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Atmospheric Optical Modeling, Measurement, and Simulation II
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Volume Number: 6303
Date Published: 1 September 2006
Softcover: 28 papers (304) pages
ISBN: 9780819463821

Table of Contents
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Polar phase screens: a comparative analysis with other methods of random phase screen generation
Author(s): Rebecca J. Eckert; Matthew E. Goda
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A geometrical optics approach for modeling aperture averaging in free space optical communication applications
Author(s): Heba Yuksel; Christopher C. Davis
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Turbulence strength estimation and super-resolution from an arbitrary set of atmospherically degraded images
Author(s): Steve Zamek; Yitzhak Yitzhaky
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Using historic models of Cn2 to predict r0 and regimes affected by atmospheric turbulence for horizontal, slant, and topological paths
Author(s): Janice K. Lawson; Carmen J. Carrano
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Modeling microphysical influences on optical turbulence
Author(s): Arnold Tunick
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Beam wander experiments: terrestrial path
Author(s): R. L. Phillips; L. C. Andrews; J. Stryjewski; B. Griffis; M. Borbath; D. Galus; G. Burdge; K. Green; C. Kim; D. Stack; C. Harkrider; D. Wayne; D. Hand; J. Kiriazes
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Measurements and modeling of optical turbulence in a maritime environment
Author(s): Paul A. Frederickson; Stephen Hammel; Dimitris Tsintikidis
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Intensity fluctuations for source arrays in turbulent atmosphere
Author(s): Yahya Baykal
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Special-purpose hardware for real-time compensation of atmospheric effects in long-range imaging
Author(s): Fernando E. Ortiz; Carmen J. Carrano; Eric J. Kelmelis; James P. Durbano
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Shack-Hartmann wavefront sensing with extended sources
Author(s): V. Michau; J.-M. Conan; T. Fusco; M. Nicolle; C. Robert; M.-T. Velluet; E. Piganeau
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Improvements in Cn2 profile monitoring with a Shack Hartmann wavefront sensor
Author(s): Nicolas Vedrenne; Vincent Michau; Clélia Robert; Jean-Marc Conan
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Multispectral scattering measurements along extended paths over the ocean surface using an imaging system
Author(s): Janet E. Shields; Richard W. Johnson; Justin G. Baker; Monette E. Karr; Art R. Burden
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New weather depiction technology for night vision goggle (NVG) training
Author(s): Scott Theleman; Jennifer Hegarty; Richard Vollmerhausen; Courtney Scott; John Schroeder; Frank P. Colby; S. Napier
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The introduction of horizontal inhomogeneity of meteorological conditions in the EOSTAR propagation model
Author(s): A. M. J. van Eijk; G. J. Kunz
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A model and simulation to predict 3D imaging LADAR sensor systems performance in real-world type environments
Author(s): Robert J. Grasso; George F. Dippel; Leonard E. Russo
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Comparison of aerosol size distribution in coastal and oceanic environments
Author(s): Jolanta Kusmierczyk-Michulec; Alexander M. J. van Eijk
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Aerosol particle concentration and size distribution measurements and modeling in the urban environment for semi-arid and rainy atmospheric conditions
Author(s): S. Bendersky; N. Kopeika; N. Blaunstein
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Investigation of aerosol particle size distributions in the San Diego Bay area by means of multiband transmissometry
Author(s): Arie N. de Jong; Alexander M. J. van Eijk; Marcel M. Moerman; Leo H. Cohen
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Improvements in the Advanced Navy Aerosol Model (ANAM)
Author(s): A. M. J. van Eijk; D. L. Merritt
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Extension of the Mediterranean coastal aerosol model (MEDEX) to a regional coverage
Author(s): J. Piazzola; R. Blot; G. Tedeschi
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Modeling the effects of aerosols on transmission measurements at Zuniga Shoal, California
Author(s): Dimitris Tsintikidis; Steve Hammel; Paul Frederickson
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Results of attenuation measurements for optical wireless channels under dense fog conditions regarding different wavelengths
Author(s): B. Flecker; M. Gebhart; E. Leitgeb; S. Sheikh Muhammad; C. Chlestil
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Influence of temperature fluctuations on infrared limb radiance: a new simulation code
Author(s): Valérie Rialland; Patrick Chervet
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Estimation of FSO link availability in Central European localities
Author(s): Otakar Wilfert; Zdenek Kolka; Jiri Nemecek; Viera Biolkova
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Method of determination of aerosol microparticles' size distribution by iteration process
Author(s): Alexander I. Bilyi; Rostyslav O. Bilyy; Vasyl' B. Getman
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Doppler asymmetric spatial heterodyne spectroscopy (DASH): an innovative concept for measuring winds in planetary atmospheres
Author(s): Christoph R. Englert; John M. Harlander; David D. Babcock; Michael H. Stevens; David E. Siskind
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A mobile lidar for Earth observation application
Author(s): Wei Gong; Zhongmin Zhu; Pingxiang Li; Qianqing Qin; Zhongyu Hao; Mengyu Liu; Yingying Ma
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Light scattering by hexagonal ice crystals of cirrus clouds with preferred orientations
Author(s): A. Burnashov; A. Borovoi; Andrew Y. S. Cheng
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