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MOEMS Display, Imaging, and Miniaturized Microsystems IV

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Volume Number: 6114
Date Published: 21 January 2006

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High-performance blazed GxL device for large-area laser projector
Author(s): Yasuyuki Ito; Kunihiko Saruta; Hiroto Kasai; Masato Nishida; Masanari Yamaguchi; Keitaro Yamashita; Ayumu Taguchi; Kazunao Oniki; Hitoshi Tamada
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Large-scale drift-free monocrystalline silicon micromirror arrays made by wafer bonding
Author(s): Thor Bakke; Benjamin Völker; Dirk Rudloff; Martin Friedrichs; Harald Schenk; Hubert Lakner
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Perspective of MEMS based raster scanning display and its requirements for success
Author(s): Yong-Hwa Park; Jin-Ho Lee; Seong-Ho Shin; John Sunu
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Global flatness of spatial light modulators
Author(s): Michael Wagner; Ulrich Künzelmann; Harald Schenk; Hubert Lakner
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New applications for MOEMS
Author(s): Eric Mounier; Yann de Charentenay; Jean-Christophe Eloy
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MEMS microdisplays: overview and markets
Author(s): Jérémie Bouchaud; Henning Wicht
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Development of high-efficient NIR-scanning gratings for spectroscopic applications
Author(s): F. Zimmer; H. Grueger; A. Heberer; Th. Sandner; H. Schenk; H. Lakner; A. Kenda; W. Scherf
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High-fill factor micro-mirror array for multi object spectroscopy
Author(s): Severin Waldis; Pierre-Andre Clerc; Frederic Zamkotsian; Michael Zickar; Wilfried Noell; Nico de Rooij
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Principle and applications of a new MOEMS spectrometer
Author(s): Thomas Otto; Ray Saupe; Alexander Weiss; Volker Stock; Reinhard Bruch; Thomas Gessner
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Design of a tunable Fabry-Perot interferometer/photodiode (FPI/PD) spectral image sensor in visible wavelength range
Author(s): Heng Yang; Jie Su; Wolfgang Porod; P. Fay; Gary H. Bernstein
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Tunable microcavities in planar photonic crystals
Author(s): Iwan Märki; Martin Salt; H. P. Herzig
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Deformable MEMS grating for wide tunability and high operating speed
Author(s): Maurizio Tormen; Yves-Alain Peter; Philippe Niedermann; Arno Hoogerwerf; Herbert Shea; Ross Stanley
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Integrated Heterodyne MOEMS for detection of low intensity signals
Author(s): Noel M. Elman; Slava Krylov; Marek Sternheim; Yosi Shacham-Diamand
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Optical characterization of 9x9 optical cross connect utilizing silicon lens scanners with spider-leg actuators
Author(s): Ho Nam Kwon; Jong-Hyun Lee; Kazuhiro Takahashi; Hiroshi Toshiyoshi
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Characterization and fabrication of MOEMS-based diffractive optical switching elements
Author(s): Jaap Verheggen; Ganesh Panaman; James Castracane
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Design, characterization, and control of a large aperture MOEMS Fabry-Perot tunable infrared filter
Author(s): Jeremy A. Palmer; Wen-Ting Hsieh; Manuel Quijada; Brent Mott; Eddie Akpan; Gary L. Brown; Mindy B. Jacobson; Matthew A. Greenhouse
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Highly reflective optical coatings for high-power applications of micro scanning mirrors in the UV-VIS-NIR spectral region
Author(s): Thilo Sandner; Jan Uwe Schmidt; Harald Schenk; Hubert Lakner; Minghong Yang; Alexandre Gatto; Norbert Kaiser; Stefan Braun; Thomas Foltyn; Andreas Leson
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Micro-actuator with extended analog deflection at low drive voltage
Author(s): Peter Dürr; Andreas Gehner; Jan Schmidt; Detlef Kunze; Michael Wagner; Hubert Lakner
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Extended damping model for out-of-plane comb driven micromirrors
Author(s): Thomas Klose; Thilo Sandner; Harald Schenk; Hubert Lakner
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A new deformable mirror for adaptive optics
Author(s): R. Rousier; C. Divoux; H. Grange; J. Charton; M. H. Vaudaine; L. Jocou; N. Raphoz; M. Trzmiel; C. Pisella; C. Chappaz
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Scanning 2D micromirror with enhanced flatness at high frequency
Author(s): Alexander Wolter; Thomas Klose; Shu-Ting Hsu; Harald Schenk; Hubert Lakner
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Digital photographic imaging using MOEMS
Author(s): Vasileios T. Nasis; R. Andrew Hicks; Timothy P. Kurzweg
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Investigation of optical information for a single micro grating device combined with MATA by SMart process
Author(s): Chien-Chung Tsai; Yi-Chao Huang; Tsa-Hsien Yang; Jen-Chieh Chen
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Laterally driven electrostatic actuators with extended travel range
Author(s): Jie Su; Heng Yang; Wolfgang Porod; Patrick Fay; Gary H. Bernstein
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