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Optical Components and Materials III

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Volume Number: 6116
Date Published: 22 February 2006

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Progress in non-silica microstructured fibers
Author(s): Tanya M. Monro
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Waveguide formation in Nd-doped YVO4 using multiple implants
Author(s): G. V. Vázquez; M. E. Sánchez-Morales; H. Márquez; P. Moretti
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Tellurite photonic crystal fiber with Er3+-Tm3+ for broadband optical amplifier in 1550nm
Author(s): E. F. Chillcce; C. M. B. Cordeiro; E. Rodriguez; C. H. Brito Cruz; C. L. César; L. C. Barbosa
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Theoretical characteristics of optical polarizing films using oblique metal island films
Author(s): Kazutaka Baba
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Characterization of fiber Bragg gratings using spectral interferometry based on minimum-phase functions
Author(s): A. Ozcan; M. J. F. Digonnet; G. S. Kino
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Tunable optical true time delay generator for phased array antenna
Author(s): Olukayode Okusaga; Weimin Zhou; Gary Carter
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Er-doped In0.5Al0.5P native oxides on GaAs: photoluminescence characterization and annealing optimization
Author(s): Mingjun Huang; Douglas C. Hall
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Spectroscopic properties of Er3+-doped chalco-halide glass ceramics
Author(s): Vincent Seznec; Hongli Ma; Xianghua Zhang; Virginie Nazabal; Jean-Luc Adam; X. S. Qiao; X. P. Fan
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Time resolve spectroscopy and energy transfer in Tm3+-Ho3+ and Tm3+-Tb3+ doped tellurite glasses
Author(s): Shaoxiong Shen; Billy D. O. Richards; Animesh Jha
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Spectroscopy and frequency upconversion in KPb2Br5:Nd3+ crystal
Author(s): R. Balda; U. Hömmerich; Ei Ei Nyein; M. A. Arriandiaga; J. Fernández
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Luminescence and absorption spectra of Eu-complex-doped PVDF film: influence of controlled stretch
Author(s): Roman Pogreb; Gene Whyman; Mikhail Mestechkin; Shmuel Sternklar; Albina Musin; Yelena Bormashenko; Mordechai Hakham-Itzhaq; Michael Tseitlin; Oleg Popov; Vlad Lirtsman; Dan Davidov; Edward Bormashenko
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The potential of direct nanoparticle deposition for the next generation of optical fibers
Author(s): Simo Tammela; Mikko Söderlund; Joona Koponen; Valery Philippov; Per Stenius
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All-optical regeneration based on pump-depletion effect in fiber parametric amplification
Author(s): Adonis Bogris; Hercules Simos; Dimitrios Alexandropoulos; Dimitris Syvridis
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Amplifications in the S-, C- and L-bands using RE-ion doped short tellurite fibres with 980 nm and 800 nm excitation sources
Author(s): Animesh Jha; Shaoxiong Shen; P. Joshi
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High-power distributed Bragg reflector lasers for green-light generation
Author(s): Martin H. Hu; Hong Ky Nguyen; Kechang Song; Yabo Li; Nick J. Visovsky; Xingsheng Liu; Nobuhiko Nishiyama; Sean Coleman; Lawrence C. Hughes Jr.; Jacques Gollier; William Miller; Raj Bhat; Chung-En Zah
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Multi-mode interference couplers for 2x2 high speed GaAs-GaAlAs electro-optic switches
Author(s): S. Cao; L. Sun; J. Noad; R. James; D. Coulas; G. Lovell; E. Higgins; K. Laliberte
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All-optical wavelength conversion in a vertical cavity semiconductor switch
Author(s): Claudio Porzi; Luca Poti D.D.S.; Antonella Bogoni; Mircea Guina; Oleg Okhotnikov
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Optical properties and energy-transfer frequency upconversion of Yb3+-sensitized Ho3+- and Tb3+-doped lead-cadmium-germanate glass and glass ceramic
Author(s): Artur S. Gouveia-Neto; Antônio C. M. Afonso; Jehan F. Nascimento; Ernande B. Costa; Luciano A. Bueno; Younes Messaddeq; Sidney J. L. Ribeiro
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Measurements of non-elastic frozen-in residual stress near the cleaved end of an optical fiber by the inverse linear polarizing method
Author(s): In Hee Shin; Bok-Hyeon Kim; Won-Teak Han; Dug Young Kim
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Gradient of the residual stress distribution in the mechanical defect on the optical fiber surface
Author(s): In Hee Shin; Tae-Jung Ahn; Dug Young Kim
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Photothermal spectroscopic characterization in tellurite glasses codoped with rare-earth ions
Author(s): Viviane Pilla; Enver F. Chillcce; Eugenio Rodriguez; Thomaz Catunda; Egberto Munin; Carlos L. Cesar; Luiz C. Barbosa
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Temperature dependences of optical path length in fluorine-doped silica glass and bismuthate glass
Author(s): Akio Koike; Naoki Sugimoto
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Waveguides produced by ion-exchange in Er3+-doped tellurite glass
Author(s): V. A. G. Rivera; E. F. Chillcce; E. Rodriguez; I. O. Mazali; C. L. Cesar; L. C. Barbosa
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Er3+-doped tellurite glass waveguides produced by fiber on glass (FOG) method
Author(s): V. A. G. Rivera; E. Rodriguez; E. F. Chillcce; I. O. Mazali; C. L. Cesar; L. C. Barbosa
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