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Infrared and Photoelectronic Imagers and Detector Devices II
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Volume Number: 6294
Date Published: 5 September 2006
Softcover: 33 papers (320) pages
ISBN: 9780819463739

Table of Contents
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Evaluation of InGaAs camera for scientific near infrared imaging applications
Author(s): Ravi Guntupalli; Robert Allen
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HgCdTe MWIR back-illuminated electron-initiated avalanche photodiode arrays
Author(s): M. B. Reine; J. W. Marciniec; K. K. Wong; T. Parodos; J. D. Mullarkey; P. A. Lamarre; S. P. Tobin; K. A. Gustavsen; G. M. Williams
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Second and third generation thermal imagers based on type-II superlattice photodiodes
Author(s): Robert Rehm; Martin Walther; Johannes Schmitz; Joachim Fleißner; Johann Ziegler; Wolfgang Cabanski; Rainer Breiter
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Microprocessor-controlled wide-range streak camera
Author(s): Amy E. Lewis; Craig Hollabaugh
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Development of infrared thermal imager for dry eye diagnosis
Author(s): Huihua Kenny Chiang; Chih Yen Chen; Hung You Cheng; Ko-Hua Chen; David O. Chang
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Single-photon-sensitive EBCCD with additional multiplication
Author(s): M. Suyama; T. Sato; S. Ema; T. Ohba; K. Inoue; K. Ito; T. Ihara; I. Mizuno; T. Maruno; H. Suzuki; M. Muramatsu
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0.18 μm CMOS fully differential CTIA for a 32x16 ROIC for 3D ladar imaging systems
Author(s): Jirar N. Helou; Jorge Garcia; Mayra Sarmiento; Fouad Kiamilev; William Lawler
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Design considerations of ROIC for single color LWIR and multicolor IR focal plane arrays
Author(s): Ashok Sood; James Egerton; Yash Puri; Latika Becker; Timothy Cook; Fouad Kiamilev
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Data rate management and real time operation: recursive adaptive frame integration of limited data
Author(s): Michael K. Rafailov
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A crossing path scene-based algorithm for nonuniformity correction in focal-plane array sensors
Author(s): Li-quan Dong; Wei-qi Jin; Jing Sui; Xiaoxiao Zhou
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Image processing in optic damage inspection of dark-field imaging
Author(s): Zhi-hong Sun; Zhi-tao Peng; Hua Liu; Ya-ping Xie; Feng Jing; Deng-sheng Wu
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A HgCdTe detector/FPA/sensor model for evaluation of VLWIR to SWIR sensors with an assessment of SWIR sensors for strategic and tactical missions
Author(s): Robert Richwine; Raymond Balcerak; Ken Freyvogel; Ashok Sood
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A comprehensive model for bolometer element and uncooled array design and imaging sensor performance prediction
Author(s): Robert Richwine; Raymond Balcerak; Chuck Rapach; Ken Freyvogel; Ashok Sood
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Structure characterization of new cyanine dye Langmuir-Blodgett multilayers by polarized UV-vis spectroscopy
Author(s): Shihong Ma; Feng Gao; Hao Zeng; Chuang Wang; Wencheng Wang; He Tian
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Nanosecond gated PMT for LIDAR-RADAR applications
Author(s): Pavlo A. Molchanov; Vincent M. Contarino; Brian M. Concannon; Olha V. Asmolova; Yulia Y. Podobna
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FireLidar development: light scattering from wood smoke experiments and theory at 1574 nm
Author(s): Edward T. Dressler; Richard I. Billmers; Elizabeth J. Billmers; Mary E. Ludwig
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Ab initio calculated frequency-dependent nonlinear optical properties on CsGeBr3
Author(s): L. C. Tang; Y. C. Chang; J. Y. Huang; C. S. Chang
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Monolithic integration of all dielectric based asymmetric filter stacks on p-i-n photodetector
Author(s): Vicknesh Shanmugan; Cao Yu; Ramam Akkipeddi
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Activation of arsenic in epitaxial Hg1–xCdxTe (MCT)
Author(s): P. Capper; D. Shaw
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Modeling and characterization of GaN p-i-n photodiodes
Author(s): Jie Deng; Subrata Halder; James C. M. Hwang; Brian Hertog; Junqing Xie; Amir Dabiran; Andrei Osinsky
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Mid-infrared quantum cascade detectors on InP
Author(s): Marcel Graf; Nicolas Hoyler; Marcella Giovannini; Thierry Aellen; Jérôme Faist; Daniel Hofstetter
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Triple wavelength monitor PDIC
Author(s): Deukhee Park; Chang-woo Ha; Sang-cheol Shin; Kyoung-soo Kwon; Joo-yul Ko; Shin-jae Kang
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A review of advances in EO/IR focal plane array technology for space system applications
Author(s): Latika Becker
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Design of coded aperture arrays by means of a global optimization algorithm
Author(s): Haitao Lang; Liren Liu; Qingguo Yang
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Improvement of pipelines implementations in FPGA designs
Author(s): Nonel Thirer; Yitzhak David; I. Baal Zedaka; Uzi Efron
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Energy structure and micromechanism of photo-EMF effect in adaptive IR-detectors based on CdTe:V crystals
Author(s): Yu. P. Gnatenko; M. S. Brodyn; I. O. Faryna; P. M. Bukivskij; O. A. Shigiltchoff; M. S. Furyer; R. V. Gamernyk; N. Kukhtarev; T. Kukhtareva
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The Developing Science and Technologies List (DSTL)
Author(s): Raymond V. Wick
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Wavelength-dependent resolution and electron energy distribution measurements of image intensifiers
Author(s): Robert Brooks; Martin Ingle; James Milnes; Jon Howorth; John Hutchings
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A technique for imitating the computer modeling of the electro-optical devices for observation
Author(s): G. N. Popov; V. V. Malinin
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A 52mm cubic scintillating fiber camera with 75mmΦ gated-image intensifier as a dosimeter in space
Author(s): Haruhisa Matsumoto; Hajime Kawakami; Kazuhiro Terasawa; Tadayoshi Doke; Tateo Goka; Zhaowang Zhao; Qian Song; Binxun Ye; Houkun Ni; Ian Ferguson; John Howorth; Takashi Nozaki; Yukio Uchihori
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Modeling of avalanche photodiodes by Crosslight APSYS
Author(s): Y. G. Xiao; Z. Q. Li; Z. M. Simon Li
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Design and characterization of a four-quadrant detector and its application to a shape recovering system
Author(s): A. Vera Marquina; L. A. González; J. R. Noriega
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Ultra-thin multiple-channel LWIR imaging systems
Author(s): M. Shankar; R. Willett; N. P. Pitsianis; R. Te Kolste; C. Chen; R. Gibbons; D. J. Brady
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