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Saratov Fall Meeting 2005: Coherent Optics of Ordered and Random Media VI
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Volume Number: 6164
Date Published: 26 June 2006
Softcover: 28 papers (244) pages
ISBN: 9780819462169

Table of Contents
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Observation of time-dependent single-particle light scattering from gold nanorods and nanospheres by using unpolarized dark-field microscopy
Author(s): Vladimir A. Bogatyrev; Lev A. Dykman; Anna V. Alekseeva; Boris N. Khlebtsov; Anna P. Novikova; Nikolai G. Khlebtsov
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Plasmon resonance of gold nanoshells: sensitivity to the local dielectric environment
Author(s): Boris N. Khlebtsov; Nikolai G. Khlebtsov
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Optimization of gold nanostructers for laser killing of cancer cells
Author(s): Boris N. Khlebtsov; Vladimir P. Zharov; Andrei G. Melnikov; Valery V. Tuchin; Nikolai G. Khlebtsov
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The adjuvanticity of gold nanoparticles
Author(s): Lev A. Dykman; Vladimir A. Bogatyrev; Sergey A. Staroverov; Dmitry V. Pristensky; Sergey Yu. Shchyogolev; Nikolai G. Khlebtsov
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Optical polarizability of metal nanoparticles and their biospheric conjugates
Author(s): Nikolai G. Khlebtsov; Boris N. Khlebtsov
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Spectral properties of siliceous nanocomposite materials
Author(s): Anatoly A. Ischenko; Alla A. Sviridova; Kseniya V. Zaitseva; Alexey O. Rybaltovsky; Victor N. Bagratashvili; Alexander I. Belogorokhov; Vasily V. Koltashev; Victor G. Plotnichenko; Igor A. Tutorsky
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Study of the electro-optical response of polymer dispersed liquid crystal doped with multi-wall carbon nanotubes
Author(s): A. V. Sadovoy; V. F. Nazvanov
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Anisotropic properties of dichroic elements
Author(s): Sergey N. Savenkov; Igor S. Marfin
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Optimal inverse problem for generalized deterministic object
Author(s): S. N. Savenkov; Yu. A. Skoblya; V. N. Nikonov
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Peculiarities of polarized light interaction with inhomogeneous linear birefringent crystalline medium in single-scattering approximation
Author(s): Sergey N. Savenkov; Konstantin E. Yushtin; Sergey A. Volchkov
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Influence of imperfections of polarization elements on measurement errors in three probing polarizations method
Author(s): S. N. Savenkov; Ye. A. Oberemok; Yu. A. Skoblya; A. S. Klimov; S. Y. Tuzhanskyy
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Influence of tissue anisotropy on photon migration
Author(s): V. Chernomordik; J. Hebden; A. Sviridov; G. Weiss; A. Gandjbakhche
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Statistics of light deflection by randomly oriented interfaces in the geometric optics approximation
Author(s): Alexander P. Sviridov
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Photon migration in highly scattering and low-absorbing media during compression measured with a streak-camera
Author(s): T. Fabritius; J. Saarela; R. Myllylä
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Estimation of the transport properties of strongly scattering dense random media by measuring coherent backscattering
Author(s): Liana V. Kuznetsova; Dmitry A. Zimnyakov
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Study of the anisotropy of light propagation in biological tissues
Author(s): O. V. Ushakova; L. V. Kuznetsova; D. A. Zimnyakov
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Human skin UV-induced fluorescence spectra correction on the internal absorption effect
Author(s): Irina A. Ovchinnikova; Yuri P. Sinichkin
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The study of transport properties of multiple scattering media by low-coherence reflectometry
Author(s): M. A. Vilensky; D. A. Zimnyakov; R. K. Wang; S. C. Cheung
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Numerical simulation of manifestation of longitudinal coherence in an interference experiment
Author(s): Vladislav V. Lychagov; Dmitry V. Lyakin; Vladimir P. Ryabukho
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Accuracy preserving methods for faster measurements with dynamic light scattering and diffusing wave spectroscopy
Author(s): P. Zakharov; F. Cardinaux; F. Scheffold
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Application of photoinduced dynamic lens for enhancing the resolution of an optical addressing system
Author(s): Yu. N. Perepelitsyn; V. K. Salakhutdinov
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Modeling of image formation and registration of photographic materials
Author(s): T. V. Danilova
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Design of CMOS-APS circuits for mixed image processing and analysis of their transfer characteristics
Author(s): Evgeniya N. Serova; Karel Fliegel
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De-noising at construction process of bulk acoustic images by means of an acoustic microscope
Author(s): Vladimir Petrov; Sergey Lapin; Viktor Chirkov; Ilya Kozhevnikov; Anatoliy Faifel
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Physics education and the market
Author(s): Boris A. Medvedev
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Elastic property estimation using ultrasound assisted optical elastography through remote palpation-A simulation study
Author(s): C. Usha Devi; R. S. Bharat Chandran; R. M. Vasu; A. K. Sood
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Computationally efficient optical tomographic reconstructions through waveletizing the normalized quadratic perturbation equation
Author(s): B. Kanmani; Puneet Bansal; R. M. Vasu
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Elimination of cross-talk in diffuse optical tomographic reconstructions through a weighted update procedure: results of simulation study
Author(s): B. Kanmani; R. M. Vasu
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