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Sensors for Propulsion Measurement Applications
Editor(s): Valentin Korman
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Volume Number: 6222
Date Published: 11 May 2006
Softcover: 29 papers (288) pages
ISBN: 9780819462787

Table of Contents
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Application of intelligent sensors in the integrated systems health monitoring of a rocket test stand
Author(s): Ajay Mahajan; Sanjeevi Chitikeshi; Lucas Utterbach; Pavan Bandhil; Fernando Figueroa
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Instrumentation of UALR labscale hybrid rocket motor
Author(s): Andrew B. Wright; Warfield Teague; Ann M. Wright; Edmond W. Wilson
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Unique thermocouple to measure the temperatures of squibs, igniters, propellants, and rocket nozzles
Author(s): Jacob Nanigian
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Embeddable structural sensors for SHM of solid rocket grains
Author(s): Herb Chelner; Jim Buswell
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Techniques for embedding instrumentation in pressure vessel test articles
Author(s): Michael Cornelius
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Cryo-Tracker mass gauging system testing in a large-scale expendable launch vehicle LOX tank simulator
Author(s): Daniel J. Schieb; Mark S. Haberbusch; Alexander J. Yeckley
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Comparative analysis of volumetric flow meters used for mass flow estimation in multiphase and multidensity environments
Author(s): Richard Pedone; Valentin Korman; John T. Wiley
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Optical density measurements in a multiphase cryogenic fluid flow system
Author(s): Valentin Korman; John Wiley; Don A. Gregory
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Development and application of high-temperature sensors and electronics for propulsion applications
Author(s): Gary W. Hunter; John D. Wrbanek; Robert S. Okojie; Philip G. Neudeck; Gustave C. Fralick; Liangyu Chen; Jennifer Xu; Glenn M. Beheim
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Developing a phosphor-based health monitoring sensor suite for future spacecraft
Author(s): S. M. Goedeke; W. A. Hollerman; N. P. Bergeron; S. W. Allison; R. J. Moore
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Chemochromic hydrogen detection
Author(s): Mary C. Whitten; Janine E. Captain; Barbara V. Peterson; Steve Trigwell; Cristina M. Berger; Nahid Mohajeri; Gary Bokerman; Nazim Muradov; Ali T-Raissi; Jessica McPherson
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Orthogonal frequency coded surface acoustic wave passive remote sensing
Author(s): D. C. Malocha; D. Puccio; N. Saldanha
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Optical slip ring for sensor interface applications
Author(s): En Hong; Abhishek Krishnamurthy; Don A. Gregory; Sean Anderson
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Valve health monitoring system utilizing smart instrumentation
Author(s): Scott L. Jensen; George J. Drouant
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Impact detection and analysis/health monitoring system for composites
Author(s): James E. Child; Amrita Kumar; Shawn Beard; Peter Qing; Don G. Paslay
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Wireless sensor network
Author(s): Jose M. Perotti; Angel R. Lucena; Pamela A. Mullenix; Carlos T. Mata
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Development of bonded joint technology for a rigidizable-inflatable deployable truss
Author(s): Stanley S. Smeltzer
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Highly reliable multisensor array (MSA) smart transducers
Author(s): José Perotti; Angel Lucena; Paul Mackey; Carlos Mata; Christopher Immer
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NASA Stennis Space Center integrated system health management test bed and development capabilities
Author(s): Fernando Figueroa; Randy Holland; David Coote
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Ethernet-based smart networked elements (sensors and actuators)
Author(s): Carlos T. Mata; José M. Perotti; Rebecca L. Oostdyk; Angel Lucena
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Smart actuators: Valve Health Monitor (VHM) system
Author(s): José Perotti; Angel Lucena; Bradley Burns
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A Kennedy Space Center implementation of IEEE 1451
Author(s): Rebecca Oostdyk; Carlos T. Mata; José M. Perotti; Angel R. Lucena; Pamela Mullenix
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Absolute autonomous inertial stationkeeping using Microcosm's Orbit Control Kit (OCK)
Author(s): Yegor Plam; Richard E. Van Allen; Paul Graven; James R. Wertz; L. Jane Hansen
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Detect nozzle deformation by JTFA pattern of jet noise: assessment of the procedure
Author(s): Qiang Xu
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Rocket plume temperature measurement by wire welded thermocouples
Author(s): Qiang Xu
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Detection of chemical and biological compounds through fluorescent emission in a hollow core optical fiber
Author(s): Amanda Gates Duffell
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Hydrazine leak detection using poly (3-hexylthiophene) thin film micro-sensor
Author(s): H. Yang; J. Wan; H. Shu; X. Liu; R. S. Lakshmanan; R. Guntupalli; J. Hu; W. Howard; B. A. Chin
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Correcting distortion in acoustic sense lines
Author(s): Patrick J. Vitarius; Don A. Gregory; Valentin Korman; John Wiley
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Laser power beaming infrastructure for space power and propulsion
Author(s): Jordin T. Kare
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