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Atomic and Molecular Pulsed Lasers VI
Editor(s): Victor F. Tarasenko; Georgy Mayer; Gueorgii G. Petrash
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Volume Number: 6263
Date Published: 22 May 2006
Softcover: 44 papers (352) pages
ISBN: 9780819463289

Table of Contents
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Amplification of a short HF laser pulse by a discharge initiated chain reaction amplifier
Author(s): A. P. Burtsev; E. A. Klimuk; C. A. Kutumov; V. V. Sudarikov; G. A. Troshchinenko; B. S. Alexandrov; B. Lacour
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Laser action on the F, He, Ne, Ar atoms and XeCl and XeF molecules excited by an inductive transverse discharge
Author(s): Alexander M. Razhev; Vagram M. Mekhitarian; Andrey A. Zhupikov; Dmitry S. Churkin
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Supersonic overtone CO laser: research and development
Author(s): W. Bohn; H. von Bülow; S. Dass; G. D. Hager; A. A. Ionin; Yu. M. Klimachev; A. A. Kotkov; J. E. McCord; J. K. McIver; L. V. Seleznev; D. V. Sinitsyn; R. F. Tate
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4 kHz KrF laser with plate-like electrodes
Author(s): A. V. Andramanov; S. A. Kabaev; B. V. Lazhintsev; V. A. Nor-Arevyan; A. V. Pisetskaya; V. D. Selemir
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Investigation on a TEA-CO2 laser with surface corona pre-ionization
Author(s): A. Behjat; M. Aram; F. Soltanmoradi; M. Shabanzadeh
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The pump intensity effect on the efficiency of discharge-pumped ArF excimer laser on a mixture of He:Ar:F2
Author(s): Alexander M. Razhev; Andrey A. Zhupikov
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Compact XeCl-laser with output energy of 120 J
Author(s): N. G. Ivanov; V. F. Losev
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Excimer KrCl (223 nm) laser with the efficiency of 1.0% and 0.7 J output energy
Author(s): Alexander M. Razhev; Andrey A. Zhupikov; Evgeny S. Kargapol'tsev; Dmitry S. Churkin
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High repetition rate pin-array UV pre-ionized CO2 laser
Author(s): K. Silakhori; F. Soltanmoradi; S. A. Naeimi; M. R. Sadr; M. Zand
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Construction of sealed copper bromide (CuBr) laser and study of frequency variations on the output power of laser
Author(s): H. Sagafifar; S. Zamiry; M. Zamani; A. Seirafiyan; R. Kazemi
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Possible systems for realization of an ion-ion recombination laser: recombination with negative ion of oxygen
Author(s): Gueorgii Petrash; Konstantin Zemskov; Svetlana Markova
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Influence of gas mixture content and pumping conditions on CuBr+Ne+H2 (HBr) vapor lasers performance
Author(s): Dmitriy V. Shiyanov; Gennadiy S. Evtushenko; Viktor B. Sukhanov; Valery F. Fedorov
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Photochemical transformation of methylphenols under different excitation
Author(s): Tatiana V. Sokolova; Olga N. Chaikovskaya; Georgii V. Mayer; Irine V. Sokolova; Valerii A. Swetlichnyi; Tatiana N. Kopylova; Edward A. Sosnin
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Obtaining and properties of Langmuir-Blodgett films of amphiphilic polyampholyte activated by rhodamine dye
Author(s): S. A. Yeroshina; N. Kh. Ibrayev; S. E. Kudaibergenov
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Influence of excitation energy transfer in binary solid solution of dyes on formation kinetics of photochemical light-induced gratings
Author(s): Ekaterina A. Djachuk; Roman A. Makarov; Arnold G. Sizykh; Evgeniya A. Slyusareva
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Increasing output power of Rodamin B (RB) dye laser by using dye amplifier and intracavity lens
Author(s): H. Saghafifar; M. Darbani
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Kinetics of VUV-VIS spontaneous emission of high-current pulsed volume discharge in argon
Author(s): Alexander A. Lissovski; Alexey B. Treshchalov
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Competition of laser lines having upper or lower common level
Author(s): Aleksey A. Pikulev
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Five temperature mathematical modeling of TEA CO2 laser
Author(s): Yanchen Qu; Deming Ren; Lili Zhang; Xiaoyong Hu; Fengmei Liu
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Generation of volume nanosecond discharges, subnanosecond runaway electron beams, and x-ray radiation in atmospheric pressure gases
Author(s): Victor F. Tarasenko; Igor D. Kostyrya
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Dye laser absorption probing of high-current pulsed volume discharge in argon
Author(s): Alexey B. Treshchalov; Alexander A. Lissovski
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Optimization of initial parameters of XeCl laser pumping by changing of pulse duration using computer modeling
Author(s): Yu. I. Bychkov; S. A. Yampolskaya; A. G. Yastremsky
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Discharge nonuniformities influence on the output parameters of a short pulse XeCl laser
Author(s): Yu. N. Panchenko; V. F. Losev; N. G. Ivanov
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Investigation of the regularities of the transition probabilities for a Kr atom in an alternating electric field
Author(s): Elena V. Koryukina
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The numerical investigation efficiency of parallel and successive laser cells composition
Author(s): Aleksey A. Pikulev; Andrey A. Abramov
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Formation of iron oxide nanoparticles by pulsed laser ablation
Author(s): A. Péreira; A. Cros; Ph. Delaporte; T. Itina; M. Sentis; W. Marine; A.L. Thomann; C. Boulmer-Leborgne
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Laser-induced forward transfer of 40 nm Chromium film using ultrashort laser pulses
Author(s): Anne-Patricia Alloncle; Renaud Bouffaron; Jörg Hermann; Marc Sentis
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Thermal analysis of polymethyl methacrylate ablation by pulsed IR lasers
Author(s): L. A. Zakharov; N. M. Bulgakova; A. A. Onischuk; A. M. Baklanov; A. K. Petrov
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Microprocessing with the assistance of copper vapor laser system
Author(s): G. A. Azizbekian; G. V. Grigorian; M. A. Kazaryan; N. A. Lyabin; E. A. Morozova; L. A. Pogosyan; A. G. Tamanyan
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Research on TEA 13C16O2 laser for LDIAL
Author(s): Li-li Zhang; Yan-chen Qu; De-ming Ren; Xiao-yong Hu
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Ionization transparency of the gas induced by resonant laser influence
Author(s): N. I. Kosarev; N. Ya. Shaparev
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Laser systems with acoustical optical control of output parameters for medical applications
Author(s): M. A. Kazaryan; Yu. M. Mokrushin; E. A. Morozova; O. V. Shakin
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Hardware complex quality assurance of a surface with concentration of light energy in a narrow beam
Author(s): Matvey Shpizel
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Fluorescence of DOM nanoparticles in natural water
Author(s): Olga M. Gorshkova; Anton S. Milukov; Svetlana V. Patsayeva; Viktor I. Yuzhakov
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Spectroscopic research on purple sulphur bacteria Chromatium sp. in vivo
Author(s): Anton S. Milukov; Svetlana V. Patsayeva; Elena L. Rostovtseva; Viktor I. Yuzhakov
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UV flashlamp source for high-voltage high-current diamond switches
Author(s): M. Krishnan; J. R. Thompson; D. Parks; A. N. Gerhan; E. H. Baksht; M. I. Lomaev; D. V. Rybka; V. F. Tarasenko
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The intense VUV narrow band emission from an inert gas mixture discharge
Author(s): G. Gerasimov; R. Hallin; B. Krylov; A. Treshchalov; A. Morozov; A. Lissovski; G. Zwereva; A. Arnesen
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Luminescence of nuclear-induced rare-gas plasmas in near infrared spectral range
Author(s): A. A. Abramov; V. V. Gorbunov; S. P. Melnikov; A. Kh. Mukhamatullin; A. A. Pikulev; A. V. Sinitsyn; A. A. Sinyanskii; V. M. Tsvetkov
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A comparative study of atmospheric plasma and narrowband UV radiation effect on bacteria
Author(s): Edward A. Sosnin; Evgenia A. Kuznetsova; Sergei A. Avdeev; Larisa V. Lavrent'eva; Michael V. Erofeev; Alexei I. Suslov; Victor F. Tarasenko; Eva Stoffels
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Emission of the heteronuclear ionic molecules (ArXe)+ at excitation by a hard ionizer
Author(s): M. U. Khasenov
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The first narrow-band XeCl-excilamp application for complex psoriasis curing
Author(s): Vadim S. Dmitruck; Edward A. Sosnin; Irina A. Obgol'tz
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Free-expanding and bounded discharge in Xe flashlamp
Author(s): E. H. Baksht; M. I. Lomaev; A. N. Panchenko; D. V. Rybka; V. F. Tarasenko; M. Krishnan; J. Thompson
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Effective emission of Xe2* and Kr2* excited by pulsed corona discharge bounded by a dielectric barrier
Author(s): A. A. Lisenko; M. I. Lomaev; V. S. Skakun; V. F. Tarasenko
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Pulsed cathodoluminescence of free excitons from CVD diamond
Author(s): E. I. Lipatov; V. F. Tarasenko
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