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Enabling Technologies and Design of Nonlethal Weapons

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Volume Number: 6219
Date Published: 12 May 2006

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Nonlethal combined flash and sound pulse projector for counter-personnel and crowd control
Author(s): Raymond Schaefer; Michael Grapperhaus
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Multi-wavelength optical dazzler for personnel and sensor incapacitation
Author(s): G. Alexsana Donne; James P. Hauck; Jacques Ludman; Roberta Moldow; Rick Servatius; Kenneth Yagrich
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Neuromuscular disruption with ultrashort electrical pulses
Author(s): Andrei Pakhomov; Juergen F. Kolb; Ravindra P. Joshi; Karl H. Schoenbach; Thomas Dayton; James Comeaux; John Ashmore; Charles Beason
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Nociceptor activation and damage by pulsed E-fields
Author(s): Deepti Nene; Nan Jiang; Kristofer K. Rau; Martin Richardson; Brian Y. Cooper
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Synthetic fog as a non-lethal obscurant
Author(s): N. S. Cherniack; K. R. Short; J. McLaughlin; R. J. Servatius
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Control of filamentation for enhancing remote detection with laser induced breakdown spectroscopy
Author(s): Matthew Fisher; Craig Siders; Eric Johnson; Oleksiy Andrusyak; Christopher Brown; Martin Richardson
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Detection and analysis of RF emission generated by laser-matter interactions
Author(s): J. A. Aspiotis; N. Barbieri; R. Bernath; C. G. Brown; M. Richardson; B. Y. Cooper
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Shock-wave generation in transparent media from ultra-fast lasers
Author(s): R. Bernath; C. G. Brown; J. Aspiotis; M. Fisher; M. Richardson
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Remote femtosecond laser induced breakdown spectroscopy (LIBS) in a standoff detection regime
Author(s): C. G. Brown; R. Bernath; M. Fisher; M. C. Richardson; M. Sigman; R. A. Walters; A. Miziolek; H. Bereket; L. E. Johnson
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Power budget analysis for high altitude airships
Author(s): Sang H. Choi; James R. Elliott; Glen C. King
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Long-range propagation effects observed during Acoustic Counter Battery System tests
Author(s): Doru Velea; Michael Cardinale; Kevin Torvik; Andy LaRow; Jay Chang
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Two-band infrared thermographer for standoff temperature measurements
Author(s): Julia R. Dupuis; David Mansur; Robert Vaillancourt; David Carlson; Elizabeth Schundler; George Genetti
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Dielectric ultra wideband optical E-field sensors
Author(s): Wen Wang; Haim Lotem; De Yu Zang; Richard Forber; Stephen Schultz; Richard Selfridge
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Nonlethal suppression: from basic science to operationally relevant experimentation
Author(s): Richard J. Servatius; Kevin D. Beck
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Blunt impact as deterrent: human approach-avoidance behaviors and other stress responses studied within a paintball gaming context
Author(s): Kenneth R. Short; Michael T. Bergen; Robert M. DeMarco; Florence B. Chua; Richard J. Servatius
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Suppression through acoustics
Author(s): Kevin D. Beck; Kenneth R. Short; Kirsten M. VanMeenen; Richard J. Servatius
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Suppression: sound and light interference with targeting
Author(s): Kirsten M. VanMeenen; Kenneth R. Short; Robert M. DeMarco; Florence B. Chua; Malvin N. Janal; Richard J. Servatius
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Developing psychophysiological profiles for monitoring stress
Author(s): Roberta L. Moldow; Michael T. Bergen; Kari Belin; Luba Bululu; Olivita Couso; Joselyn McLaughlin; Kenneth R. Short; Richard J. Servatius
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Simulation training tools for nonlethal weapons using gaming environments
Author(s): Justin Eagan; Gabriel Tse; Tom Vanderslice; Jerry Woods
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Vessel marking by helicopter for future relocation
Author(s): Robert Sedat
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Ambulatory monitoring of physiology and behavior utilizing the PDA platform
Author(s): Michael T. Bergen; Priyanka P. Shah; Robert M. DeMarco; Florence B. Chua; Gladstone Reid; Roberta L. Moldow; Richard J. Servatius
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Virtual targeting in three-dimensional space with sound and light interference
Author(s): Florence B. Chua; Robert M. DeMarco; Michael T. Bergen; Kenneth R. Short; Richard J. Servatius
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