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Micro (MEMS) and Nanotechnologies for Space Applications
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Volume Number: 6223
Date Published: 4 May 2006
Softcover: 23 papers (226) pages
ISBN: 9780819462794

Table of Contents
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MEMS-based force-detected nuclear magnetic resonance (FDNMR) spectrometer
Author(s): Choonsup Lee; Mark C. Butler; Ramez A. Elgammal; Thomas George; Brian Hunt; Daniel P. Weitekamp
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Integration of MEMS phase shifters with CMOS control circuitry
Author(s): Ali Darwish; Tom Farmer; Kamal Ali; Mona Zaghloul; H. A. Hung; E. Viveiros
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Diffractive optics for Moon topography mapping
Author(s): John G. Smith; Luis Ramos-Izquierdo; Andrew Stockham; Stan Scott
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Segmented MEMS deformable-mirror technology for space applications
Author(s): Michael A. Helmbrecht; Thor Juneau; Matthew Hart; Nathan Doble
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Micro-analytical systems for national security applications
Author(s): R. W. Cernosek; A. L. Robinson; D. Y. Cruz; D. R. Adkins; J. L. Barnett; J. M. Bauer; M. G. Blain; J. E. Byrnes; S. M. Dirk; G. R. Dulleck; J. A. Ellison; J. G. Fleming; T. W. Hamilton; E. J. Heller; S. W. Howell; R. J. Kottenstette; P. R. Lewis; R. P. Manginell; M. W. Moorman; C. D. Mowry; R. G. Manley; M. Okandan; K. Rahimian; G. J. Shelmidine; R. J. Shul; R. J. Simonson; S. S. Sokolowski; J. J. Spates; A. W. Staton; D. E. Trudell; D. R. Wheeler; W. G. Yelton
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Molecular recognition of chem/biowarfare agents using micromechanical sensors
Author(s): H.-F. Ji; X. Yan; Y. Lu; H. Du; T. Thundat
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Electronic nose for detecting multiple targets
Author(s): Anirban Chakraborty; Ganga Parthasarathi; Rakesh Poddar; Weiqiang Zhao; Cheng Luo
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Hybrid flagellar motor/MEMS-based TNT detection system
Author(s): Jin-Woo Kim; Steve Tung
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Functional nanostructured platforms for chemical and biological sensing
Author(s): S. E. Létant
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Micro-instruments for biomedicine
Author(s): R. L. Smith; S. D. Collins
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Identification of blood cell types using magnetostrictive-microcantilever-based biosensors
Author(s): Suiqiong Li; Lisa Orona; Liling Fu; Z.-Y. Cheng
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Phage-based magnetostrictive-acoustic microbiosensors for detecting Bacillus anthracis spores
Author(s): J. Wan; H. Yang; R. S. Lakshmanan; R. Guntupalli; S. Huang; J. Hu; V. A. Petrenko; B. A. Chin
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Bio/chemical sensors based on liquid core optical ring resonator
Author(s): Ian M. White; Hongying Zhu; Hesam Oveys; Xudong Fan
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High frequency piezoelectric micromachined ultrasonic transducers for imaging applications
Author(s): Q. F. Zhou; K. K. Shung; Q. Zhang; F. T. Djuth
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Characterization of nanomechanical and piezoelectric properties of AlN thin film for thin film bulk acoustic wave resonators
Author(s): Qingming Chen; Fang Li; Qing-Ming Wang
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Conversion of metal carbides to carbide derived carbon by reactive ion etching in halogen gas
Author(s): Cai Liang; Barton C. Prorok; Prateek Gupta; Marcin Tlustochovicz; Ranyi Zhu; Michael McNallan
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Fabrication of a microfluidic device for simultaneous patterning of multiple chemical species by dip pen nanolithography (DPN)
Author(s): J. Alberto Rivas-Cordona; Debjyoti Banerjee
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Development of two-dimensional scanning probe arrays for dip-pen nanolithography (DPN)
Author(s): Jun Zou; Xuefeng Wang; David Bullen; Chang Liu; Chad Mirkin
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Detection of explosives using heated microcantilever sensors
Author(s): Ian C. Nelson; Debjyoti Banerjee; William J. Rogers; M. Sam Mannan
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Theoretical and numerical studies of new suspended-silicon-nanowire-based static sensors
Author(s): Hao Li; Xinchuan Liu; Cheng Luo
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Theoretical modeling for an electroactive polymer-ceramic-based micro hybrid actuation system
Author(s): Tian-Bing Xu; Ji Su
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Enhancing the sensitivity of microcantilever-based sensors via geometry modification
Author(s): Shakib Morshed; Barton C. Prorok
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Fabrication of magnetostrictive nanobars
Author(s): Suiqiong Li; Liling Fu; Z.-Y. Cheng; Lilianna Navarrete; Rainer Schad
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