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Microfluidics, BioMEMS, and Medical Microsystems IV

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Volume Number: 6112
Date Published: 21 January 2006

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Fully integrated multiplexed lab-on-a-card assay for enteric pathogens
Author(s): B. H. Weigl; J. Gerdes; P. Tarr; P. Yager; L. Dillman; R. Peck; S. Ramachandran; M. Lemba; M. Kokoris; M. Nabavi; F. Battrell; D. Hoekstra; E. J. Klein; D. M. Denno
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Water analysis in a lab-on-a-chip system
Author(s): Herbert Freimuth; Frithjof von Germar; Ines Frese; Elzbieta Nahrstedt; Michael Küpper; Rainer Schenk; Björn Baser; Johannes Ott; Klaus Drese; Peter Detemple; Theodor Doll
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Rapid and automated sample preparation for nucleic acid extraction on a microfluidic CD (compact disk)
Author(s): Jitae Kim; Horacio Kido; Jim V. Zoval; Dominic Gagné; Régis Peytavi; François J. Picard; Martine Bastien; Maurice Boissinot; Michel G. Bergeron; Marc J. Madou
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Whole-cell luminescence biosensor-based lab-on-chip integrated system for water toxicity analysis
Author(s): Arthur Rabner; Shimshon Belkin; Rachel Rozen; Yosi Shacham
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Monolithic single mode SU-8 waveguides for integrated optics
Author(s): Maria Nordström; Dan A. Zauner; Anja Boisen; Jörg Hübner
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Characterization of SU-8 optical multimode waveguides for integrated optics and sensing on microchip devices
Author(s): A. Piruska; A. A. S. Bhagat; K. Zhou; E.T.K. Peterson; I. Papautsky; C. J. Seliskar
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Polymeric waveguides for orthogonal near surface fluorescent excitation
Author(s): Proyag Datta; Feng Xu; Sitanshu Gurung; Steven A. Soper; Jost Goettert
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On-chip integrated spectrometer and microfluidic fluorescence set-up
Author(s): Anders M. Jorgensen; Dan A. Zauner; Thomas A. Anhoj; Peter M. Moselund; Jörg Hübner
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High-precision micromilling for low-cost fabrication of metal mold masters
Author(s): Mateusz L. Hupert; W. Jason Guy; Shawn D. Llopis; Catherine Situma; Sudheer Rani; Dimitris E. Nikitopoulos; Steven A. Soper
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Microelectrodes integrated cell-chip for drug effects study
Author(s): Yu Chen; Hui-Fang Cui; Jian-Shan Ye; Ser-Choong Chong; Tit-Meng Lim; Fwu-Shan Sheu; Hui-Wing Cheong
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Injection and manipulation of silicon microbeads in a customized microfluidic platform
Author(s): Daniel Hoffmann; Des Brennan; Michael Loughran
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Multiwell cell culture plate format with integrated microfluidic perfusion system
Author(s): Karel Domansky; Walker Inman; Jim Serdy; Linda G. Griffith
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An injection micromixer fabricated by improved SU-8 processing for biochemical microfluidic systems
Author(s): Changgeng Liu; Zhong-geng Ling; Kun Lian; Jost Goettert; Josef Hormes
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Multi-directional electrokinetic pumping for efficient transport and mixing in biochip applications
Author(s): S. Vijendran; C. G. Smith; M. I. Mpholo
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Peltier-actuated microvalves for integrated microfluidic systems
Author(s): R. P. Welle; B. S. Hardy
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Passive micromixer with break-up obstructions
Author(s): Ali Asgar S. Bhagat; Erik T. K. Peterson; Ian Papautsky
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Theoretical and Experimental Study of Electroosmosis-Driven Two-Fluid Displacement in a Microcapillary
Author(s): H. Y. Gan; C. Yang; Stephen Y. M. Wan; G. C. Lim; Y. C. Lam
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Microfluidic DNA extraction using a patterned aluminum oxide membrane
Author(s): Jungkyu Kim; Bruce K. Gale
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Digital in-line holographic microscopy applied to microfluidic studies
Author(s): J. Garcia-Sucerquia; W. Xu; S. K. Jericho; M. H. Jericho; H. J. Kreuzer
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Fabrication and test of an electrochemical microactutor
Author(s): Dong Eun Lee; Steven A. Soper; Wanjun Wang
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Metal complex speciation on-chip
Author(s): Karine Faure; Michael Loughran; Jeremy D. Glennon
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Design of controlled drug delivery system with optimal release characteristics
Author(s): Xiaopeng Wang; Tianning Chen; Zhanxiao Yang; Wanjun Wang
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The project and simulation of the compositive miniature spectrum instrument
Author(s): Jianguo Wang; Gang Chen; Zhiyu Wen; Ziping Jiang
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Micro-Cantilever Resonance Sensor for Biomolecular Detection by Using Self-Assembly Nano-Particles
Author(s): J. H. He; S. Q. Sun; Y. F. Li; J. S. Ye; J. M. Kong; Y. L. Cai; C. W. H. Li; T. M. Lim; W. C. Hui
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