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Seventh Seminar on Problems of Theoretical and Applied Electron and Ion Optics
Editor(s): Anatoly M. Filachev
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Volume Number: 6278
Date Published: 13 June 2006
Softcover: 25 papers (168) pages
ISBN: 9780819463487

Table of Contents
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Structure of singularity in hydrodynamic theory of dense electron and bipolar beams
Author(s): V. A. Syrovoy
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Adequacy of spherical diode theory
Author(s): V. M. Belkin; M. A. Zavjalov; V. A. Syrovoy; A. S. Chikchachev
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Bipolar beam forming electrodes
Author(s): A. V. Vashkovsky; V. A. Syrovoy
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Perturbation techniques in the problems of computational charged particle optics
Author(s): Dmitry Greenfield; Mikhail A. Monastryskiy; Victor A. Tarasov
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Finite-element simulation of thermoemission electron guns
Author(s): D. Greenfield
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High-power magnetron-injection gun with the interception of the electrons reflected from the magnetic mirror
Author(s): E. V. Ilyakov; I. S. Kulagin; V. N. Manuilov; N. I. Zaitsev
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About the choice possibility of the optimal motion trajectory of the particle on the basis of the least action principle
Author(s): P. A. Poljakov; E. V. Sergeev; M. A. Stepovich; A. V. Tremaskin
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Possibility and example of the axial aberrations correction in the combined axially symmetric electromagnetic mirror
Author(s): Valery A. Zhukov; Anna V. Zavyalova
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Simulation of geometry of high voltage glow discharge electrodes' systems, formed profile electron beams
Author(s): I. V. Melnyk
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Vacuum technological equipment for microphotoelectronic production
Author(s): A. N. Kozlov; I. S. Gaidoukova; A. G. Uvaev; A. B. Scherbakov; A. M. Filachev
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Design of cold-cathode ion sources for precise electron-beam processing of the semiconductor structures
Author(s): A. N. Kozlov; A. I. Zaitsev; A. E. Danilovskiy; A. M. Filachev
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Automated control of technological parameters of vacuum equipment to guarantee unbreakable quality check
Author(s): A. N. Kozlov; D. Greenfield; A. V. Scherbakov; A. M. Filachev
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Extracting system of ion source for deflection of beam at entrance of monopole mass-analyzer
Author(s): T. Ya. Fishkova; L. P. Ovsyannikova; V. A. Surkov
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Confined flow multiple beam shaping at the powerful klystron for the Superconducting Linear Electron-Positron Colliders
Author(s): A. V. Larionov
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High-perveance electron guns for powerful broadband low-voltage grid-controlled TWT
Author(s): D. A. Arhipov; E. M. Ilyina; V. P. Kudryashov; V. I. Rogovin; V. N. Usov
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Simulation of characteristics of plasma-filled TWT
Author(s): P. V. Borovikov; V. U. Grigoriev
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Dynamics of charge particles in the stellatron type focusing system
Author(s): V. Bykovsky; A. Kobets; Y. Korotaev; V. Malakhov; I. Meshkov; R. Pivin; A. Rudakov; I. Seleznev; A. Sidorin; A. Smirnov; G. Trubnikov; S. Yakovenko
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Simulation of electron scattering in thin films using Monte-Carlo method in discrete looses approximation
Author(s): S. S. Borisov; S. I. Zaitsev; E. A. Grachev; N. Ivanov
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One particularity of energy-angular secondary electrons spectrum
Author(s): S. S. Borisov; S. I. Zaitsev
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Computation of charge and energy deposited during electron beam irradiation depth distributions in discrete looses approximation
Author(s): S. S. Borisov; S. I. Zaitsev; E. A. Grachev
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Determination of subsurface structure parameters of a sample using secondary electrons energy spectrums
Author(s): S. S. Borisov; S. I. Zaitsev; A. Bloshenko; T. Misutina
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Software engineering for mathematical modeling of spectrums roentgenofluorescent analysis of solids
Author(s): A. V. Romanov; M. A. Stepovich; M. N. Filippov
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About the possibility of interval identification of functional dependences at research of semiconductor materials in a cathodoluminescent microscopy
Author(s): Yu. E. Gagarin; V. A. Khomutski; A. V. Snachev; Yu. V. Dvoryanchikova; M. A. Stepovich
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Mathematical modeling dependences of intensity monochromatic cathodeluminescence from electron beam energy for two-layer semiconductor structure
Author(s): M. G. Snopova; A. G. Khokhlov; N. N. Mikheev; M. A. Stepovich
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A simple technique for defining the structure and the dimensional parameters of layered specimens
Author(s): N. Dreomova
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