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Non-Intrusive Inspection Technologies

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Volume Number: 6213
Date Published: 5 May 2006

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Hard x-ray focusing optics for concealed object detection
Author(s): Tomasz Jannson; Michael Gertsenshteyn
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Fast-neutron/gamma-ray radiography scanner for the detection of contraband in air cargo containers
Author(s): J. Eberhardt; Y. Liu; S. Rainey; G. Roach; B. Sowerby; R. Stevens; J. Tickner
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Gamma/x-ray linear pushbroom stereo for 3D cargo inspection
Author(s): Zhigang Zhu; Yu-Chi Hu
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The EURITRACK project: development of a tagged neutron inspection system for cargo containers
Author(s): Bertrand Perot; Gregory Perret; Alain Mariani; Jean-Luc Ma; Jean-Louis Szabo; Emmanuel Mercier; Guillaume Sannie; Giuseppe Viesti; Giancarlo Nebbia; Silvia Pesente; Marcello Lunardon; Paola Formisano; Sandra Moretto; Daniela Fabris; Aldo Zenoni; Germano Bonomi; Antonietta Donzella; Andrea Fontana; Gaia Boghen; Vladivoj Valkovic; Darovin Sudac; Marek Moszynski; Tadeusz Batsch; Michal Gierlik; Dariusz Wolski; Wlodzimierz Klamra; Patrick Isaksson; Philippe Le Tourneur; Miguel Lhuissier; Annamaria Colonna; Carlo Tintori; Paolo Peerani; Vitor Sequeira; Martino Salvato
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SENNA: device for explosives detection based on nanosecond neutron analysis
Author(s): Andrey Kuznetsov; Alexey Evsenin; Oleg Osetrov; Dmitry Vakhtin; Igor Gorshkov
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PELAN for non-intrusive inspection of ordnance, containers, and vehicles
Author(s): Daniel T. Holslin; Chaur-Ming Shyu; Robert A. Sullivan; George Vourvopoulos
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Compact flash x-ray systems for radiographic applications
Author(s): Jon R. Mayes
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Pulsed neutron interrogation for detection of concealed special nuclear materials
Author(s): Frank Ruddy; John Seidel; Robert Flammang; Bojan Petrovic; Abdul Dulloo; Thomas Congedo
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Prototype Compton imager for special nuclear material
Author(s): Eric A. Wulf; Bernard F. Phlips; James D. Kurfess; Elena I. Novikova; Carrie Fitzgerald
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Detection of nuclear material by photon activation inside cargo containers
Author(s): Mehdi Gmar; Eric Berthoumieux; Sébastien Boyer; Frédérick Carrel; Diane Doré; Marie-Laure Giacri; Frédéric Lainé; Bénédicte Poumarède; Danas Ridikas; Aymeric Van Lauwe
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FNIT: the fast neutron imaging telescope for SNM detection
Author(s): Ulisse Bravar; Paul J. Bruillard; Erwin O. Flückiger; John R. Macri; Mark L. McConnell; Michael R. Moser; James M. Ryan
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Comparison of shielded uranium passive gamma-ray detection methods
Author(s): Bernard F. Phlips; Elena I. Novikova; Eric A. Wulf; James D. Kurfess
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3D computational and experimental radiation transport assessments of Pu-Be sources and graded moderators for parcel screening
Author(s): Gabriel Ghita; Glenn Sjoden; James Baciak; Nancy Huang
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NIRST: a satellite-based IR instrument for fire and sea surface temperature measurement
Author(s): Hugo Marraco; Linh Ngo Phong
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