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Commercial and Biomedical Applications of Ultrafast Lasers VI
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Volume Number: 6108
Date Published: 10 February 2006
Softcover: 36 papers (310) pages
ISBN: 9780819461506

Table of Contents
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Femtosecond laser dissection in C. elegans neural circuits
Author(s): Aravinthan D. T. Samuel; Samuel H. Chung; Damon A. Clark; Christopher V. Gabel; Chieh Chang; Venkatesh Murthy; Eric Mazur
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Nanosurgery of sub-cellular organelles in living cells using a femtosecond laser oscillator
Author(s): Wataru Watanabe; Tomoko Shimada; Sachihiro Matsunaga; Hiroshi Ishii; Tsunehito Higashi; Kiichi Fukui; Kazuyoshi Itoh
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Non-destructive micro-patterning of protein crystals by focused femtosecond laser
Author(s): Y. Hosokawa; T. Kaji; Y. Hiraki; H. Mori; H. Masuhara
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Simulation of ultrashort pulse induced plasma generation and interaction within the bulk of transparent Kerr media
Author(s): C. L. Arnold; W. Ertmer; H. Lubatschowski
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Ultrafast third harmonic micro-spectroscopy reveals a two-photon resonance in human hemoglobin
Author(s): Omar Clay; Chris B. Schaffer; Jeffrey A. Squier; David Kleinfeld
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An introduction to the characterization of ultrashort laser pulses
Author(s): Xun Gu; Selcuk Akturk; Pablo Gabolde; Qiang Cao; Aparna P. Shreenath; Rick Trebino
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Advances in commercial spectral phase measurement devices
Author(s): Charles C. Barnes; Andrew J. Carson
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The MIIPS method for simultaneous phase measurement and compensation of femtosecond laser pulses and its role in two-photon microscopy and imaging
Author(s): Jess M. Gunn; Bingwei Xu; Johanna M. Dela Cruz; Vadim V. Lozovoy; Marcos Dantus
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Closed-loop control of a pulse shaper using real-time SHG FROG
Author(s): Daniel J. Kane
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The general theory of first-order spatio-temporal distortions of Gaussian pulses and beams
Author(s): Selcuk Akturk; Xun Gu; Pablo Gabolde; Rick Trebino
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Using GRENOUILLE to measure spatio-temporal distortions in ultrafast laser beams
Author(s): Selcuk Akturk; Xun Gu; Ziyang Wang; Rick Trebino
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Silicon flip-chip imaging with a resolution of 325-nm using solid-immersion lenses and the two-photon optical-beam induced current method
Author(s): Euan Ramsay; Nicholas Pleynet; Dong Xiao; Richard J. Warburton; Derryck T. Reid
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Probing electrical signals in silicon CMOS devices using electric field induced second harmonic generation
Author(s): Dong Xiao; Euan Ramsay; Bernd Offenbeck; Norbert Weber; Derryck T. Reid
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Ultra-high resolution polarization sensitive transversal optical coherence tomography for structural analysis and strain mapping
Author(s): Karin Wiesauer; Michael Pircher; Erich Goetzinger; Christoph K. Hitzenberger; Rainer Engelke; Gisela Ahrens; Karl Pfeiffer; Ute Ostrzinski; Gabi Gruetzner; Reinhold Oster; David Stifter
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Investigation of femtosecond laser irradiation on fused silica
Author(s): Yves Bellouard; Tristan Colomb; Christian Depeursinge; Ali A. Said; Mark Dugan; Philippe Bado
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Unified model of femtosecond laser ionization in bulk solid dielectrics
Author(s): Sergey I. Kudryashov
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Optimized precision micromachining using commercially available high-repetition rate microjoule femtosecond fiber lasers
Author(s): Michelle L. Stock; Lawrence Shah; Bing Liu; Makoto Yoshida; Fumiyo Yoshino; James Bovatsek; Alan Arai
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Waveguide writing in bulk PMMA by femtosecond laser pulses
Author(s): Wataru Watanabe; Seiji Sowa; Kazuyoshi Itoh
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Crossed beam irradiation for femtosecond laser micro and nanomachining with three-dimensionally isotropic spatial resolution
Author(s): K. Sugioka; K. Midorikawa
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Laser-based fabrication of a displacement sensor with an integrated high-accuracy position sensor
Author(s): Philippe Bado; Ali A. Said; Mark Dugan; Yves Bellouard
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Discrete spatial soliton formation in a two-dimensional fs laser written waveguide array in fused silica
Author(s): A. Szameit; J. Burghoff; T. Pertsch; S. Nolte; A. Tünnermann
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3D photonic devices at telecom wavelengths fabricated by a femtosecond oscillator
Author(s): V. Maselli; R. Osellame; N. Chiodo; G. Cerullo; P. Laporta; P. Ferraro; S. De Nicola; A. Finizio
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Pulse shortening utilizing acceptor dye as saturable absorber in energy transfer distributed feedback dye laser
Author(s): P. K. Palanisamy; M. Basheer Ahamed
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Development of diode-pumped high average power continuous-wave and ultrashort pulse Yb:KGW lasers for nonlinear microscopy
Author(s): Arkady Major; Richard Cisek; Virginijus Barzda
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New compressed Ti:sapphire femtosecond amplifier layout
Author(s): Andrew J. Carson; Charles C. Barnes; Sergey Tenyakov
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351-nm femtosecond laser with Nd:glass regenerative amplifier for thin films ablation
Author(s): Katsuji Mukaihara; Masao Yoshioka; Shinji Ito; Yoshikazu Suzuki
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Tunable ultrashort pulse energy transfer distributed feedback dye laser
Author(s): M. Basheer Ahamed; P. K. Palanisamy
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Generation of tailored picosecond-pulse-trains for micro-machining
Author(s): Achim Nebel; Thomas Herrmann; Bernhard Henrich; Ralf Knappe
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Surface-emitted THz generation using a compact ultrashort pulse fiber amplifier at 1064 nm
Author(s): Gabor Matthäus; Thomas Schreiber; Jens Limpert; Stefan Nolte; Garik Torosyan; René Beigang; Stefan Riehemann; Gunther Notni; Andreas Tünnermann
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Method for fiber Bragg grating control during the fabrication process
Author(s): Naum K Berger; Boris Levit; Baruch Fischer
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Femtosecond laser processing of subwavelength-sized voids for compact optical devices
Author(s): Eiji Toratani; Masanao Kamata; Nikolay N. Nedyalkov; Minoru Obara
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Ultrasimple alignment-free ultrashort pulse measurement devices
Author(s): Dongjoo Lee; Pam Bowlan; Aparna P. Shreenath; Pablo Gabolde; Qiang Cao; Selcuk Akturk; Xun Gu; Rick Trebino
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Nonlinear frequency chirp measurement of frequency sweeping lasers for FD-OCT applications
Author(s): Tae-Jung Ahn; Dug Young Kim
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Multiphoton microscopy for cell surgery
Author(s): J. Baumgart; A. Heisterkamp; A. Ngezahayo; W. Ertmer; H. Lubatschowski
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Controlled nonlinearity in femtosecond laser written waveguides
Author(s): A. Szameit; D. Blömer; J. Burghoff; T. Pertsch; S. Nolte; A. Tünnermann
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Reality of superposition principle and autocorrelation function for short pulses
Author(s): Chandrasekhar Roychoudhuri
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