sensor for aerospace applications
Author(s): Alex A. Kazemi; Kisholoy Goswami; Uma Sampathkumaran
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Evaluation of optical connectors for consideration in military avionics
Author(s): Brian L. Uhlhorn; Gregory M. Drexler; Ryan L. Nelson; Rick C. Stevens
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The reliability of the laser diode arrays
Author(s): Aleksey Vasilyev; Elisavet Troupaki; Graham R. Allan; Nasir B. Kashem; Mark A. Stephen
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Engineering photonic nanostructure profiles using nanosphere lithography and reactive-ion etching
Author(s): Jinsong Wang; Yang Zhao; Guangzhao Mao
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Optical absorption and plasma instabilities for nanotubes with spin-orbit interaction
Author(s): Godfrey Gumbs; Antonios Balassis; Yonatan Abranyos
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Linear and nonlinear optical phenomena in quantum dot systems in interlevel resonance region: effect of electron-electron interaction
Author(s): Victor Bondarenko; Miroslaw Załużny; Yang Zhao
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Terahertz quantum well photodetectors
Author(s): H. Luo; H. C. Liu; C. Y. Song; Z. R. Wasilewski; A. J. SpringThorpe; J. C. Cao
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Avalanche-free tunnel-junction photodetectors with very high gain and responsivity
Author(s): Jeong-S. Moon; Shuoqin Wang; Bin Q. Shi; Rajesh Rajaval; Danny Wong; Joel Schulman
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Multicolor megapixel QWIP focal plane arrays for remote sensing instruments
Author(s): S. D. Gunapala; S. V. Bandara; J. K. Liu; C. J. Hill; S. B. Rafol; J. M. Mumolo; J. T. Trinh; M. Z. Tidrow; P. D. LeVan
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The carbon nanotube-silicon heterojunction as infrared detector
Author(s): Daniel A. Straus; Marian Tzolov; Teng-Fang Kuo; Aijun Yin; David A. Cardimona; Jimmy M. Xu
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Recent progress in quantum-dot semiconductor optical amplifiers
Author(s): Tomoyuki Akiyama; Mitsuru Sugawara
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Photonic component qualification and implementation activities at NASA Goddard Space Flight Center
Author(s): Melanie N. Ott; Xiaodan Linda Jin; Richard F. Chuska; Frank V. LaRocca; Shawn L. Macmurphy; Adam J. Matuszeski; Ronald S. Zellar; Patricia R. Friedberg; Mary C. Malenab
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Space flight qualification on a multifiber ribbon cable and array connector assembly
Author(s): Xiaodan Jin; Melanie N. Ott; Frank V. LaRocca; Ronald M. Baker; Bianca E. N. Keeler; Patricia R. Friedberg; Richard F. Chuska; Mary C. Malenab; Shawn L. Macmurphy
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